Jennifer Garner's 'Classy' School Drop-Off Attire Is Too Relatable

Jennifer Garner is going where many celebrity moms have never gone before: to the bus stop with wet hair wearing nothing but a robe and slippers.

The actress, who shares kids Violet, 13, Seraphina, 10, and Samuel, 7, with ex Ben Affleck, took the expression “I woke up like this” to the next level on Wednesday morning as she shuffled her kids to school. “She barely made the bus on time, but at least her mother kept it classy,” Garner captioned a photo of the cozy ensemble she shared to Instagram. For good measure, she also included some praise hands, a star, and a grandma emoji. (She may not have been dressed, but there’s no arguing she’s not with the times.)

There’s so much to love about this picture. The hastily combed wet hair! The monogrammed robe (adorable)! The fact that she tagged the pottery business that made her mug! But best of all is that she said, “Screw it,” and let someone capture her in all of her disheveled glory.

My kids aren’t old enough for school drop-off yet, so most of what I know comes straight from Big Little Lies, where it’s every mom for herself in a sea of judgment. The show’s dramatization doesn’t seem that far off from reality, either. Just last year, a mom-shamer caught our attention when she posted a mean-spirited rant railing on other parents for their “rat nest hair, no makeup, eyebags” and “morning breath.” Yeah, I’m guessing she doesn’t get many invites for playdates.

Garner, however, doesn’t seem to care about what the mom-shamers might say. Hell, her skin is probably thick enough from her kids giving her mean nicknames for her to even care. Besides, judging from the dozens of comments on her post, parents, both famous and not, loved her look.

“Just reason 1000x why I love you,” celebrity health coach Kelly LeVeque wrote. Another commenter whose profile says he’s 15 put things more bluntly: “hot.”

So next time you’re feeling a little behind, just remember that none of us, truly, has it all together.

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TV & Movies

The Walking Dead season 10 spoilers: Maggie Rhee returns in first look tease?

The Walking Dead has seen the loss of a number of characters throughout the show in the past few years. The remainder of the show’s tenth season will also see the final episodes of Michonne (Danai Gurira) in the weeks to come.

As the show is about to lose a strong character in its impending episodes, it has been rumoured a former character will be making a return to Alexandria.

Although many viewers would have hoped this would be Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the latest episode’s trailer teases the triumphant return of Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan).

The trailer for the new episode – which is titled Bonds – focuses mainly on Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) infiltration in the Whisperers’ camp.

Unbeknownst to him, however, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) are also hiding in the wings the forest, scouting the villains’ horde of walkers.

READ MORE: The Walking Dead season 10, episode 6 promo: What will happen next?


  • The Walking Dead season 10, episode 6 promo: What will happen next?

Perhaps the most interesting part of the trailer, is the final few seconds.

Viewers will see Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) once again pleading for a response on his radio.

And in the last second of the clip a woman’s voice can be heard responding, saying: “Hello?”

This is, as viewers will know, extremely similar to the final seconds of season nine’s finale episode.

Since then, many viewers have been expecting this mysterious person to be revealed as the returning Maggie.

Could this communication finally be proof that she is on her way back to the show?

Maggie was always a great leader, and will surely thrive off of the new systems at play in both Alexandria and Hilltop – but could she return to take on the role of a member of the board?

Meanwhile, the latest episode of the show also revealed Ezekiel (Khary Payton) is suffering from cancer.

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However it seems there is a lot more to Ezekiel’s emotions than his illness, as revealed by showrunner Angela Kang.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly she explained: “Ezekiel is clearly going through a lot right now.

“He’s lost so much and that character is like a Tigger, you know? He’s optimistic and he really takes on a lot of the burden of being the cheerleader for his people.”

“But we’ve also seen that he is able to fall into pretty deep dark depressions as well.


  • The Walking Dead season 10, episode 5 streaming: How to watch online?

“When he lost all his people during the All Out War battle on the Savior outpost, we saw that he was in a pretty bad place.

“So we really kind of wanted to deal with Ezekiel and where he’s at emotionally and the sense of depression and just thinking for a second then maybe he might want to end it.”

Ezekiel will surely have a tough couple of episodes to come – but will he be able to get through it with his allies by his side?

The Walking Dead season 10 continues Sunday on AMC and Monday on Fox UK.

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Facebook’s data policy change was about stopping rivals, not privacy: court filings

Facebook began cutting off access to user data for app developers from 2012 to squash potential rivals while presenting the move to the general public as a boon for user privacy, according to court documents reviewed by Reuters.

Some executives at the world’s biggest social network appeared to refer to the strategy of promoting a privacy-focused explanation for the change as the “Switcharoo Plan,” internal emails included in sealed California court filings show.

The emergence of nearly 7,000 pages of company emails and executive documents comes as Facebook faces multiple investigations into possible antitrust violations by regulators around the world.

The emails could supply valuable evidence to investigators, including a US House of Representatives panel that sought company records in September on Facebook’s decisions to bar apps from its social graph, which maps out relations between users.

The documents come from a lawsuit filed in 2015 by Six4Three, the developer of a now-shuttered bikini photo app that lost access to Facebook user data as a result of the changes, which were announced in 2014 and implemented the following year.

Six4Three alleges that Facebook’s data policies were anticompetitive and that the company misrepresented those policies both to developers and the public.

Facebook has described the case as baseless. A company spokeswoman told Reuters the documents were “taken out of context by someone with an agenda against Facebook” and made public “with a total disregard for US law.”

Portions of the material have been released over the course of the past year, after a British lawmaker obtained them, but provided an incomplete picture of the period between 2012 and 2014 when policy changes were debated within the company.

The new documents contain exchanges between executives discussing cutting off access to user data for developers seen as potential competitors at a time when the company said publicly that it provided an open and neutral platform.

One executive, writing in 2013, described dividing apps into “three buckets: existing competitors, possible future competitors, [or] developers that we have alignment with on business models” as part of the project to restrict access to user data, dubbed ‘PS12N’.

Those in the last category were able to regain access by agreeing to make mobile advertising purchases or provide reciprocal user data to Facebook under “Private Extended API Agreements,” according to the emails.

As thousands of developers lost access to user data, the executives decided to announce the changes publicly. They elected to link what they referred to as the “‘bad stuff’ of PS12N” to an unrelated update of the Facebook login system which gave people greater control over their privacy.

The “narrative” for the announcement “will focus on quality and the user experience which will potentially provide a good umbrella to fold in some of the API deprecations,” one executive wrote in an email.

Another invited colleagues in a February 2014 email to review the “Switcharoo Plan,” calling it “a good compromise” that will enable them “to tell a story that makes sense.”

The month prior, the same executive wrote: “My concern is around the perception that we can’t hold our story together.”

When Facebook enacted the changes in 2015, executives told journalists the company had conducted research on user sentiment about Facebook apps and decided on policies that would help build confidence in data privacy, according to a report by tech publication TechCrunch.

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TV & Movies

Lauren Goodger shows off her curves in a skimpy bikini in Marbella – The Sun

LAUREN Goodger showed off her incredible curves while on holiday in Marbella.

The busty Towie star, 33, delighted onlookers as she dipped into the pool wearing a red thong bikini .

Lauren highlighted her slim waist by pulling her bikini bottoms up over her hips.

Her bikini was adorned with dangling shells that set off her deep tan.

She wore her hair swept up in a ponytail as she took her time getting in and out of the pool.

In the past Lauren has insisted that her famous bum is all natural – and the result of hard work at the gym.

Speaking on This Morning in June, she told Holly Willoughby: "I have not had any implants in my bum.

"I have a normal body shape – but in the media they make me look different."

Meanwhile, she confirmed to The Sun Online that her shape is down to exercise: "I do squats but that counts for about 20 percent of what you see.

"The other 80 per cent is weight training. I don't really care what people say about me these days. But I have to say I found [bum lift surgery rumours] entertaining.

“I thought it was quite a compliment for everyone to think that I must have had something done. I didn't mind that attention at all."

Lauren's concerned fans begged her to give up lip fillers after she posted a selfie online.

The photo showed her lips larger than usual with the caption: "They fall in love before they know my name", with the beauty drawing attention to her lips with layers of pink lip gloss.

However, her fans begged her to return to a more natural look, with one person saying: "Don't even recognise you in this."

A second urged: "Lauren, you are a beauty – stop the fillers now!"

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World News

Laughing driver deliberately crashes into Toyota sending it spinning across dual carriageway in East London hit-and-run – The Sun

THIS was the shocking moment a driver deliberately smashed into another car, sending it spinning across a dual carriageway in East London.

In footage shared on social media today, the driver and his passenger can be heard laughing as they crash into the Toyota.

The video was uploaded to Twitter today by Hear The Truth, who posted: "what are the police doing about this?"

According to the user, the hit-and-run happened on the A13 near Beckton.

But Metropolitan Police said no reports had been received – and added that a date of when the incident occurred would be needed to investigate the matter.

In the clip, the moment of impact is filmed from inside the hit-and-run driver's car.

He speeds towards the Toyota before ramming into its back left side, forcing it out of the middle lane.

More laughter ensues as the driver then speeds off.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "We recommend the footage be reported to police  via @MetCC or via the online portal"

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Chris Evans: ‘I’ve learned a lot’ Virgin Radio host in surprising wife admission

Chris Evans, 53, featured journalist, author and documentarian, Dawn O’Porter, 40, on his show on Monday where she spoke about her new novel So Lucky: Don’t Judge a Woman By Her Cover, and it seemed to have quite the impact on Chris.

Dawn is known for books such as The Cows, Paper Aeroplanes and Goose and her new novel will be released on Thursday this week.

The Virgin Radio host is currently in Portugal, broadcasting from a studio in the Algarve while Dawn was at the London studio. Chris described how he read Dawn’s book on the flight over.

“I started reading it on the plane from Heathrow to Faro,” he said. “And, I finished it! It’s brilliant.”

We’ve had so many discussions and we’ve only had it for two days! We’ve literally talked about little else

Chris Evans

He confessed that the book helped him understand social media and his wife a little bit more: “I know very little about Instagram, so I feel like this is a crash course in that for a start.”

“I learnt a lot about myself reading it, I learnt a lot about my wife’s world as well and I thought I knew pretty much knew a lot about my wife’s world,” he laughed.

“We’ve had so many discussions and we’ve only had it for two days! We’ve literally talked about little else.”

He described how, while they’re in Portugal, they’re living with his family and his wife’s sisters and their children.

“Your book was the epicentre of all our emotions,” he admitted.

“These books don’t usually do it for me, but this one doesn’t stop doing it to me.”

Dawn was very grateful for his kind words, and thanked him profusely as she gave listeners a rundown of what the book was about.

She noted how So Lucky: Don’t Judge a Woman By Her Cover taps into the shame and self-hatred most people battle in their lives, concluding with: “As all my books end, it amalgamates with the strength and what happens when women pull together and support each other.”

During the interview, Chris revealed he, his family and some of the studio team had considered buying the rights to her book to turn it into a film.

“We’ve talked about buying the rights to your book for a movie. Are you open to that negotiation?” Chris asked a very surprised Dawn.

“Oh my god yes! 100 percent, this is amazing!” She responded, sounding totally shocked.

She said: “This is step one of my book tour, by the way. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a radio interview where the host has actually read the books.

“So, this is really surprising.”

Chris then dropped an interesting fact that impressed his listeners and the bestselling author, revealing he reads four books a week.

The radio host replied: “No, seriously, my listeners know I was the book doctor for a while a couple of weeks ago.

“And I talk about books, I read about three or four books a week, usually non-fiction.”

Chris seems to have plenty of time for reading since he announced to listeners earlier this year that he gave up his phone and “hasn’t looked back since”.

He said: “I got rid of my phone on the 19th of January this year.

“I don’t have a phone or an email. Right so I have a lot more time. In fact I have the same amount of time, it is just mine.”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays on Virgin Radio at 6.30am.

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Lifetime and Hallmark launch Christmas movie season Twitter reacts


Christmas movie season has begun on Hallmark and Lifetime. Twitter is divided over the two networks launching the holiday season before Halloween.

Over the last decade, Hallmark Christmas movies have become a staple for the holiday season. The network launched its annual Countdown To Christmas this weekend, which is the official name for Hallmark’s holiday programming.

— Coach MacQuarrie (@CoachMacQuarrie) October 27, 2019

Lifetime is also in the Christmas movie business. The network kicked off It’s A Wonderful Lifetime, the name of its holiday program, this weekend.

Both networks not only aired past holiday movies but launched the first original Christmas movies of 2019.

It was Hallmark vs Lifetime on Saturday night. Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses, debuted on Hallmark, while The Road Home for Christmas was Lifetime’s choice.

— Gina (@teamxgina) October 27, 2019

Halloween has not even happened yet, but Lifetime and Hallmark are already airing original Christmas movies. Granted each network has been randomly airing some holiday favorites throughout the year.

However, there is something about the 2019 original films and all-day Christmas programming that has fans divided on Twitter. Several users are already glued to their televisions, while others are not happy the holiday movies are airing before Halloween.

Yes, the age-old debate of how early is too early to begin celebrating the holiday season. It used to be that Halloween and Thanksgiving had their special days before the Christmas songs, lights and movies emerged.

— Crystal Jus’ here for TV (@realiteabytes) October 27, 2019

These days the holiday decorations hit the stores before summer ends. Lifetime and Hallmark at least waited until the end of October to start bombarding viewers with holiday programming.

One Twitter user joked Hallmark will soon begin airing new holiday programming the day after Christmas. Another had choice words for Christmas movies airing already.

Several others made it clear they are overjoyed for the network’s programming changes by declaring their day was spent in Christmas movie land.

— Danielle (@danielles530) October 24, 2019

Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies mark the beginning of the holiday season for many people. It can be good or bad depending on how much one loves this time of year or not.

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UK’s top haunted B&Bs where you can book a spooky stay

Haunted hotels conjure up images of abandoned, derelict buildings in isolated locations – basically, the stuff of horror films.

However that's not always the case.

In fact, there are plenty of haunted hotels across the UK tucked away in popular destinations, where paranormal activity and ghostly goings-on are the norm – and they're still open for business.

Amidst all the ghosts and supernatural offerings, these hotels offer cosy bedrooms, pretty locations and hearty breakfasts.

To give ghost-hunters some inspiration, hotels booking site eviivo previously trawled the UK to seek out the most haunted and spookiest B&Bs across the UK.

We take a look at the top seven properties where you can book in for a spooky stay…

1. Castle Levan, Inverclyde

Legend has it that this castle is haunted by the 'White Lady' who tortured and killed tenants in the castle. She was sentenced to death but her punishment was later commuted to imprisonment in the castle, where her husband was so disgusted by her behaviour he left her to starve to death.

Since then, her spirit is said to have remained in the castle with guests and staff reporting sightings.

How much? Room prices start from £135 per night.

2. Dobbins Inn, Co Antrim

One of Ireland's oldest family-run pubs, this cosy inn will leave you feeling like you've stepped back in time with its quirky features including a real coal-burning fire.

Steeped in history, it's also said to be the home of the ghost of Elizabeth Dobyn, now nicknamed 'Maud', who wanders through the hotel corridors in search of her fallen lover – and manages to give guests quite the fright in the process.

How much? Room prices start from £65 per night.

3. The Cridford Inn, Newton Abbot

The oldest inn in Devon dates back to 825AD, and previously served as a nunnery and farm. However, nowadays it's said to be home to two ghosts; one thought to be a Nun who resided at the property, the other a Cavalier who died during the Civil War.

How much? Room prices start from £99 per night.

4. Schooner Hotel, Alnmouth

Paranormal investigators flock to this hotel where there have been over 3,000 reports of ghostly apparitions and supernatural presences.

There are said to be at least sixty different spirits wandering through the halls, and you can even book a private ghost hunt with the hotel's resident medium.

How much? Room prices start from £61.20 per night.

5. Brocket Arms, Welwyn

Originally the monastic quarters for the Norman Church, legend has it that a priest was tried and hanged here during the Reformation – but his spirit never left the building.

How much? Room prices start from £85 per night.

6. Woolpack Inn, Canterbury

This 600-year-old building is said to be haunted by the Grey Lady – but don't worry, she's apparently a friendly spirit who wanders around the older parts of the main building.

Not much is known about why her spirit remains on the property, although some have suggested she may have been one of the inn's former owners.

How much? Room prices start from £85 per night.

Samlesbury Hall is hailed as one of the UK's most haunted homes and reportedly houses plenty of spirits including the legendary White Lady who is said to have died of a broken heart and now roams the Hall and its grounds.

Paranormal enthusiasts may also recognise the property which starred on TV series Most Haunted.

How much? Room prices start from £120 per night.

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Best Pressure Washers 2019 | The Sun UK

PRISTINE paintwork, gleaming alloys and clean clothes—jet wash your car in minutes for well-earned pride while out on the road.

With concerns of scratched paintwork and damaged wing mirrors, automatic car washes certainly don’t have the best reputation. So, we’ve decided it’s time to get your pressure washer on.

As hand-finished car wash locations, with teams of people armed with microfibre cloths, pop up all over, it’s more than tempting to chuck £15 a week to get the car cleaned.

However, by our calculations, if done weekly that’s a whopping £750 a year – allowing for two weeks non-wash – per car.

So perhaps it’s time to invest in your own jet wash – round up the kids and put the fun back into washing the family motor.

And for a fraction of £750, you can have something that reaches to the roof, lifts off all the grime and preps the bodywork adequately for a good polish – without risking any scratches.

You could be forgiven for believing Karcher is the overlord when it comes to blasting off with a pressure washer, but there are some other top brands out there fighting grime just as well.

Here are our recommendations for 2019.

1. Karcher K4 Full Control

  • £165, from Halfords – buy here

The Karcher K4 Full Control always gets outstanding reviews across the industry.

If you have plenty of patio and other cleaning tasks involving the jet wash, you’re not just saving on car washing by investing in a K4.

With Karcher’s 3-year guarantee, this highly durable pressure washer comes with two lances and advises medium setting for cars—that’s some power washer, right there.

The ‘Plug and Clean’ system allows detergents to be put through the unit, enabling you to use your favourite car shampoo.

What’s more, a six-metre high pressure hose lenght ensures all cars can be cleaned thoroughly.

2. Makita HW111

  • £132, from Amazon – buy here

The Makita HW111 is lighter and easier to use than previous designs.

Though the flow rate isn’t one of the highest, the Makita has scored well in tests.

With a 3-year Makita guarantee, this pressure cleaner features an armed hose, built in accessories holder and wind-in hose reel, so storage is neat and tidy and the hose is less likely to kink and frustrate the task at hand.

The instruction manual is diagrammatical, showing how you can connect detergent to get a great shine on your motor.

3. GMC GPW165

  • £179.83, from Amazon – buy here

The winner of last year’s Auto Express pressure washer tests, the GMC GPW165 is one of the pricey options on our list.

It’s hefty at 20kg, but this makes it sturdy when the eight-metre hose is at full length.

Good flow rate and pressure, at 165 bar, the soap bottle, rotary brush, fix brush lance and turbo nozzle will help get your motor sparkling without too much elbow grease.

There’s brass nozzles for fixing the hose to the tap, which are more robust than the usual plastic offered and the ten-metre electric cord is more than generous.

4. Karcher K2 Full Control Car Pressure Washer

  • £99, from Halfords – buy here

Costing only 13% of the yearly price of outsourcing the weekly car wash, the K2 features an extendable handle to access the roof and keep your distance from the water spray, a trigger gun and Full Control and Dirt Blaster lances.

The unit has wheels for easy movement around the car.

What’s more, there’s a car kit, including a wash brush, foam nozzle and car shampoo – offering maximum value-for-money by helping you to get into those tough places around the wheels.

The durable plastic casing and high quality components are guaranteed for two years.

5. Spear & Jackson S2011PW Pressure Washer – 2000W

  • £150, from Argos – buy here

Prefer to hand soap the bodywork and rims?

Coming with a three-year warranty, this Spear & Jackson is a favourite with consumers.

For a reasonable price, this washer comes with a range of attachments, making it versatile for other jobs too.

The 2000W features an adjustable lance that allows you to alter the level of water pressure to suit the task, so you can be tougher on wheels and tyres and more gentle on car panels.

It doesn’t however, have an attachable sno-foam lance, so a little bit more effort is needed before you get spraying.

6. Bosch AQT 42-13

  • £177.77, from Amazon – buy here

This 13kg pressure washer from Bosch is best if you are struggling with storage space. The AQT 42-13 is “plug’n’play”.

With its advanced 1,900W Bosch motor pump, this pressure washer has decent flow rate and can be connected to outdoor taps and water butts.

The seven-metre hose and various accessories store neatly on the washer unit itself.

There’s a detergent attachment which enables you to fill the chamber with shampoo and connect to the telescopic hose.

Swift, easy and extraordinarily satisfying, pressure washing is definitely the future for fuss-free car cleaning.

6. Wolf Blaster Max2

  • £99.99, from Amazon – buy here

The Wolf Blaster Max2 is the cheapest on our list but it’s by no means the most basic.

With a 2200W motor pushing out a respectable flow rate, the ‘click and connect’ attachments are easy-to-use and include a turbo nozzle, angled nozzle and car brush, to get into those really hard to reach places, like the wheels.

The high-pressure hose will dispense detergent via the integrated tank and then blast everything back to clean.

The wind-in reel is helpful and Wolf Blaster Max2 has been praised for its portability.

What is the best pressure washer to buy for home use?

The best pressure washer to buy for home use will depend on your individual needs.

For someone who is at entry level on heavy duty jobs, we recommend looking at Karcher K4 Full Control.

If you are looking to get a power washer for light duty cleaning jobs, take a look at this Karcher model instead.

Whether you want to upgrade your wardrobe, find some new gym kit or get some gift-buying inspiration, Sun Selects is here to help you out. Click the link to find more of our recommendations.

Enjoyed reading our guide to the best pressure washer? Check out more of our motoring recommendations here.

With the summer being just around the corner, discover our range of the best car shampoos to give your car the ultimate shine.

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Carol Vorderman Twitter: Countdown star in embarrassing numbers admission amid phone gaffe

Carol Vorderman is a huge Wales rugby fan and is today suffering the consequences of the World Cup 2019 celebrations. The former Countdown presenter took to Twitter today to inform her 415,000 followers about what had happened after the Welsh side beat France 20-19 yesterday. The 58-year-old admitted she had “wrecked” her mobile phone after sharing a number of images online of herself watching the match. She branded herself “useless but happy” as she recalled her difficulties after breaking the item.

Wouldn’t be a Rugby World Cup 2019 celebration without a wrecking, huh?

Carol Vorderman

Carol tweeted: “Laughing… OBVS I wrecked my mobile yesterday in @WelshRugbyUnion celebrations… well, wouldn’t be a @rugbyworldcup celebration without a wrecking, huh?

“BUT I don’t know my own home number, cos it’s on my mobile, soooooo… hmmmm #UselessButHappy.”(sic)

One user informed her: “BT app on your PC get your soft copy phone bill.”(sic)

The small screen favourite then quipped in reply: “Isn’t that cheating?

“Isn’t it better to throw a phone sickie?? Ooh have I just invented a thing?”

The fan wrote back: “Well yes I guess depends who you’re throwing a phone sickie for?”

Carol has been keeping her followers up-to-date on her antics at the tournament as well as what she has been up to since returning home recently.

Following home nation, Japan’s defeat to South Africa last weekend, with the former crashing out with just three points to their 26.

The star posted: “Japan… as a nation of incredible people #Extraordinary… we hope you’re proud of what you have achieved with this @rugbyworldcup.

“I left a piece of my heart with you last week… I’ll be back to pick it up soon #JAPvRSA.”

Ex rugby player, Andrew Coombs, replied: “Amazing people and place. I felt the same after leaving.”

The mother-of-two added: “I’m going back in blossom time next year. Life’s just too short not to isn’t it?”

Meanwhile, it comes just hours after Carol Vorderman flaunted her curves in tight leggings as she supported Wales.

She got into the spirit while tuning into her team’s triumph from home as she jumped for joy in a pair of skin-tight red leggings.

Carol shared a series of celebratory snaps and was pictured in her living room while watching the game unfold on her TV.

Wales will play again in the semi-final on Sunday at 9am UK time, when they go up against South Africa.

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These Nursery Gliders Are as Comfy as They Are Chic

You love holding your newborn in your arms for hours on end, but cradling them to sleep on the couch isn’t always the safest option and standing endlessly gets old real fast. What you need is a piece of furniture that can support you and your snuggly babe during feedings and when you’re rocking them to sleep. What you need is a nursery glider.

Nursery gliders aren’t necessarily a necessity but any mom who’s added one of these sturdy rocking chairs to their baby’s bedroom definitely doesn’t regret it. These gliding chairs are built with comfort and durability in mind, so you can safely sit back and relax with your baby for as long as you’d like.

Choose a chair made from wood or metal, or opt for one that’s almost entirely draped in fabric. There are traditional designs, like Angel Line’s Monterey and Storkcraft’s Hoop Glider sets, and modern pieces such as DaVinci’s boxy seat. Find the best nursery glider for your baby’s bedroom — where else? — on Amazon and those sleepless nights won’t feel quite as dreadful.

Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

1. Angel Line Monterey Glider & Ottoman

Angel Line’s Monterey Glider & Ottoman is — dare we say it? — heavenly. The polyester padding on the arms, back, seat and foot rest is incredibly comfortable and supportive so you can settle in while your sleeping baby naps in your arms or feeds without feeling sore afterwards. The cushions come with storage pockets, are removable and easy to spot clean should spills and other stains occur. 

The glider’s frame is made from solid wood with enclosed metal bearings that make rocking smooth sans creaking. It’s the quintessential nursery chair for fussy babies who require gentle motion and total silence to fall asleep.

2. Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider & Ottoman

Looking for a nursery glider that perfectly matches the decor of your baby’s room? Look no further than Storkcraft’s Premium Hoop Glider & Ottoman set that comes in a whopping 17 color combinations, including a white-and-gray chevron pattern. Storkcraft’s nursery gliders also feature subtle storage pockets to ensure whatever reading materials or other essentials you might need to keep within arms reach are at the ready. It’s also a great place to toss a bottle on occasions when feeding time turns into nap time. 

The chair is made from sustainable hardwood and is sturdy enough to hold up to 250 pounds. Enclosed metal ball bearings create a smooth gliding motion on both the glider and ottoman, which moves in tandem with the chair. As for upkeep, the cushions are removable and can be spot treated.

3. DaVinci Swivel Glider with Ottoman

A handful of nursery gliders on the market have a very similar look, but if your style is less rocking chair and more comfy couch, check out this pick from DaVinci. The Swivel Glider comes with a bonus ottoman and is entirely decked out in 100 percent heather polyester fabric.

The set even includes a matching lumbar pillow to provide users with additional lower back support. What’s more, the metal base of this boxy nursery glider not only rocks front to back but can move 360 degrees. It also can seat up to 300 pounds, which is the most we’ve seen in our research.

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Apple’s Tim Cook meets China regulator after pulling Hong Kong app

Apple CEO Tim Cook met the chief of China’s market regulator in Beijing on Thursday, the Chinese agency said, a week after the US firm was thrust into the midst of political tensions between the mainland and protesters in Hong Kong.

Apple last week removed from its app store an app that helped Hong Kong protesters track police movements after a Chinese state newspaper sharply criticized it for allowing the software. The company said the app,, was used to target the police.

Cook had defended the removal in the face of criticism for appeasing mainland China, telling Apple workers that “this decision best protects our users”.

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation said in a statement on its website that its chief, Xiao Yaqing, and Cook discussed topics including Apple expanding investment in China, consumer rights protection and fulfilling corporate social responsibility. It did not give more details.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

China is a key market for Apple. Apple’s smartphone market share fell to 5.8 percent in the June quarter from 6.4 percent in the same period a year ago, according to research firm Canalys, as China’s homegrown Huawei became the dominant smartphone seller.

The meeting also comes days before China holds the World Internet Conference in Wuzhen in China’s eastern Zhejiang province. The event in the past has attracted overseas company executives, foreign diplomats and Chinese government officials.

It was not immediately clear if Cook will be a participant at the conference this year. He last attended the event in 2017.

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Jenna Dewan Compares Channing Tatum Split to a ''Tumbling Avalanche''


Always lead with grace.

Jenna Dewan has had a life-changing couple of years to say the least. After the sudden separation from her husband of 9-years, Channing Tatum, a new relationship with actor Steve Kazee and a brand new pregnancy to boast, it’s safe to say this woman knows great pain and great joy, and with those two things comes great responsibility. Thankfully, Jenna has chosen to take on those responsibilities with amazing grace. 

In her new book, Gracefully You: Finding Beauty and Balance in the Everyday, Jenna speaks out for the first time in depth about her split from Channing and coming to terms with a life she never envisioned for herself.

“[Divorce] was never on my docket of dreams, but alas, here I am, learning and growing through one,” she wrote. “In the beginning I turned to the typical remedies. I drank a whole lot of wine with friends. I had many moments of deep, painful, big cries. And both were very necessary in getting me to the next hour, through the day, on to another week.” 

While the road wasn’t always easy, Jenna found herself more focused than ever on work. In fact, she revealed that she and Channing split the night before she started filming the second season of World of Dance. She had to go through press while answering questions about her husband whom she was no longer with. Something she explained was brutal, but necessary for her career. 

While the world was coming to terms with the separation of this beloved Hollywood couple, Jenna recalled reeling from the insane press coverage. 

“In the beginning of my separation, it felt as though I were in a dark closet, desperately trying to find the light or the way out,” she revealed. “I was in a state of shock. One week I’d be doing really well and the next I was slammed with a whole new slew of emotions. The rumor mill was churning out story after story. There were many times I hid under the covers, wondering what was next. The pain hit me like a tumbling avalanche. I was completely overcome with fear and sadness. It took many moments of sitting alone with my grief to force me into surrendering to my roller coaster of a situation.”


Why Channing Tatum Just Quit Social Media

However, like the name of her book implies, it was an opportunity for the actress to practice what she preached. “It was quite a challenge to remain graceful; to say the least. That’s when your real character comes out,” she explained. “Instead of reacting the way I wanted to…I asked myself this: How do I choose grace in this moment? Had I not been practicing this way of life beforehand, I definitely wouldn’t have handled this news very gracefully.”

Although it wasn’t an easy situation to navigate, Jenna had already found someone new during this time. “When I was ready, I started dating someone amazing,” she wrote of her relationship with Steve. “It was this cosmically great thing where we circled back around each other after a moment of instant recognition years ago.”

She may be a fierce beacon of empowerment, but she’s also still human. So, of course, there were a few unsent tweets that had to be deleted before bad things happened. 

“Do you know how many times I’ve wanted to go online and write exactly what’s on my mind? Thousands,” she shared in the book. “My instinct is to fight back, set the record straight. What stops me every time is: ‘Choose to say what you would want yourself to live with a week from today.’ Or ‘Choose what you would want Everly to read when she’s older.'”

Gracefully You: Finding Beauty and Balance in the Everyday hits stands Oct 22. 

—Reporting by Beth Sobol

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World News

Dutch family and their 'captor' were 'members of the Moonie cult'

Dutch ‘end of times’ family and their ‘captor’ were members of the Moonie cult, it is claimed – and the ‘prisoners’ took part in rituals where they moved in circles after they were released

  • Police rescued a father and his five adult children living at remote Dutch house
  • Josef Brunner will appear in court on Thursday for allegedly imprisoning family
  • His brother claims the 58-year-old became delusional after joining a sect
  • Police were alerted when a 25-year-old man walked to a bar and asked for help
  • Brunner said to have met the family through the Unification ‘Moonie’ Church

A Dutch family and their alleged captor of nine years were members of the Moonie cult, it has been claimed.

Carpenter Josef Brunner, 58, nicknamed Josef the Austrian, is accused of imprisoning his friend and his five children in a remote farmhouse at Ruinerwold, 60 miles north of Amsterdam.

The van Dorsten family were discovered after the eldest son, 25, walked to a nearby bar on Sunday, ordered five beers, and asked for help. 

Brunner is thought to have met the reclusive father-of-five Geert Zon van Dorsten through the Unification Church – whose members are called ‘Moonies’ – after he dropped out of the Army in the late 90s, his family claimed.

According to locals at a holiday park where the van Dorsten family were taken after they were liberated, they moved in a circle together every 30 minutes in a ritual believed to relate to the Moonie cult, RTV Drenthe reported. 

The Unification Church was founded by South Korean pastor Sun Myung Moon, who declared himself the Messiah in the 1950s, it was brought to the Netherlands in 1965. 

A large amount of money in cash was found in the Ruinerwold farmhouse where the van Dorstens lived. It is believed this money came from donations from the Moonies. 

Police bring in equipment into the farmhouse in Ruinerwold, 60 miles north of Amsterdam, where carpenter Josef Brunner, nicknamed Josef the Austrian, has been arrested for allegedly imprisoning his friend and his five children

Josef Brunner’s old family home, his brother Franz said Josef had become delusional and stopped speaking to his family

Jan Zon van Dorsten, 25, is the son who alerted Dutch police to the plight of his four brothers and sisters and their father, who were living in isolation at a remote house while apparently waiting ‘for the end of times’

A former neighbour has revealed how Josef Brunner lived next door to the ‘off-grid’ family for a brief period in Hasslet, the Netherlands

Today, a court extended Brunner’s custody for another two weeks. He is charged with unlawful detention and harming others’ health, and will remain in detention for at least two more weeks. 

History of the Moonies or Unification movement:

The Unification Church was started in South Korea in 1954 by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who put forth a theology that mixed Judeo-Christian and Eastern philosophies and proclaimed it time to unite all world religions and bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. 

Pastor Sun Myung Moon at a mass wessing in Seoul in 2002

According to Moon, Jesus (who appeared to him in a vision) had been meant to marry and have children so that he and his wife could become the True Parents of mankind and erase original sin from humanity. But Jesus was crucified before he could fulfill his mission, so God had to send a second Messiah, which he did around 1930, to a place that had to be Korea (the Church’s text, Divine Principle, outlines various historical and numerological reasons for these conclusions.)

Moon was born in what is now North Korea in 1920 and married Hak Ja Han, and the Church taught that they were the new designated True Parents who would bring God’s Kingdom to Earth. The arranged marriages and mass weddings of members were called Blessings and the Church believed they erased original sin from members and their future children.

The behavioral edicts were puritanical – no alcohol, no drugs, no premarital sex, limited physical contact between genders.

Following Moon’s death in 2012, the Church splintered, with his widow and two sons taking over different factions.

Hak Ja Han has come to be called the co-Messiah by many followers; she founded the Women’s Federation for World Peace International. Supporters of Moon’s oldest living son, Hyun Jin Preston Moon, led the Family Peace Association; his youngest, Hyung Jin Moon, started Sanctuary Church.

The Moonie claim has thrown fresh light on the relationship between Brunner and Van Dorsten and the father of five is set to be questioned as a suspect.

Geert Zon van Dorsten’s cousin said he had broken off contact with his family decades ago.

It was about thirty years ago. There was a lot of disagreements between my parents and Geert,’ van Dorsten’s cousin said. 

Franz Brunner earlier said his brother was married to a Japanese woman and had become disillusioned from his family after joining the sect. 

‘My brother was always only for his own advantage,’ he said. ‘He was with a sect and he believed he was better than the Jesus.’

‘When my father handed over the farm to me, the problems started. When Josef learned that I was in charge of the farm, he immediately demanded that I pay him for his services.

‘For ten years, I have had no contact with him. The last time I saw him I said to him, ‘You do not have to come back. I do not want to have anything to do with people like you.”

Detectives are trying to unravel what drove Austrian-born Brunner to detain van Dorsten and his children, aged between 18 and 25, in a secret room at the secluded mansion.

To those who knew him for the 16 years he lived in the Netherlands he was a secretive, quiet loner who rarely made friends and found it difficult to engage socially.

His brother Franz said the kidnap suspect had abandoned his twin daughters when they were young children and ignored them when they tried to contact him as adults in 2017.

When Brunner’s father died in 2015 he did not attend the funeral and when his mother passed away 18 months ago, he failed to return calls to his family in Austria. 

Franz said Brunner was born on March 3, 1961 in Waldhausen, Austria and was one of five peasant children.

He completed a carpentry apprenticeship with distinction, but while enrolled in the army in Linz he joined a sect.

The brothers quarrelled over their parent’s farm and fell out with Brunner moving out.

Josef camped for a while in a house nearby and eventually moved in with an old aunt who lived in a 300-year-old house with a lot of land in Pabneukirchen, Austria, and appointed him as her heir.

He lived there from 1998 to about 2008, his brother says. He is then believed to have moved to Hasselt, the Netherlands, where he lived next door to the family he is accused of holding captive.

A former neighbour told MailOnline Josef lived briefly next door to the van Dorsten family but had left by the time Geert’s wife had died from colon cancer.

Police in Ruinerwold on Thursday as they continue their investigation into Brunner’s isolated house

Former neighbour Sandra Soer said: ‘The majority of children born in this house. There was no midwife involved. They all did that themselves.

‘A daughter had a birthday on the same day as my daughter. They often played together. But only in their back garden. The children never went out on the street or came to our house. You’d often see them climbing in the trees.

‘The children didn’t go to a school in the neighbourhood. But I saw them leave every morning with a bag with their father, so I assumed they were going to school somewhere else.’

Mrs Soar said Brunner only lived in the street for a very short time. She said she thought he knew the reclusive van Dorstens before he moved in because shortly afterwards they removed a fence that separated their back gardens.

But by 2004, before Geert’s wife died in mysterious circumstances, he had already left. 

It is reported that after leaving Austria, Josef fathered up to five more children and is reported to have an adult son living in Zwartsluis, a few miles from the farmhouse where the family were found. 

Mrs Soer said: ‘One day Gerrit-Jan came and told me that his wife had just died of colon cancer. Nobody knew she was that sick. No one knew when she was buried.

‘Not long after, the family had left but they continued to pay the rent for the house. One of the daughters lived in the house for a while. I think she was sixteen. But a short time later when someone from the housing association came round, the house was vacated.’

Mr van Dorsten and Brunner both shared a passion for woodwork. He was a toy maker and his eventual captor built wooden canoes.

Brunner only lived at in the ground floor of the house at de Weerd in Hasselt for a few months and disappeared.

Officers found his four brothers and sisters, aged between 18 and 25, along with their father in a room hidden behind a staircase in Ruinerwold, 60 miles north of Amsterdam

A woman who used to be ‘Josef the Austrian’s next door neighbor said he had only lived on the street, next to the ‘imprisoned family’ for a short time

Officers raided this property on Sunday where they discovered Jan’s family living in an ‘enclosed space’. Josef Brunner, 58, who rented the property, was arrested

Ms Soer went on: ‘I was surprised that they had remained in contact and even more shocked when I heard what had happened to Geert and his family.

‘Josef was never friendly. He never said hello. He wasn’t friends with anybody.

‘He never had a wife. He never had a girlfriend. He would never go to a bar. He was just mysterious.

‘When they left, I didn’t know where they’d gone.

‘It was a total surprise to me that they were still in touch with Josef. This is a very sad situation for the family.’

Van Dorsten owned a toy shop and moved over the years into rented properties in the village in Zwartsluis before moving into the rented detached house at Ruinerwold which has been sealed off by police.

The van Dorstens allegedly lived like hobbits in the basement of the remote farmhouse for almost a decade before their secret was exposed this week when the eldest son walked into a bar and told the owner how the family had been living.

Jan Zon van Dorsten, 25, drank five pints of beer in the café De Kastelein and revealed to the owner Chris Westerbeek how they had been living.

Neighbours said they had been suspicious about Brunner who would go back and forth from the house to his workshop 15 miles away in a Volvo every day.

Meanwhile MailOnline can reveal how Brunner lived illegally in a trailer four miles from the house where the family of six were imprisoned.

The caravan was parked behind his workshop at Meppel. 

The family ran this shop Zwartluis, which was searched by the police shortly after they were found

Jan raised the alarm after walking from the house to a local bar where he ordered five beers and told the bartender that he couldn’t go home

Cafe De Kastelein in Ruinerwold where the eldest son drank beer before raising the alarm

He would make weekly visits to a local Lidl supermarket in to stock up on supplies for the family.

A man who owns a building business next door said: ‘I have known him for about seven years, but I really know very little about him.

‘I would see him every day, but he will just say hello. Only wants to look inside his work premises and I saw a trailer hidden behind a wall where he was living.

‘I could never have imagined that he had another home and six people were in there. He never ever talk about friends or anybody.

It is not allowed for him to live here, but he used to.

‘I was curious because he would buy something like 50 toilet rolls and huge boxes of food once a week and then drive off with them. But he lived here. So he wasn’t living with that family.’

Another man, a truck driver, said: ‘He was always very secretive. He never spoke with anybody.

‘He would reverse his blue Volvo onto the drive of his workshop, and then go inside for the night. Nobody knew him. He didn’t want to speak to anybody.’  

Brunner, known as ‘Josef the Austrian’ will appear in court on Thursday, as it emerged the family can barely talk and speak in a ‘fantasy language’ after spending nine years in isolation.

Investigators earlier revealed they had difficulty understanding the victims, with parts of their speech deemed ‘incomprehensible’ – and said they slept and ate on the floor in a room with no windows, according to local reports.

Despite sharing a ‘small, enclosed space’ with no natural light, police confirmed the family were not malnourished and looked ‘normal’.   

Investigators admit they are still deeply puzzled by the case and are still working to answer key questions – such as whether the family were held against their will by Brunner. 

Native Creative Economy, a company based in Meppel which is owned by Josef Brunner

Police continued working at the property Wednesday, as they try to unravel the mystery of how the family came to be there, and whether they were being kept against their will

Police say they are puzzled by the case – a mystery that is deepened by the fact that Jan had access to social media and had been posting since June this year until the time he was rescued

However more details may emerge when he appears in court for the remand hearing, after being charged with the deprivation of liberty and prejudicing the health of others.  

Neighbours told local media they were puzzled by the man – described as a skilled ‘wood-worker’ – as it emerged the ‘odd-jobs-man’ had asked neighbours for renovation tips such as laying concrete and appeared to have renovated the isolated home alone. 

He would reportedly ask locals for tips on building and construction but would not elaborate on where he lived or with whom. 

One local told Bild newspaper: ‘The man has renovated all this alone, came with his trailer and building materials. I’ve always wondered ‘how can he do it all on his own?’ 

‘He must have had help, it can not be done on his own.’

Residents also claim Brunner had surveillance cameras around the property, kept the gate locked and peered through binoculars. 

He would reportedly ‘chase’ people away that strayed too close to the house. 

‘It was enough for you to come near the farm and he sent you away. He followed everything with binoculars,’ one local told Aftonbladet. 

The mystery is deepened further by the fact that Jan, the eldest son, had access to social media and had been active on Facebook since June this year. 

Posts on his public profile show he used the platform for several years until 2010, when he posted saying that he had moved to Ruinerwold – the village where the house is located.

Jan was active on Facebook until 2010, when it is thought his family moved to the house, before his profile went silent – only to activate again in June this year

Police were still present at the house on Wednesday, three days after the initial raid took place

The house is located in Ruinerwold, around 60 miles north of Amsterdam, and it is thought the family moved there in 2010

The profile then goes silent until June this year, when it suddenly reactivated with a post announcing that Jan was working as an online store manager at Creconat, located in Meppel – a village around four miles from Ruinerwold.

‘Creativity for everyone!’ the post says. 

Jan spent his time on social media posting pictures of nature and promoting causes, such as climate strikes.

On Saturday he uploaded three photos of landmarks around Ruinerwold that were taken in the dark. It is thought these were taken while he was walking to the bar. 

It is reported he went to the bar three times before the barman – Chris Westerbeek – called police, describing Jan as dishevelled, confused and needing help.

None of Jan’s family were registered on government databases, police have confirmed – perhaps indicating how they managed to go undetected for years. 

Local media reported Brunner was born in Vienna. The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs could only confirm that Josef has requested not to be contacted by the embassy, and has refused their help. 

The house itself was set back 200 yards from the nearest road, and another 100 yards from the nearest building. 

Pictures show it was surrounded by trees, blocking off the view, and also had a perimeter fence.

Police raided the property along with a workshop belonging to Brunner in the nearby village of Meppel, where Jan listed himself as working 

Bar owner, Chris Westerbeek, recalled the 25-year-old man came in numerous times over a number of days and looked ‘confused’

Police spokesman Ramona Venema confirmed the family was found at the remote house

Vegetables were being grown in plots surrounding the property, while a goat was also kept there.   

Ruinerwold mayor Roger de Groot told a press conference that neither he nor the police had ever seen anything like it. 

Speaking about the inside of the house, he added: ‘The police found a number of rooms with makeshift furnishings where the family lived a withdrawn existence. That is where the six were found.’

He denied that the family had been living in a basement.

A statement from local police said Brunner was refusing to cooperate with the investigation but was detained and being interrogated. 

‘We understand that everyone still has many questions,’ a police spokesman said. ‘We do too. That is why we want to do our research thoroughly and carefully. 

‘This means that we may not be able to answer everything immediately. Simply because sometimes we don’t have answers yet. Or we cannot share them.

‘We have called in a Large Scale Investigation Team (TGO). Investigators are probing possible criminal offenses under the leadership of the Public Prosecution Service.’ 

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This Working Mom's Self Care is Mario Kart & We Totally Get It

In recent years, we’ve all became obsessed with self care — NPR wrote all about just how much millennials fixate on self-care rituals. In 2015, the Pew Research Center reported that millennials made more personal improvement commitments than any generation before them, spending twice as much as boomers on self-care essentials like workout regimens, diet plans, life coaches, therapy and apps to improve personal well-being.

Another study suggested that the uptick in self-care activities might be a result of the internet, since anyone with a Wi-Fi connection can identify self-care strategies and therapies. But we as a society start to care for ourselves more, not everyone has the time to pamper themselves. Working mothers, for example, don’t all have enough time in the day for hours in the gym, at the therapist’s office or at the salon.

In fact, self care looks a lot different to different working moms. We asked a whole bunch what self care means to them, and here’s what they had to say.

Doing yoga

“I am a full-time working mother of three. For me, self care is getting up early enough to do a light yoga workout, then coffee and quiet devotional time before the kids wake up and the whirlwind of my day begins,” says Emily McCollin, public relations specialist. “As a marketing professional, this time of centering myself away from social media and the cares of the outside world energizes both my heart and brain. I’ve always hated getting up early, but this routine is something that I have come to love because it makes all the difference in both my physical and mental health.”

Meditation in the morning

“To me, self care means speaking up for and being honest with myself about what I need in order to run a household and a business,” explains Ginger Geldreich Jones, speech-language pathologist and certified auditory verbal therapist. “Sometimes that means I need to sneak away on a girls trip or even just a few hours for a pedicure. Sometimes it means taking some of my time in the gym to read and relax in the sauna while the kids are in childcare. It most often means time with myself in the mornings to meditate and be still in the quiet of my house before the hustle and bustle and the ‘mommy I need you’s’ start.” 

Reading business books

“I balance running my own business with parenting my two kids,” sys JoAnn Crohn, author of 102 Ways to Make Mom Life Easier. “Self care means time by myself pursuing something I find interesting — not stuff like the gym or things I feel I ‘should’ do. For me, I’m obsessed with reading business books. I sneak away into the other room, throw a comfy blanket on and read.”

Being healthy with the kids

“I’m an entrepreneur raising two children with special needs (Autism and Down Syndrome), and have spent a number of years writing on the importance of self care for moms on my blog Embracing Imperfect, a lifestyle blog for moms raising kids with disabilities since 2002,” explains Gina Badalaty. “I always encourage all moms, no matter their responsibilities to do or find self care. One of the keys to self care for extremely busy moms is to find ways to integrate into the life you are already living. For example, eating as healthy as your kids is a choice that involves no time… Exercise is important — do it with your kids if you can’t carve out time alone (I recommend hiking, biking and swimming), or find an exercise routine you can do right at your desk — like kegels or simple thigh exercises.”

Indulging in long showers

“Self care to me is catching up with a girlfriend, a short walk to clear my head or a deliciously long shower,” says Lori Sussle Bonanni.

Playing Mario Kart

“I own a counseling practice named Counseling and Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles, Porter Ranch, California, and I am a mother to a seven-year-old young man,” says Adriana Alejandre. “Up until this year in July, I have had two jobs since he was born. Self care was something that was introduced to me in my early 20s in a class. I did not grow up knowing about it, but once I learned the term, it actually took me some time to adjust to it because I felt that it was selfish. Let’s fast forward to today where I spend a few hours a day fulfilling my self-care bucket. After a long day of seeing clients at my office, I know one important basic element of my self care includes eating. So, I feed myself before interacting with anyone else. After putting my family to sleep, I plop down on my couch and watch the typical Netflix and Hulu. Another type of my self care is playing Mario Kart on the Wii U, and GoFish with my son on weekends or on days after work when I am not completely drained. On these days I need more isolated self-care activities. This can include saying ‘no’ when I am being asked to do something I do not want to do….”

Taking daily supplements

“Self care has developed a new meaning for me since I had my daughter,” admits Lauren Alexander, VP of marketing for Neurohacker Collective. “As a full-time working executive and mother of a toddler, gone are my weekly manicure/pedicure appointments, regular massages, facials and hair appointments. But on the flip-side I’ve become more indulgent in the self care of my health. I take my health incredibly seriously now, as I can’t afford to be sick, sluggish or performing sub-optimally. I take a fistful of supplements daily, I eat a nutrient-rich diet, I removed a lot of the toxins in my house, and I prioritize my sleep. But my favorite self-care practice is that I take my bulletproof coffee in the morning outside and watch about 10 minutes of the sunrise. Something about the nature, solitude and the coffee makes me feel incredibly happy, grateful and at peace.”

Eating healthy

“I’m the founder of Wholesome Yum, a recipe website that gets over two million views per month, and I am also a working mother — in fact, I have two jobs (a day job as a software engineer, plus the website) and two kids,” says Maya Krampf. “To me, self care means balancing work, family and taking care of myself. It’s so common for mothers to forget to take care of themselves, but that is necessary for us to be the best we can be for both our families and our jobs. One of the most important ways to do this is paying attention to the foods we eat. Filling ourselves — and our families — with nourishing foods is crucial to fueling our busy lifestyles.”

Playing with the cat

“What Does Self Care Mean to Me? As a working mother to sometimes set firmer limits with others, which allows me some extra time,” says Lydia Verniory a human rights lawyer. “It means making small changes to keep love going in our home. It means taking a bath every evening if I don’t want to. It means learning to chose better friends. It means spending extra time playing with my cat. It means painting in the middle of the night to help my soul.”

Putting the phone on silent

“I’m the co-founder of FPC, Fit Pregnancy Club and mother to a 17-month old,” says Joanie Johnson. “As a new business owner and head trainer at Fit Pregnancy Club, teaching 10 classes a week, and mother to a 17-month old, self care has almost become laughable. Coming home after a day at the studio and putting my phone on silent has become the ultimate self care. My newly walking daughter provides hours of entertainment as she explores. Playing with her has become the best stress relief… I commit to a few hours focused solely on her with my phone on silent and I’m much more relaxed, focused and productive at the end of the day because of it.”


“The essential aspects of my daily self-care routine are 1. decent (i.e. six to seven hours) sleep, 2. exercise (running each morning and, lately, I’ve been adding a little yoga at night before bed); 3. meditation (early morning pre-kids waking up) and 4. personal growth/learning new things (audible and podcasts during my commute time makes this possible),” explains Leslie Forde, blogger at Moms Hierarchy of Needs. “I’ll admit that I only added the personal growth component in the past year plus after my youngest started sleeping through the night. There are other self-care rituals that I indulge in less frequently (i.e. making time to visit friends, dancing) but am aware are important to my sense of well-being and satisfaction with my life.”

More sleeping

“For me, self-care is sleep,” adds Linda Salazar. “I make sure that I stay on a good sleep schedule (going to bed on time and waking up daily at the same time). I also take naps on the weekends. My family and friends sometimes tease me about this. But, when I’m well-rested, I’m a better mom, employee, sister, daughter, friend, etc. I don’t wake up groggy or ‘need coffee’ to get going. As a matter of fact, I don’t drink caffeinated beverages. I’m a morning person, so I just get up and get going!”

Even more sleeping

“I’m a working mom and licensed marriage and family therapist in West Los Angeles who specializes in anxiety and relationships,” explains Amy McManus. “When my kids were little, self care meant making time most days for exercise — though sometimes it had to be at home on a treadmill or with a yoga video. Now that my kids are much older, I have more opportunities to exercise, but I have learned as a mom, and as a therapist, that the very best thing for my mental and physical health is to get at least seven and a half hours of sleep every night. There is nothing else I can do that has a more significant impact on my ability to regulate my emotions and enjoy my day!”


“I am a working mother of two children (a son, 10, with special needs and a daughter, eight), and I have a full-time day job and my own private practice,” says Holly Sawyer of Life First Therapy. “Here are some things I do or have done to help me practice self-care: 1. A friend had a spa package and I went with her. All I had to do was tip the masseuse. 2. Every night, I bathe and do long stretches and do not allow the children to interrupt my ‘me’ time for anything. 3. After a nice hot bath, I journal about my day to empty my head before bed. 4. While in bed, right before bed time, my daughter reads to me every night. This is a two-for-one because it helps her complete her required reading while allowing me to focus my mind on a fictitious story and just be present to laugh and enjoy her and the story. 5. In the morning, I meditate for five to 10 minutes and do not check my smartphone for at least one hour.”

Turning the bathroom into a spa

“As a health and wellness specialist, a full-time child care provider and business owner, I believe self care for me is reflexology and turning your bathroom into a spa and retreat at home,” says Tamyara Brown. “For many working moms, we have to find a way to steal our time and create an environment of pampering. I create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.”

Spending time with friends and family

“As a mom of two, co-founder and COO of Houseparty, I hear the words ‘self care’ thrown around constantly,” says Sima Sistani. “I agree working moms must find ways to stay happy and balanced but, I I find the concept of ‘self care’ misleading. It insinuates that fulfillment comes from spending time alone is the only way to recharge. For me, caring for myself means treating myself to extra doses of what makes me happy and spending time with friends and family is what makes me happiest of all.” 

Working out — even quickly

“I am a first-time mom and a stay-at-home working mom, and I own my own bookkeeping business,” says Christin of Christin’s Bookingkeeping. “Getting out and meeting clients is the only real time I can get out of the house besides going to the grocery store! Before I had my son, I was one of those girls that was at the nail salon every couple of weeks, getting her manicure and pedicure. I got my hair trimmed regularly every six weeks. I was at the gym every day staying fit and I was out every weekend at a social event. Now, I barely have time to take a shower (let alone take one alone), so how do I pamper myself? I meditate and exercise, while my son sits in his bouncy chair… Sometimes my workouts only last 10 minutes before it’s time for a diaper change, but at least it’s 10 minutes more than I would have done. Sometimes, I have the privilege of being able to do these 10-minute sessions two or even three times a day! Those are the days that I really feel like a winner! Those 10-minute sessions are helping me lose the baby weight and, since my son is watching, I feel like I’m setting a good example for him as well.”

Vegging out

“Self care can be a hard thing to come by, especially now that I am a single working mom, but I try to get it in when I can,” says Cheryll Putt, licensed trauma therapist and mom coach in San Diego, CA. “Sometimes, self care for me means just hanging out with the kids and enjoying the things that they enjoy. We often spend a lot of that time laughing, which helps everyone deflect stress. I try to take mindfulness walks. For example, when I can get in a walk, I don’t focus on my to-do list or how I can help my clients. I tune in to my five senses and my breathing pattern. It really helps to calm and relax me, even though I am exercising. Sometimes self care is just vegging out on Facebook or watching my favorite shows on TV. Sometimes, I try to do something creative like paper crafting or water coloring. As I type this it seems like a lot of things I do, but in reality I don’t spend nearly enough time on self care.”


“I’m a working mom of a 14-year-old and a nine-year-old,” says Ayesha Gallion, senior communications editor for Inteplast Group. “Journaling is a huge part of taking care of myself. I journal mostly about my goals and connections with other people, and use it to deconstruct ideas so that I can explore whether they are worth building out.”

Eating lunch out

“Since I make my own hours, I have built in a lunch from 1 to 2:30 pm and a 30-minute break from 4:30 to 5 pm,” says Courtney Watson, a licensed marriage and family therapist. “I take my lunch; I don’t eat in the office.”

Wearing makeup

“I am an immigration attorney with a thriving practice in Pompano Beach, Florida,” says Reneta Castro, mother of two. “My days are crazy, between court appearances, work assignments, deadlines and the pressure of being an immigration attorney during this administration that is so anti-immigrant. Yoga and pilates, as well as doing my makeup in the morning, help me keep centered. Burning incense also helps the atmosphere in my office. But the best self care is knowing that the work that I do has meaningful impact to those I choose to represent.”

Eating breakfast with a friend

“As a full-time mental health therapist and mom to two precious young children (a nine-month-old daughter and four-year-old son), I often find it harder to practice self care than to teach it to others,” says Jessica Tappana. “One form of self care is that I have a standing weekly breakfast date with a friend (also a mother). We occasionally have to cancel, but most weeks we know we are meeting on Monday mornings after we drop our sons off at preschool. Simply adding in this little time dedicated to socialize has been incredible for my sense of connection! Another form of self care is that my husband and I ask each other for about 20 minutes of interrupted time a few times a week in the middle of the evening or a weekend day where the other will watch both children and we can retreat into our bedroom with the door locked. I’ll usually just lay down and focus on my breathing and being mindful of thoughts that pop into my head. Occasionally I’ll use that time to read part of a book — something I did frequently before children but have struggled to do the last few years. Last but not least, a very special ‘self-care’ activity I do on particularly bad days is purchasing a drink from Starbucks and slowly drinking it making sure to enjoy each little sip!”

Drinking coffee

“The first thing that I think of is my mental health,” says Enza Ketcham, mom blogger and teacher. “Coffee. For some reason, enjoying a hot cup of coffee is something that I find rewarding. The warm treat that I usually enjoy in the morning is something that just makes me feel better. Whenever I am needing a special treat for myself, I go for coffee! Also, if you have kids like myself, then keeping them to a bedtime is something that really helps me unwind and work on stuff on my to-do list. When my kids stay up too late or get in and out of bed for an hour, I notice I get a lot more stressed and end up going to bed later myself…  And when my house is picked up I can relax more and enjoy simple things in life. I feel tons of mental stress go away when I know I am not staring at dirty dishes, a messy table or a huge pile of laundry!”

Drinking more coffee

“Self care for me is getting up before anyone else so I can have coffee and quiet time,” says Clair Pearson, certified sound healer. “I love having my two cups of coffee in the dark, in my bed reveling in my alone time. I use this as an opportunity to go through what I call are ‘my gratefuls.’ which is my list of things I am thankful for. Then it’s time to get people ready for school. When I come home from drop-off, I’ve developed a really nice routine of meditating for about 30 minutes. It’s amazing how much better my days go when I am mentally and emotionally centered.”

Singing loudly

“I own Serendipitous Psychotherapy, LLC and my niche is with mamas,” says Kelley Kitley. “I’m a firm believer in practicing what I preach and self care is my top priority. My fave is in my car to and from work listening to music and drinking coffee while I sing at the top of my lungs. Once I transition into my office, I sit at my desk, light a candle, take a deep breath and think about five things I’m grateful for.”


“Publishing, writing and podcasting has become more important to me after becoming a mother because it is an activity I do by myself without my family,” says JF Garrard, president of Indie press, Dark Helix Press. “Perhaps it is an odd thing, but taking the time to work on something that is not baby related keeps my brain sharp. I want to be able to keep busy on the day I become an empty nester because the day will inevitably come.”

Going off the grid

“Self care for me is taking time to exercise and making it fun — I like Zumba; I hate running, so I don’t force myself to run if I don’t feel like it,” says Alison Foley-Rothrock, owner of a small immigration law firm and mother of two boys. “I make sure that I eat when I’m hungry and don’t put it off to get ‘just one more thing’ done, which usually leads to eating lunch at three in the afternoon and less healthy choices about what I eat. And I find space and time that’s just for me, even if it’s only 20 minutes, when I don’t have to answer to anyone else or do anything in particular but just find some peace and quiet. It helps to turn off the phone, Facebook, emails, etc. I have to give myself permission to not be available 24/7.”

Better housework management

“I take a minute to jot down everything I’ve done at home that day and how long it took,” says Margaret Groves. “Why? I finally realized that I was treating my time at home as ‘lost’ time. I didn’t know how long it took me to do basic tasks: how long it took to keep up on laundry, how long it took to shop for groceries, cook/prepare meals and eat them, basic housework. And in my world, if it’s not measured, it’s not important. This was leading to me (and my family) completely devaluing any time I spent at home. It turns out that I spend seven to 10 hours on housework every week. That is a lot of time. If I spent that much time at the gym, I’d be a world-class athlete. Knowing that I spend that much time is so helpful; now I value my time that I spend there, and even better, I feel much better about asking my partner to pitch in. And finally, I stopped that cycle of ‘trying to fit one more chore in’ before we leave the house as a family, and then running late, and then developing a resentment against my family who was just trying to be on time to soccer practice, telling myself that they just didn’t care about my efforts. (That might just be me?) Because now I know how much time it takes!”

Cooking with headphones on

“As a mother of twin four-year olds, the time that I get to myself in a day is minimal, so self care has come to mean something very different (and also imperative) to me,” says Jessica Groff, a health coach. “It could mean that I sit down and read a chapter in a book at the end of my day, or the hubby watches the kids for an hour while I cook dinner and listen to a podcast in headphones. I also get up an hour before my family during the week so that I can start my day off quietly and peacefully. I do a 30-minute yoga practice, write in a gratitude journal, drink a glass of water and review my schedule for the day. It’s much more satisfying than being ripped out of bed by two screaming children who need all the things from the moment their eyes open to the moment that they close, and it really feels like I’m taking care of myself when I do this, even if it means waking up before the sun.”


“My self care includes meditating and praying daily to clear my mind, not bringing work home, spending quality time with my children and being present with them with no distractions,” says Lakiesha Russell, a licensed counselor and church volunteer.


“I’m a proprietor at a Best of Boston art studio as well as a professional painter and writer, and I find that my time alone with my thoughts in my studio is what I need to ground me,” says Diana Stelin. “Painting twice a week helps me solve life’s everyday dilemmas and set priorities. It’s a time when I can have an honest conversation with my inner self away from the hustle and bustle of work and my family with three kids under 10. When I come out of a painting session, I feel relaxed, reenergized and ready to take on the world. I’m also a lot more understanding and giving to my little and big students at work and at home.”


“I have a 13-month-old son named Jaxon, and I have been working at an advertising agency for 16 months,” says Brittany Bright. “I started my job fresh out of college when I was six months pregnant. Therefore, I had to learn how to be a working woman and a mom in a short amount of time. Although I am still learning, 2017 has taught me the importance of self care. There are the things that I do to practice self care: 1. Keep home and work life separate. Work stays at work. 2. Eating healthy meals and exercising regularly. 3. I allow myself to become frustrated and vent to someone that I trust. 4. On the weekends, I give myself a few hours of ‘mommy time.’ 5. Brunch with friends. 6. An extra long nap by myself. 7. A trip to the park or library to sit quietly and think.”

Hitting the gym

“I am a working mother to two little children — two years old and six months,” says Leaann Rybakov of BuckWHAT!. “I own my own health food company and its basically like having a third child. My days are nuts… I try to do a 45- to 60-minute workout every day. Luckily I live across the street from a gym, but just getting that small amount of time to myself to better my mind and body keeps me sane.”

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Pregnant! Teen Mom OG's Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge Are Expecting

Cory Wharton is going to be a dad again! The Challenge star, 28, and girlfriend Taylor Selfridge are expecting their first child together, the couple exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“It was definitely a surprise,” Wharton tells Us of the news, which they found out about two months ago. Selfridge, 25, is 11 weeks along. While this will be the model’s first baby, Wharton shares 2-year-old daughter Ryder with ex-girlfriend Cheyenne Floyd. However, he didn’t know Ryder was his daughter until she was 6 months old, so this is the first time he’s going through many of the big life events.

“Just being there from the day she found out that she’s pregnant and knowing that it was mine, I knew that I was going to have to step up,” he shares, adding that he’s happy he now gets to be part of the early stages. “It’s exciting for me. It’s gonna be a lot, but I’m excited. I never went to an ultrasound, you know? I never went to the doctor’s appointments to see her check-ups and things like that. So for me, this is like my first baby almost, as weird as that sounds.”

The pair do plan to find out the gender of the baby when the time comes, but for now, he’s hoping for a second daughter. “I just originally thought it was a boy, but now I don’t know,” Selfridge says.”Everybody’s saying girl, so now I just feel like it’s a girl!”

The Real World star and the Are You the One? vet met during season 1 of Ex on the Beach in 2014. They began dating after the show and while they briefly split, they have been together for nearly two years. During that time, they have developed a close relationship with Floyd, as well, especially since the family joined Teen Mom OG in September 2018.

“I went over to Cheyenne’s house and I was dropping Ryder off and I just said, ‘Hey, so Ryder’s going to be a sister!’ There’s no easy way to tell somebody that,” Wharton explains of sharing the news. While Selfridge admits she was nervous Floyd would “freak out,” Wharton actually received the opposite reaction. “I just had to drop the bomb. So I told her, and her sister was there. They were just asking me all the questions, like, ‘Are you OK?’ ‘How’s Taylor doing?’ ‘Does she need a doctor?’ They really were supportive from day one.”

For more from the couple, watch the video above and pick up Us Weekly on newsstands now.

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Fortnite launches 'Chapter 2' after Call of Duty challenge

(Reuters) – Epic Games’ launched a “Chapter 2” reboot of its battle royale smash hit “Fortnite” on Tuesday, as it bids to halt defections of gamers to mobile rivals “Apex Legends” and “Call of Duty”.

Fortnite has been down since Sunday giving players no option other than staring at a black screen after a season-ending in-game event where its original island was sucked into a black hole.

The new version of the game features 13 new locations, water gameplay where characters can swim, fish and ride motorboats; as well as new places to hide and a host of new avatars and guns.

Fortnite and its early rival Tencent-backed “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” (PUBG), popularized an arena-style battle royale survival concept where 100 gamers are dropped onto an island to fight each other to the death.

The games are free to download and play but users pay for upgrades, like the “skins” displayed on characters. Fortnite raked in $2.4 billion in revenue in 2018, more than any other single title, according to Nielsen data.

After the runaway successes of those games, gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA.O) launched the similarly-themed Apex Legends earlier this year.

The mobile version of Activision’s (ATVI.O) long-running “Call of Duty” franchise was also launched on Oct. 1, and has already racked up 125 million unique downloads and generated more than $28 million in gross player spending, according to app data website SensorTower.

Spending on Fortnite has fallen 23% since the launch of Call of Duty, the website’s data also showed.

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TV & Movies

Lucifer season 5 spoilers: Showrunner teases new scenes will answer Chloe Decker questions

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) has seen a number of mysteries crop up in his life throughout the first four seasons of the show. While the main one surrounds Chloe Decker (Lauren German), and why she is a miracle, fans have been eager to learn the truth about many of the show’s secrets. Thankfully, they may not have to wait much longer.

Recently Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson has been teasing the upcoming season’s episode titles and details.

And most recently he posted a clue to the upcoming fifth episode of season five.

The tweet read: “#Lucifer 505 title clue gets harder this time as you Lucifans are way too clever . Here ya go. 2 words: ********E A********.”

The clue left viewers clamouring for answers, and instantly began suggesting titles for the episode.

READ MORE: Lucifer season 5 episodes: What is Lucifer season 5, episode 4 called? What does it mean?


  • Lucifer season 5: Will Lucifer return to Earth? Tom Ellis drops hint

Perhaps the most prevailing theory in the fandom was: “Detective Amenadiel.”

Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) has remained a huge part of Lucifer, and has frequently helped him out in his time on the show.

But could Amenadiel be the key to finding out the truth about Chloe?

Joe followed up this tweet with another, which read: “Also – I’m writing this one.

“Questions you’ve had for the entirety of the series? This episode is where we answer them. #Lucifer.”

While questions are sure to be answered, the most desire answer wanted has to do with Chloe.

Fans are already proposing this is exactly what is going to happen, as they replied to the tweet.

One wrote: “’Detective Amenadiel’ finds out the truth about why Chloe is a miracle and/or why Lucifer is vulnerable to her.”

Outlander season 5: Will Jamie and Claire renew wedding vows? [INTERVIEW]
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Game of Thrones: Syrio Forel’s real identity finally revealed? [THEORY]

Fans will have to wait and find out the truth about Chloe when the show airs next year – but until then, they have been getting excited about a newly teased scene.

The scene in question shows off Lucifer hanging out with Trixie star Scarlett Estevez.

Posting on his Instagram, Tom explained: “I may or may not have had a lot of fun shooting scenes with @scarlye07 today for #luciferseason5

“Love this episode… that’s all I’m saying. Video by the amazing and wonderful @aimeegarcia4realz.”


  • Lucifer season 5 spoilers: Chloe Decker to be abandoned?

Fans of the show were instantly excited, as they realised they were going to see the two characters on-screen together once again.

One wrote: “OMG I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!.”

Another said: “oh my god, oh my GOD, OH MY GOD IT’S HAPPENING.”

A third chimed in: “yasss any scene with lucifer and tribe is GOLD.”

Lucifer season 5 is coming to Netflix in 2020.

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Boys in blue humour? You can count on that in Sydney

You can imagine the scene. Last Sunday evening Ben McCarthy with his two sons and nephew – rabid Raiders fans all – leave the Olympic stadium at Homebush, retrieve their car, and start driving back to the McCarthy home at Lane Cove. Bitterly disappointed at the result but still very proud of the way the Raiders played, they are talking with great animation about the match, the key refereeing decisions and the prospects for next year, when just on the approaches to Ryde Bridge they see it up ahead: blue flashing lights.

Police breathalyser. Pull over, driver. Still, no worries. Much as he might feel like one, McCarthy hasn’t been drinking at the game and pulls over with full confidence. The constable comes over, wordlessly eyes the car occupants in all their Raiders gear, and sternly proffers the breathalyser saying, “Good evening, Sir. Count to six, please … ”

Raiders fans turned the NRL grand final into a sea of lime green.Credit:AAP

❏ But what an atmosphere they generated together! Before kick-off, when the Raiders’ supporters did the Viking Clap en masse, it was the perfect prelude to a great match unspoiled by the refereeing controversy for most of us , because you probably had to be watching on TV to fully get it. And the success of the match, and the atmosphere, highlighted the absurdity of knocking that 20-year-old stadium down, but don’t get me started!

Sting in the tale

Goodness! Now here is a twist we never saw coming!

You will recall that story broken in the Herald this year when the mother of a rugby player became concerned that her teenage son was being indoctrinated with extreme teachings in the “church” run by Israel Folau’s father, Eni, and so attended a few services to get the feel of it. She came away reeling.

“I honestly do not want my son involved in what I have come to understand is false teachings and counterfeit Christianity,” she told the Herald’s Kate McClymont. “I’ve gone, I’ve checked it out and I would call them an isolated hate group.”

Among other things, Folau’s father told her she was going to hell, while Israel’s cousin Josiah referred to the Catholic Church as – and I am not making this up – “a synagogue of Satan.”

Charmed, they’re sure. But this week, the kicker to the tale: the Herald-Sun revealed that the woman in question is Helen Petaia, the mother of the 19-year-old Wallaby wing sensation Jordan Petaia.

Well that would have been a bit awkward in the Wallaby dressing room, if Folau was still there. In the meantime, good on Mrs Petaia. All religion is nonsense – but the kind that divides people into believers and servants of Satan etc, is dehumanising and dangerous nonsense.

Weasel words

This week’s weasel words award goes to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, in response to the fallout from the manager of the Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey, putting out a simple tweet – in the land of the free, and the home of the brave – in support of the protesters of Hong Kong. The tweet deeply upset the Chinese government and heavyweight Chinese broadcasts sponsors who between them moved to ban broadcasts of the NBA, stop sponsoring etc. You would hope, surely, that the NBA might support Morey on principle, and say something along the lines of: “This is America, and we don’t just support the talk of ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ when it suits us, but also when it might come at cost. Get nicked! His tweet stands, and we support it. Bravo you Hong Kong protesters!”

But no, after a mad scramble to placate all things Chinese, Silver offered this: “I’m sympathetic to our interests here and to our partners who are upset. I don’t think it’s inconsistent on one hand to be sympathetic to them and at the same time stand by our principles.”

Can we get to the part where you stood by your principles, Commissioner?

Onya, Kelsey-Lee

You and me, babe. While we were out, focused on other things like the Rugby World Cup and the NRL grand final, a young Australian did really well at the World Athletics Championships – and did not receive the appropriate hoopla.

Step forward Kelsey-Lee Barber, and grip that javelin with intent. Yes, true, you had a disappointing Rio Olympics, only managing 55 metres. And it’s also true that even though you’ve improved by six metres in this contest so far, your best throw of 61.08 has only scraped into the finals. But you’ve talked with your coach, who also happens to be your husband – Mike Barber – about a few things you can tweak and we the people not only have confidence, we’re watching you now, newly focused! Look, we don’t even care that your first throws have only moved you up to fourth place, not the gold we were hoping for. You’ve still got one throw left, and remember what Mike said – give yourself a bigger run-up and hurl the bloody thing.

Kelsey-Lee Barber celebrates her gold medal triumph at the world championships in Doha.Credit:Getty

She grips. She backs up. Yes, even further than usual. She runs forward, and she hurls the bloody thing! “It left my hand and I thought ‘ooh that felt nice’,” she will recount, “and then the best part was to watch it fly and it was still going. I watched it hit past the 65m line and thought ‘oh this is good, I don’t know how good, but I am really happy with this throw’.’’

And so you should be, Kelsey-Lee! It has gone no less than 66.56m!

Gold! Gold! GOLD for Australia! Congratulations to you, Kelsey-Lee Barber. And well done, coach.

What they said

Russell Crowe after the NRL grand final “six-again-no-wait!” controversy: “Horseshit result in the @NRL Grand Final. Yet another Rugby League embarrassment. Raiders ripped off. #sixagain.”

Edit to referee Ben Cummins’ Wikipedia page following the game: “He also won the Clive Churchill medal for 2019 while playing for the Sydney Roosters.”

Ricky Stuart takes the high road: “The first thing I did when I walked onto the field I went to the four officials and congratulated them. No one goes out there to make a mistake. They’ve got tough jobs. We could have won it and we didn’t.” Bravo.

Stuart was a little less magnanimous when it came to critics of his own player Jack Wighton receiving the Clive Churchill Medal: “The best player on the field got the award tonight. Whether those people out there who booed agreed or not, Jack didn’t pick it. Three legends of our game pick the award and they know more than the wombats sitting in behind the goalposts.”

Jeff Fenech on his health issues, just before undergoing heart surgery in Thailand: “Every night I have been here I think I’m not going to wake up tomorrow.” I suspect he’ll be all right. Like Tommy Raudonikis, Ray Price, Ian Chappell and David Lord, whatever the health woes, he’s tougher and more durable than a crowbar.

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey in a tweet that caused havoc in the halls of the NBA when China went intercontinental ballistic in response: “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.”

Wallaby James Slipper on scoring his first international try in his 94th Test: “I’m more relieved, to be honest. When you’re in the 90s and haven't scored a try … it’s been a running joke for a couple of years that I’m pretty much the only one that hasn't scored.” Shades of the late, great, Stan Pilecki’s famous line on his own first try after a long stint with the Wallabies: “Anybody can have a bad decade.”

Racing Victoria chairman Brian Kruger returns serve to Peter V'Landys’ proposal to move the Melbourne Cup: “The line out of that great movie, ‘Tell him he's dreaming’, came to mind when I heard the comments.”

Team of the week

Sydney Roosters. Won their second consecutive NRL grand final.

Ashleigh Barty. The incumbent French Open champion and world No.1 won The Don Award at the Sport Australia Hall of Fame’s night of nights, basically deeming her the most successful Australian sports person of the past year.
Australia’s women’s cricket team. Notched up a world record 18th consecutive one-day international victory.

John Millman. Finished just a smidgin short of nailing down his first ATP title after losing the final of the Japan Open in straight sets to Novak Djokovic.

Cameron Gannon. The Queensland journeyman bowler managed to do what England could not and dismissed Steve Smith for a big fat duck in the opening Shield match of the season.

Socceroos. Nailed a 5-0 win over Nepal. Now off to Kaohsiung to play Chinese Taipei on Tuesday.

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Dev Griffin: ‘Scarred him for life’ Dianne Buswell on accident that left her in hospital

Dev Griffin, 34, and pro dance partner Dianne Buswell, 30, have opened up about a certain dance move that they had to scrap after an accident in training left the former “scarred for life” and the Strictly Come Dancing 2019 dancer reportedly in hospital.

The dancing duo chatted with Zoe Ball on spin-off It Takes Two last night about the specific lift they decided not to do.

“Really tricky lifts from the two of you,” Zoe said about their movie week performance: “One so tricky you actually had to take it out, tell us more about what that might have been.”

“We had a really good week, we got to the Thursday and it was such a shame because that was the last time we were going to run it,” Dev said: “We thought lets just enjoy it. Lets do it one more time!

I was getting so stressed out about it! It’s such an awful feeling

Dev Griffin

“We had this lift where Dianne was on my shoulders and we had an accident and we thought, lets take it out.”

The radio DJ revealed he felt “awful” and “stressed out” after the fall.

“I was getting so stressed out about it! It’s such an awful feeling.

“Dianne’s a pro,” he continued, looking at Dianne: “It’s happened to you loads of times but for me I was like, ‘Ah I don’t wanna do it’!”

Zoe agreed that it was the right thing to do: “Pro dancers are used to things like that but for Dev that is a responsibility to worry about your safety. Good idea to take to take it out.”

The Australian professional was reportedly taken to hospital following an “accident” which occurred as Dev lifted her over his shoulders during a routine.

Despite speculation they would not appear on Saturday’s show, the pair triumphed, impressing the judges and scoring 36.

“Save it [the lift]!” Zoe laughed: “Do it in a couple of weeks!”

“He’s scarred him for life!” Dianne joked.

Dev and Dianne will be performing the Cha Cha to Dancing With a Stranger by Sam Smith featuring Normani in the fourth week of the competition tomorrow.

RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Michelle Visage also appeared on the BBC Two show to discuss her fourth week Salsa dance to Quimbara by Johnny Pacheco and Celia Cruz.

The US TV star, 51, said training with her partner Giovanni Pernice, 29, had been “brutal” this week.

“Brutal – really, really difficult. It’s amazing and liberating and beautiful, and when it’s clicked in it’s great,” she explained.

“It’s legendary. It is Celia Cruz, who is the queen, la reina, of salsa and this is the song,” she said proudly: “Every Latino and Latina will know this song.

“But there is so much technicality in this dance. It doesn’t look like it but there really is. And it’s really, really fast. It makes the quickstep look like a walk in the park.”

Giovanni said working on Michelle’s hip action had been their priority in training this week.

On Saturday the pair scored three nines from judges Shirley Ballas, Bruno Tonioli and Motsi Mabuse, with infamous critic Craig Revel Horwood awarding them an eight.

Speaking on the routine, Giovanni said: “She was very, very good. I was very impressed. But as I said before, it could have been better.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues on BBC One on Saturday at 6:40pm.

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How Whitney Port Found 'Closure' After Suffering Miscarriage

Whitney Port is on the road to recovery two months after announcing she suffered a miscarriage.

“I live a pretty fast-paced life, and I don’t want to hold onto things that I don’t have any control over because it’s not going to serve me well,” the Hills: New Beginnings star, 34, told Us Weekly exclusively on Wednesday, October 9, while promoting her Excedrin partnership. “It’s just going to affect my happiness every day. So I try not to hold onto this stuff that I really don’t have any control over.”

That being said, the reality star doesn’t have everything figured out. “I have daily stressors, I have insecurities, I have balancing challenges just as any other mom that works does in this day and age,” the Hills alum admitted. “But in terms of the miscarriage, I definitely feel closure and don’t stress about it on a daily basis anymore.”

Part of this healing came from how open the True Whit author has been about her tragedy. Not only did Port reveal the news on Instagram and discuss it in a podcast with her husband, TV producer Tim Rosenman, but she spoke to her costar Kaitlynn Carter about it on the MTV show as well.

“I feel like I’ve gone through all the different stages of emotions and talked through all of my different feelings and been able to have closure and move past it because of that,” the Los Angeles native told Us.

She and Rosenman welcomed their 2-year-old son, Sonny, in 2017. He is an “extremely, extremely patient” parent and keeps the toddler entertained when Port suffers from migraines.

“[I tell Sonny], ‘Mommy has a little like booboo on her head and she has to go rest for a second,’” the City alum explained to Us. “So [I] turn to help. Like, my husband steps in. Worst case scenario, I can turn on the TV for him or set him up with a little Play-Doh or something. He obviously doesn’t really fully understand, but you always just have to have that backup plan until the Excedrin kicks in.”

With reporting by Travis Cronin

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Rep. Sean Duffy Welcomes 9th Child After His Congress Exit

Rachel Campos-Duffy announced on Tuesday, October 8, that she gave birth to her and Rep. Sean Duffy’s ninth child following his exit from Congress.

“Meet Valentina StellaMaris Duffy,” she captioned her Instagram reveal at the time. “She is the sweetest, most perfect thing we have ever seen. It’s a wonderful life!”

Rachel, 47, added on Facebook: “She was born last week, one month before her due date. She is doing great, though still in the NICU until she learns to eat on her own. I’m home now, trying to recover from my first C-section (hats off to all the c-section moms out there — I had no idea!) and working hard with my breast pump to keep up with her growing appetite. When we visit with her at the hospital, the kids fight over who can hold her — I don’t blame them! She’s the sweetest, most perfect angel we have ever seen.”

The little one was born with “a heart defect (2 holes in the heart and valves that need to be fixed.” She also has Down Syndrome, and her mom wrote that the “extra chromosome certainly made her EXTRA cute.”

In August, Sean, also 47, announced that he would step down the following month ahead of his wife’s fall due date. “Recently, we’ve learned that our baby, due in late October, will need even more love, time, and attention due to complications, including a heart condition,” the Wisconsin native wrote on Facebook at the time. “With much prayer, I have decided that this is the right time for me to take a break from public service in order to be the support my wife, baby and family need right now.”

The Republican representative, who also shares Evita, 19, Xavier, 17, Lucia-Belen, 15, John-Paul, 13, Paloma, 11, Maria-Victoria, 9, Margarita, 5, and Patrick, 3, with the Fox Nation host added, “I will be forever grateful for and humbled by the faith and sacred trust you have put in me all these years. I am especially grateful for the prayers said on behalf of our family. We hope they keep coming. I will miss being your Congressman, but I am also looking forward to having more time with my family, being home for more birthdays and hockey games, and having time to enjoy and care for our new baby girl, who is already so loved by our family.”

The following month, the Real World: Boston alum expanded on their baby’s “complications” on The View.

“We have some holes in the heart and are gonna need open-heart surgery. The baby … could have some other developmental challenges, so we just wanted to create more space in our life,” Duffy explained. “As any political family, I have eight kids and we always evaluate what is the right decision at the right time. … There are 435 members of Congress. There is only one Duffy dad. So I made the choice to spend a little more time with Rachel and the kids and find a career path that gives me more time.”

He and the Real World: San Francisco alum wed in 1999.

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TV & Movies

EastEnders spoilers: Ben and Callum kiss on their second date – right in front of Whitney – The Sun

EASTENDERS lovebirds Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway finally bare their affection to the entirety of Walford in a romantic public kiss.

Awkwardly for Callum's ex fiancee, Whitney Dean, the smooch happens right in front of her face.

Whitney had agreed to a date with holiday romance Leo at the E20 on the exact same evening Ben and Callum step out for their second date in an upcoming episode of the BBC One soap.

Teaser images show the pair, who have previously given into their feelings in Ben's kitchen, take things one step further with a public snog.

The images show them sitting on a table at the club before pulling in for a kiss.

Whitney, who just weeks ago was set to marry Callum before learning of his infidelity with Ben, is understandably distressed.

Pictures show her looking downtrodden and upset as Callum, played by Tony Clay, comes over in an attempt to explain.

An insider told Inside Soap magazine of how the plotline may play out, and said: "It doesn't help that Whitney has had a fair bit to drink by this point, so she's feeling particularly emotional.

"She doesn't want to let on that she's bothered by the sight of Callum cosying up to Ben, but it's clear to Leo.

"And when Callum wanders over to talk to his ex, things get even more awkward."

Meanwhile,  Whitney is fresh back from their Honeymoon that never was, on a trip where she met Leo.

Whitney initially tells Callum that her new man is more than just a holiday fling and it's time for him to move on.

Yet spoilers for the BBC One soap show Whitney's new love, Leo King, to be a bad egg.

Leo arrived in Walford last month and it was soon revealed that he wasn’t a character to be trusted.

After trying to blackmail Bianca Jackson, it was announced that he was the son of Tony, Bianca’s ex-husband.

Whit has no idea her new man is the son of twisted Tony, who tried to abuse her when she was a youngster.

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Hunks in Trunks! The Hottest Celebrity Men of Flaunt Their Pecs and Abs on the Beach

There’s nothing like a hot dude on the beach to remind Us of how hard famous actors, athletes, TV hosts, reality stars and other Hollywood men work on their physiques. Whether you’re into pecs, six-packs, strong legs, muscular arms or a good set of obliques on your hunks, there’s a whole slew of in-shape, shirtless celebrities — including Mark Wahlberg, Victor Cruz and Jared Leto — parading their hard-won beach bodies atop yachts, by the pool and on the sand. (Dear free weights, barbells, cable machines, protein powders and elaborate crunch creators, we thank you.)

Scroll through to see all the male stars who are flaunting their beach bodies in 2019!

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World News

Human remains found in wood ‘could be those of murdered Joy Morgan’

Human remains found in woodland ‘could be those of murdered student midwife Joy Morgan’ after mother begged jailed killer to reveal where he had dumped her

  • Human remains have been found in woodlands near Stevenage, Hertfordshire
  • Joy Morgan, 20, was murdered by Shofah-El Israel, 40, a fellow member of a Christian group described by Joy’s family as a cult
  • She disappeared soon after Boxing Day and was reported missing in February
  • Israel has never revealed where Joy’s body is. Police say identification has not yet taken place but that the remains are Joy’s is a line of inquiry

Joy Morgan was murdered by Shohfah-El in 2018 after joining a religious ‘hate group’ called Israel United in Christ based in Ilford, East London

Human remains found in woodland near Stevenage could be those of murdered student midwife Joy Morgan.

Officers were called by a member of the public to the wood at Chadwell Road, Norton Green near junction 7 of the A1M early on Saturday.

Despite a man being convicted of her murder, the body of 20-year-old Joy has never been found.

She lived in Hatfield where she was studying at the University of Hertfordshire, was last seen on Boxing Day at a church event in Ilford.

She was reported missing on 7 February after failing to return to her studies.

A member of the church Shofah-El Israel, 40, of Fordwych Road, north-west London, was found guilty of her murder at Reading Crown Court in August.

A spokeswoman for Hertfordshire Police said identification had not yet been carried out but acknowledged that the possibility the remains were Joy’s ‘is a line of inquiry’.

She went on: ‘Police were called by a member of the public at 7.43am on Saturday 5 October to reports of a suspected human body found in woodland off of Chadwell Road, Stevenage.’

A scene of crime tent has been erected over the site in a wood near Stevenage where human remains have been found 

Police investigating the disappearance and murder of Joy Morgan believe the remains may be hers

Joy Morgan was killed in December 2018 by Shohfah-El Israel, 40, who received a life sentence with a minimum of 17-years for her murder – but he has never revealed where her body is. 

When Israel was jailed at Reading Crown Court, Miss Morgan’s mother, Carol, pleaded with him to reveal where her body was.

Speaking outside the court, she said: ‘Give me my baby back, he knows where she is.

‘The way I hear it, he was besotted with her … If he loved her, give her back up to us so I can bury my daughter.

‘If I get to see her before I die I’ll be very grateful.’

Israel, whose birth name is Ajibola Shogbamimu, and Miss Morgan spent time alone together, against strict church rules, and he murdered her.

He then tried to cover his tracks by removing her number from a church Telegram group chat and even kept up the pretence by going to her student house share under the guise of checking on her in the days after she apparently went missing.

Shohfah-El Israel, 40, right, received a life sentence with a minimum of 17-years for the murder of Joy Morgan (left) but he has never revealed where her body is

A police spokeswoman said the identity of the body had not yet been confirmed

The pair met at Israel United in Christ (IUIC), which has since been described by the victim’s family as a ‘cult’.

Miss Morgan formed a close bond with the married 40-year-old, from Cricklewood, north-west London. 

She was last seen on December 26 getting into a car with him and his wife Chindu. 

Joy’s mother Carol claims that the church encouraged its followers to divide people by colour. 

After joining the UK sect of the group based in Ilford, East London, the 20-year-old’s family say there was a dramatic change in her character.  

Speaking to the BBC, Carol said: ‘I blatantly called my daughter racist. The moment she started getting more and more into the church it was unbearable. 

Israel, whose birth name is Ajibola Shogbamimu, and Miss Morgan spent time alone together, against strict church rules, and he murdered her

‘In the house we were ‘dirty people’ because we were not converted to the faith. That means we were sinners. 

‘She would make you feel like you were diseased.  That’s how bad it was.

‘She would come into the house and if I had a vest top on, she’d say ‘Mum you need to cover yourself up, you need to take off your shoes”.

She explained her behaviour reached boiling point when she referred to her mixed-race sister as a ‘white devil’.  

She said: ‘She was, bit by bit, wanting to change us but at the same time white people were devils. 

‘The moment she called my mixed-race daughter a demon because she is mixed-race I said: ‘No’. 

‘I took the laptop away and that’s when things got to the point of arguments and she left. She went homeless.’

Joy’s sister Dionne, 34, said: ‘The teaching of the church, it just seems like a cult and she just got swept away in it.’

Joy was last seen on December 26 getting into this car with Israel and his wife Chindu

Carol had phoned her daughter on Boxing Day 2018 in the hope that she would join her family to celebrate Christmas but this was forbidden by the church.

Instead, the midwifery student spent the day with the group at the church, which was the last time she was seen.  

But the religious group, that has a congregation of around 150 members, did not report her missing when she failed to turn up in the following weeks.   

It wasn’t until six weeks later, when Joy’s mother received a call from her estate agent saying that she had not been paying her rent that she was reported missing.   

Outside court during the murder trial in August 2019, Carol confronted some IUIC members and asked: ‘Why did none of you phone the local authorities, the police, the 999 services? 

‘That’s the thing that gets me. Isn’t that a Christian thing to do? A real Christian thing. To care about another human being enough to call the police.’ 

IUIC denies that it is a hate group and says ‘at no point do we teach against the laws of the land or authorities.’  

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Steve Kazee: I’m ‘Nervous as Can Be’ About Having a Baby With Jenna Dewan

Over the moon! Steve Kazee opened up exclusively to Us Weekly about expecting his first child with girlfriend Jenna Dewan.

“I’m nervous as can be, but I’m trying to just be calm about it and know that we’ve been doing this for billions of years, millions of years at least, so we’re going to be OK,” the Tony winner, 43, admitted to Us at the 20th anniversary celebration marking the premiere of WWE Friday Night SmackDown on Fox on Friday, October 4.

However, his trepidation is outmatched by his eagerness. “There’s no way to even describe how excited you are at this moment, but we’re beyond,” he revealed. “We’re very happy. It’s an incredible experience. I’m, like, every day just in awe of the fact that there’s a life growing inside of this human being that I love so much.”

Of how Dewan, 38, is handling the pregnancy, he added: “It’s great. It’s beautiful. I mean, you saw her. She’s incredible. … She’s glowing!”

The actress is already the mother of 6-year-old daughter Everly with estranged husband Channing Tatum. The pair announced their separation in April 2018, and she filed for divorce that October.

Kazee expressed that Everly is delighted about the new addition. “So excited! Yeah, so excited, so happy,” he assured Us. “I was an only child, so I’m thrilled that she’s going to have a sibling now. It’s great.”

The dad-to-be has not ruled out more kids either. “We’ll see! Who knows?” he said. “I’m still pretty youngish.”

Us confirmed in September that Dewan is pregnant with her second child.

The Wedding Year star made her relationship with Kazee Instagram official in April. Us revealed in October 2018 that the two are dating.

Dewan gushed about her boyfriend via Instagram after her pregnancy news broke. “Becoming a mother is quite simply the absolute best most incredible thing that has ever happened to me,” she wrote on September 24. “@stevekazee you are a gift from above and i couldn’t be more excited about expanding our family together…! Thank you guys for all the love!!”

Kazee raved about their impending arrival in a post of his own. “Well…the news is out. I can’t even begin to describe the feelings that I have had since we first learned that Jenna was pregnant!” he shared on Instagram. “I have waited my entire life for this moment and couldn’t have found a better person to build a family with. The past year and a half has brought so many things into my life that have filled me with the deepest of gratitude.”

Scroll to see more photos of the couple!

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TV & Movies

The Chase: Bradley Walsh taken aback by player’s brutal comment – ‘never forgive you’

The Chase has seen plenty of players come and go on the show over the years. And while many people decide to be brave and take on the higher offer in the head-to-head round, others take the low offer. This is sometimes met with some disdain – both on social media and by their contestants. But this evening saw Bradley Walsh’s players hitting out at one-another for being tempted by the lower offer.

Bradley had already lost one of his contestants this evening by the time he had gotten to the final player of the night.

Steve had built up a respectable £5,000 in his cash builder round, and was eager to take on chaser Paul Sinha.

However when the money was on the table, he was also offered £50,000, and £-3,000.

These offers both seemed to interest him, and there was no real way to tell what he was going to play for.

READ MORE: The Chase: ‘Shame’ viewers left in anguish as Anne Hegerty stops contestant bagging £80k


  • Piers Morgan: GMB host takes swipe at rival BBC star Dan Walker

After the initial announcement of the money, Steve’s peer Gareth told him to do what he felt was best for the round.

But his other colleague, Demi, was not so kind to the player.

As Bradley asked her what Steve should do in this situation, she began by explaining that he ought to do what he feels confident in.

However, she added: “But if you do take that low offer I may never forgive you.”

Bradley’s jaw hit the floor, as he instantly began laughing at the brutal comment.

He yelped: “Ha! Brilliant!”

Demi couldn’t help but smile as Steve was left to make his decision once-and-for-all.

Fortunately for Demi – and the team – Steve went on to pick the high offer, reclaiming all of the respect he had previously lost.

 Saturday Kitchen: Matt Tebbutt expresses concerns over show guest [VIDEO]
Piers Morgan confronts Labour MP Neil Coyle over Twitter row [VIDEO]
Emma Barton: Strictly 2019 star in ‘embarrassing’ moment with co-star [INFO]

Unfortunately, though, Steve was knocked out of the competition two questions later, when he failed to get a question about Green Day correct.

Over the weekend Bradley was joined by a number of celebrities for a celebrity special edition of the show.

Included in the roster was Ruth Davidson, a Scottish politician.

During the game Bradley joked with Ruth about being “in” or “out” – subtly alluding to Brexit.


  • Dan Walker: BBC Breakfast star reveals startling way wife helped him

Unfortunately for the sly host, Ruth was not eager to divulge anything, as she dodged: “Well hopefully we’ll get plenty of money in the bank.”

To which Bradley responded: “Now you know what I mean…”

She replied: “I was in, always in,” she replied.

Bradley then joked that he was “out” before adding he was really “talking about the hokey cokey”.

The Chase Celebrity Special airs tonight at 7.30pm on ITV.

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TV & Movies

Love Island's Molly-Mae claims producers told her to do villa hair tutorial that went viral

LOVE Island's Molly-Mae Hague has claimed producers told her to do a villa hair tutorial that went viral.

The 20-year-old influencer spawned copy cat hair styles all over the country over the summer thanks to her signature top knot.

Molly-Mae's long blonde locks were regularly wrapped up in a big bun on the top of her head, and viewers were desperate to know how she got it all so smooth and perfect.

During one episode, Molly-Mae proceeded to tell them exactly how to achieve her look, but she has admitted the tutorial wasn't off the cuff.

Speaking to The Mirror Online, she said: "They pulled me into the Beach Hut to do that and I thought it was just a normal Beach Hut but they were like, 'No this is a hair tutorial'.

"I had no idea my bun had gone viral by then. The bombshells were coming in and telling me and I was like, 'You're absolutely joking'."

Since leaving the villa as runner up with boyfriend Tommy Fury, Molly-Mae has become an ambassador for Beauty Works.

She explained: "Everyone kind of went mad for my hair recently and everyone has been asking so many questions and stuff so it felt right."

It's not the first time an Islander has revealed how show bosses orchestrate certain scenarios or conversations.

Maura Higgins, who finished in fourth place with Curtis Pritchard, previously explained how Islanders would have to re-shoot scenes. 

The 28-year-old former grid girl revealed on Instagram via the Late Late Show in Ireland: "Yeah, we did [re-shoot].

"Just say, for instance, if a text came through and you weren't loud [enough] or if you stumbled on your words, you'd have to re-take obviously."

She added she was one of the main culprits, saying: "Some words I'd say wrong and I had to do it again. That happened a lot, actually."

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Aw! Reba McEntire Is Very Happy Her Son Married Kelly Clarkson: "Thank Goodness"

There was a mini family reunion The Kelly Clarkson Show! During Thursday’s episode, Kelly took the stage with mother-in-law Reba McEntire to chat about their familial connections and open up about their special bond. “I ended up marrying your oldest son, and you got stuck with me,” Kelly joked. But Reba seemed pretty grateful to have Kelly in her family (Who wouldn’t be?). “Thank goodness!” she said.

Kelly first became a part of Reba’s circle when she wed the country singer’s stepson Brandon Blackstock in 2013. At the time, Reba was married to producer Narvel Blackstock, though the two split in 2015. Still, Kelly and Reba have remained close. “You’re always that hero to me,” Kelly added. Above, watch the adorable duo talk more about their friendship, as well as Reba’s hopes for the future (Hint: it involves film production!).

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How shifting your body clock can benefit your health

Yogis, babies and my husband all have one trait in common. They are among those much-envied creatures: the early risers.

These blessed ones wake cheerful, alert and ready to greet the dawn, rather than cursing, groggy and hitting the snooze button like the rest of us. They’re not only gifted at getting to work on time, but research suggests they also enjoy better wellbeing and mental health, and could even earn more money than late risers.

Dr Keith Wong advises patients who wish to become early risers to start by setting the alarm 15 or 30 minutes earlier.Credit:Getty Images

So what if you’re a nocturnal creature but you’d like a piece of this lark action? Is it possible to make the shift? Sleep researcher Dr Elise Facer-Childs from Monash University says yes, at least in extreme night owls. She’s just finished a study to see whether a small group in their early 20s, all of whom usually went to bed at about 2.30am, could shift their body clocks by changing their routines.

They were asked to rise two hours earlier than normal, go to bed two hours sooner, eat their evening meal by 7pm, exercise in the mornings rather than evenings, and to maintain the new pattern, even on weekends.

After three weeks, the researchers found that those who had stuck to the program had shifted their body clocks by about two hours, with positive effects on their mental health and morning performance.

“We were delighted to see that these kinds of lifestyle interventions can work, and we were able to give these night owls some simple tools to wake up earlier,” says Facer-Childs.

It’s recognised that some people naturally thrive in the mornings and others shine in the evenings. Facer-Childs says an estimated 35 per cent of us have night owl tendencies, between 10 and 15 per cent are early birds, and the rest of us lie somewhere in between.

The differing behavioural and sleeping patterns of morning and night people is partly due to physiology. We all have variations in our body clocks, which affect everything from appetite to mood
and body temperature, as well as waking and sleeping times.

Furthermore, the levels of melatonin, the hormone that tells our bodies when to sleep, start to rise in the morning person earlier in the evenings compared to those of a night owl.

Light also has a huge influence on our body’s internal clock. When morning sunlight hits the back of the retina, sensors tell the brain it’s time to switch off the melatonin. At night, lower light is a signal to release melatonin and prepare for sleep.

Tackling both ends of the body clock, in the morning and evening, is key to changing sleep patterns, explains sleep physician Dr Keith Wong, of the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research in Sydney.

“It’s about gradually shifting that wake-up time, being exposed to morning light and then trying to make conditions right at the other end of the day,” he says.

Wong advises patients who wish to become early risers to start by setting the alarm 15 or 30 minutes earlier every couple of days and then, if possible, to go outdoors and walk for half an hour without sunglasses. “You want the morning light to hit the back of the retina,” he says.

After that, stay as active as you can so you’re tired at the end of the day and resist the urge to nap. In the evenings, avoid the bright lights and screens that can suppress melatonin and push the body clock back. “Think about ambient light in the room and go to bed when you’re sleepy, hopefully a bit earlier than usual,” Wong says.

Being consistent with the new wake-up times is vital but it can become a bit of a slog while you’re making the shift – and it also means saying goodbye to those weekend sleep-ins. However, if you want to join those lucky morning masters, you have to stick at it.

As Wong puts it: “It does work, there’s physiology behind it. But it’s a matter of incorporating it into your routine and just doing it.”

This article appears in Sunday Life magazine within the Sun-Herald and the Sunday Age on sale September 29.

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