You Can Save $80 on a Top-Rated Robot Vacuum With This Hidden Coupon

Anyone who's done even the tiniest bit of research on robot vacuums knows that the beloved household appliance can get pricey. Many of the top-rated brands can inch upwards of $200, with others going for twice that. And while robot vacuums used to be pricey across the board (especially when they first gained popularity), nowadays you can snag ones that are just as good for half the price. 

Enter the Yeedi k600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which is a steal at just $99.99 on Amazon. The highly reviewed robot vacuum is built with three cleaning modes, including auto cleaning, spot cleaning, and edge cleaning, allowing you to choose exactly the type of scrub down you need. When it's on, two side brushes and a V-shaped rubber rolling brush work together to pick up everything from dust and dirt to larger debris like hair and pet dander, from both carpets and hardwood floors. Thanks to the triple-filter system, the vacuum is able to nab 99 percent of allergens, too.

Buy It! Yeedi k600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $99.99 with coupon (orig. $179.99);

Not only is the robot vacuum ultra quiet, but it's also designed with anti-collision sensors which prevent it from bumping into obstacles or falling down a flight of stairs. The vacuum's slim and small profile allows it to seamlessly glide under furniture and creep into those hard-to-reach areas. And when it's finished running after a maximum of 110 minutes, the robot will automatically return to its charging station, or you can send it back yourself with the included remote control.   

Over 4,000 Amazon shoppers have given the Yeedi a five-star rating, with reviewers calling it the "best home investment yet" and a "valued member of the family." Another reviewer was so impressed with the robot vacuum, saying, "This little machine is a beast at cleaning the floor."

"My wife and I hate to vacuum," one five-star reviewer says. "For years I've wondered if one of these robot vacuum cleaners would do the trick of keeping the floors presentable while allowing us to indulge our mutual hatred for vacuuming. We've been using it for two weeks now and I love it. It navigates around the house with ease [and] it has picked up just about everything in its path. I already can't imagine life without it."

"I have been using the Yeedi now for about six months and it continues to impress," another customer says. "I have had both a Roomba and a Botvac and this little guy won me over the first time I used it. I use it on my hardwood [floor] and it runs for about 45-60 minutes before heading home. At this price I wasn't expecting much but was willing to take a chance, and [I'm] very happy I did."

Act fast and shop the Yeedi k600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for just $99.99 on Amazon before it goes back to its original price.  

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