Who killed Susie in Home and Away?

Home and Away kicks off a shocking new storyline in upcoming scenes, as scheming Susie McAllister’s (Bridie Carter) body washes up on the shore.

The residents of Summer Bay are left in shock as word of the discovery spreads like wildfire, and fingers are soon pointed.

Susie, as viewers know, arrived in town earlier this year, and wasted little time in causing chaos.

A master manipulator by trade, she successfully conned Leah Patterson (Ada Nicademou) and Justin Morgan (James Stewart) out of 90,000 dollars worth of their savings, and tricked John Palmer (Shane Withington) into thinking she was in love with him.

Since absconding with Leah and Justin’s cash for a house deposit, several of the Channel 5 soap’s finest have been doing their utmost to track her down.

Leah helmed the search, with John and fellow victim of Susie’s mind games Stephen (Bren Foster) all assisting.

But their investigation has proven fruitless, and next week, Summer Bay’s finest discover that Susie is actually dead.

With the death being treated by the police as suspicious, the search for a killer commences.

But with just about everyone having motive enough to want revenge on Susie, the question is: who killed her?

Irene Roberts

Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) was the last person to see Susie alive, after she confronted the schemer in tense scenes, which ended with Irene being chloroformed!

The soap stalwart has been off on a well-deserved holiday, but the relaxation is cut short when she arrives back in the Bay to news of Susie’s demise.

With more than enough motive, could Irene be responsible for sly Susie’s death?

‘Of course Irene and Susie have had a turbulent relationship ever since Susie arrived in the Bay,’ explained Lynne, weighing in on the question, ‘but I don’t think Irene would be capable of such a horrific act.

‘Although anyone is capable of any one thing at any time given the right circumstances.’

Leah Patterson

Leah is a likely suspect, given that Susie swindled her out of her house deposit. The Summer Bay legend has, in recent weeks, been leading the search for the missing schemer, so could she perhaps have succeeded in tracking her down?

Could a confrontation have ensued, which resulted in Susie paying the ultimate price?

Actress Ada Nicademou doesn’t reckon so!

‘Even though Susie caused so much heartache for Leah and Justin, she wanted Susie to go to prison so there was some sort of justice.

‘Leah still wouldn’t want anyone to be hurt like that.’

In spite of Ada’s faith in her character, however, Leah is still questioned by the police.

Justin Morgan

Much like Leah, Justin wasn’t too pleased when he discovered that Susie had made off with his cash, giving him a clear motive for wanting revenge.

But is he capable of murder?

Ada says that, after Stephen plants the idea in her head, Leah starts to wonder if her beau could’ve been responsible for Susie’s death!

She added: ‘After Stephen queries with Leah about Justin’s involvement, Leah’s confidence in Justin’s innocence slowly chips away as she sits down and really thinks about what Justin has recently done, and whether he could be capable of that.’

James Stewart, who plays Justin, said: ‘It is a tragedy when the body washes up in the Bay, but it’s not high on Justin’s list of priorities. That’s just where Justin’s mind is at the moment, he just really wants and needs to get home to take some more medication.

‘There is also a little bit of “serves you right” too, which is really unthoughtful and uncaring for Justin to think.’

Upcoming scenes will see Justin walking around town with blood on his hands, but did he take Susie’s life in a violent act of revenge?

John Palmer

Susie’s deception greatly affected John.

Not only did he lose all his money, but he fell in love with her, and subsequently welcomed her into his home.

In the wake of discovering her betrayal, he was broken, and has since aided Leah in trying to track her down.

John was incredibly eager to get in touch with Susie, so much so that, after receiving text messages which were allegedly from her, he arranged to meet.

Given how desperately he wanted answers, could he have succeeded in secretly arranging a meeting?

And if so, did murder ensue?


Stephen turned up in the Bay relatively recently, as he wanted to assist Leah in tracking down Susie.

Why? Because, like John and Leah, Susie deceived him too, and her scam ultimately led to the breakdown of his marriage, while his career was similarly left in tatters.

But what do really know about the guy? Not very much! Could he perhaps have met with Susie in private and sought revenge?

He did encourage Leah to slow down the search at one point, so perhaps he had ulterior motives?

Home and Away’s ‘Who Killed Susie?’ story kicks off Monday July 26 at 1:15pm ad 6:30pm on Channel 5.

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