Queen Elizabeth Seeks Out This Royal Amid Prince Harry And Prince William's Ongoing Feud

Prince William and Prince Harry have always shared a close bond, but Princess Diana’s sons have fought feud rumors ever since Harry tied the knot with Meghan Markle last year. With the rumors heating up, Queen Elizabeth has reportedly turned to an unlikely source as a last-ditch attempt to get the brothers to make amends. Will Elizabeth’s tactics pay off before it is too late?

Queen Elizabeth seeks this royal amid feud rumors

Queen Elizabeth understandably dislikes the idea of Harry and William at odds with each other. The royal family has not commented on the situation, but the fact that Harry has made multiple moves to separate himself from William seemingly confirms the reports.

Earlier this year, for instance, Harry decided to split housesfrom William. He also moved out of Kensington Palace with Markle and now callsFrogmore Cottage his home. In light of all the drama, Elizabeth has reportedlyenlisted help from another member of the royal family to deal with the scandal.

According to Express, Queen Elizabeth reached out to Zara Tindall to serve as a calming force amid the reports. Royal expert Ingrid Seward claims that Elizabeth tends to stay away from Harry and William whenever they are fighting.

To that end, she has turned to Zara and her husband, Mike Tindall, for company. Seward says the Tindalls are very down to earth and are always able to lighten the mood. With Queen Elizabeth in her 90s, she could use all the help she can get to stay away from the drama.

“Her Majesty does not care for the alleged feuding amongsther grandchildren William and Harry,” Seward shared. “That would makeher very sad. But she would never interfere with their lives.”

Inside Queen Elizabeth and Zara’s relationship

One of the reasons Elizabeth enjoys Zara’s company is because sheis free of drama. When they spend time together, the two often talk abouthorseback riding and have a shared investment in horses. This helps Elizabethget away from the drama that has been plaguing the royal family as of late.

It also helps that Queen Elizabeth has a good relationship withZara’s brother, Peter Phillips. The two, of course, were Elizabeth’s firstgrandchildren and have shared a special place in her heart for many years.

That is not to say that the Queen does not get along with Harryand Markle. On the contrary, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry share a greatbond, but it is less easy-going than her relationship with Zara.

As if Harry and William’s feud was not bad enough, the drama surrounding Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein has only made things worse. Queen Elizabeth also has the whole Brexit crisis to worry about, which has not made her life any easier. With that in mind, Elizabeth needs all of the care-free time she can get, and it sounds like hanging out with Zara gives her just that.

Why are Harry and William feuding?

With nothing official to go by, it is difficult to say why Harry and William are at odds. Inside sources claim that Prince Harry took offense when Prince William gave him some brotherly dating advice. Shortly before their engagement, William allegedly told Harry that he should take things slow with Markle, especially since they had not known each other for very long.Their relationship has never been the same since, despite the united front they often display in public.

There have also been reports surfacing that Harry is unhappy withhow he constantly took the fall for William when they were teenagers. Insidersclaim that Harry often took the blame for things he did not do so thatWilliam’s name would not be dragged through the mud.

As a future King of England, William could not afford to ruin hispublic image, so Harry often took the brunt of criticism. This is one reasonwhy William remains one of the more popular royals in the country, though thathas been changing over the past year.

Queen Elizabeth has not commented on the latest rumors surroundingthe royal family. Her Majesty is currently wrapping up her summer vacation inBalmoral Castle.

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