WATCH: Ben & Erin Napier Get Spooked by Client's Late Father's Cabin: 'Set for a Scary Movie'

Ben and Erin Napier may have finally found an old house that's "too far gone" for even their restoration expertise.

In the exclusive clip above from this week's episode of Home Town, the married stars are introduced to the Webb house, a ramshackle cabin that's fallen into complete disrepair. "It could be an excellent film set for a scary movie," Erin observes on their first visit. Adds Ben, "…Or a home renovation show!"

The near-ruin belonged to their client's late father and he has a deep sentimental attachment to the building.

"My dad really loved this place and he really wanted to fix it up," he explains. "He had all sorts of different ideas. He did what he could for it, but he got in bad health in later years and it just never got fixed up. He passed away about four years ago, so I started coming back to this place again just to see what all was here and that's when I started to realize what state it was really in."

Ever the pragmatist, Erin admits in an on-camera interview that the house may be beyond their help. "It's an opportunity and I understand that, but it also could be an opportunity that you have to let go of if it's just too far gone," says the designer.

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But their client holds out hope: "I know this place is in really rough shape, but the memories I have inside of it and just how much my dad loved it, that in itself makes me want to try and save it."

Tune in to Home Town Sunday January 3 at 8PM ET/PT on HGTV or watch the same day on the discovery+ streaming service to find out the cabin's fate.

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