‘Very angry & upset’: Gardeners slam Tesco over ant killer ad – ‘makes you feel hopeless’

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A Twitter user has taken aim at Tesco for advertising insect and ant killer alongside the slogan: “Enjoy your garden.” She wrote: “Walked into @Tesco & saw this. I left feeling very angry & upset. Enjoy your garden with the Insects.”

The Nippon ant killer and insect killer were advertised on an in-store display.

It also featured images of flowers and butterflies.

However, advocates for insects have taken umbrage with the sign.

They claim it is irresponsible amid the current biodiversity crisis.

Biodiversity loss in the UK has been highlighted by numerous reports and studies over the past few years.

Last year the UK failed on 17 out of 20 UN biodiversity targets agreed a decade ago.

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One Twitter user wrote: “Makes you feel hopeless, doesn’t it? @Tesco – Your stores are loaded up with insecticides, herbicides and nasty plastic plants. Have you not heard that we’re facing a biodiversity crisis?!”

“Kill everything in sight until there’s nothing left!! Or maybe just live with wildlife, let’s change our mindset, come on @Tesco you can do better!” one wrote.

Another said: “The bees are dying. Insect populations are shrinking. Might surprise you but the planet NEEDS insects.”

“I’m happy that my garden is wild and I have never used insecticides for 52 years,” one gardener wrote.

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Ants are helpful in the garden for the most part. They help to loosen soil and help with the structure of soil and drainage.

Additionally, they eat the honeydew that can collect on plants and damage them.

Many gardeners came to the defense of ants. One said: “Ants are incredible, fascinating creatures, deserving of much more respect.”

Another said: “The only time I’d remove ants is if they were actually inside my home. They’re very good for the garden, and the biodiversity of the soil where they tend to live, plus they actually help peonies.”

If you do want to move on ants’ nests in your garden, don’t pour boiling water over them.

Doing this could scorch the soil in your garden, making it impossible to grow there.

Simply water ants’ nests with cold water. Ants don’t like damp nests, and this will encourage them to move on.

Express.co.uk has contacted Tesco for comment.

There are a number of natural ways to deal with garden pests some find preferable to relying on chemical intervention.

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The tip had many fans reeling at the revelation toads might help with their slug problem.

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