WATCH: Lauren Alaina's New Nashville Home Includes a Rug Made from a Beloved Family Cow

Lauren Alaina couldn't be happier with her new Nashville home.

"I'm very proud of it," the American Idol runner-up, 25, says in an exclusive video tour with PeopleTV,  above. "I got it in February, and I've spent all of the quarantine getting it ready. That's the only blessing I've had, I've been able to be home and get my house together, and I'm really, really proud of it."

Inside the 2,200-square-foot property, Alaina's extravagant living room features a rug made from her family's late cow — given to her by her stepdad Sam Ramker, who died in 2018.

"My stepdad loved her, and when she passed away, he made a rug out of her, and then when he passed away, I inherited her, because I loved this rug, I was always obsessed with it, and he told my mom he wanted me to have it," Alaina says. "It's one of my favorite things in the whole house."

Another "big favorite" of Alaina's home is her grandmother's record player, which she promises "actually works."

"It's been in the family for a long time," she says.

A massive and colorful painting of Dolly Parton, made by local Nashville artist Mark Sandoval, hangs above the player, surrounded by framed Elvis Presley records.

Alaina's music studio has acoustic sound panels wrapped in fabric on the walls, which allow her to record in the room with good quality sound. She also has a plaque for her 2016 hit song with Kane Brown, "What Ifs."

Alaina's awards are all laid out in her studio, including her Academy of Country Music trophy, which she calls "probably the highest accomplishment I have made in my career."

Elsewhere, the singer's color-coordinated dressing room is filled with several sentimental items, including the black dress she wore while accepting the CMT Award from Reba McEntire, shoes that her Dancing with the Stars partner Gleb Savchenko had made for her, and cowboy boots that she wore on American Idol.

"I got all the rest of my cowboy boots up top. Country girl, right here," Alaina says with a laugh.

In this week's issue of PEOPLE Alaina opens up about her very personal new music.

Last year she endured both a broken engagement and another romantic split. But now, she says, "I can officially say I am over him or them or whatever you want it to be. And I get to celebrate it with this music and share that with my fans."

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