Jeff Goldblum defends Woody Allen: ‘I would consider working with him again’

Jeff Goldblum has come to Woody Allen’s defense, saying he’d gladly work with him again because there’s a “presumption of innocence until proven guilty.”

The “Jurassic Park” star voiced support for the embattled director — who’s long been accused of sexually abusing his adoptive daughter Dylan Allen — in a new interview with the UK’s iNews.

“I think there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty,” Goldblum said. “I know I enjoyed working with him many years ago and I sat in with his band once too.”

Goldblum worked with Allen on the 1977 film “Annie Hall.”

He added in the interview published Wednesday, “Even though I feel like this cultural shift [the #MeToo movement] is very, very positive and long overdue and I support it wholeheartedly and take it very seriously, I also admire his body of work. So I would consider working with him again, until I learned something more.”

Fans were quick to pile on.

“jeff goldblum defending woody allen is just further proof that even the nicest of men can be disappointments and that in itself is exactly the issue with hollywood,” one person wrote.

Others were tweeting that Goldblum was “canceled.”

The 83-year-old filmmaker saw much of Hollywood’s elite turn their backs on him after the molestation allegations resurfaced in 2017.

Amazon also backed out of a four-film deal with Allen in wake of the renewed scandal, prompting him to sue.

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NBA defends Kawhi Leonard’s sketchy load management

Kawhi Leonard is missing another high-profile game, but the NBA says that’s not a problem.

The NBA quickly quashed any concerns that the Clippers were breaking the league’s rest rule, also known as load management, with Leonard missing Wednesday’s nationally televised game against 2019 MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks  — the first game of a back-to-back.

The league’s rest rule, implemented in 2017 says, “Teams can’t sit healthy players for high-profile, nationally televised games, and fines for violating that can be for at least $100,000.”

“Kawhi Leonard is not a healthy player under the league’s resting policy, and, as such, is listed as managing a knee injury in the LA Clippers injury report,” league spokesman Mike Bass told ESPN. “The league office, in consultation with the NBA’s director of sports medicine is comfortable with the team medical staff’s determination that Leonard is not sufficiently healthy to play in back-to-back games at this time.”

This is believed to be the first time Leonard’s knee injury has been disclosed to the public.

Leonard missed most of the 2017-18 season with a quad injury and sat out 22 games with the Raptors last year in order to rest himself for the postseason.

Leonard, who should resume playing Thursday against the Trail Blazers, also missed the first leg of a back-to-back against the Jazz — also a nationally televised game — last week.

Wednesday’s move represents a “long-range” plan to keep the star healthy, according to ESPN, and based on the results that Leonard’s load management yielded last season — a championship with the Raptors — that seems like a wise move.

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World News

BBC defends Jo Brand over 'f***ing Queen' outburst

BBC defends Jo Brand over ‘f***ing Queen’ outburst on Have I Got News For You just minutes after 9pm watershed saying it was ‘intended to be funny’

  • Star was labelled ‘offensive’ for four-letter comment on BBC One show
  • Brand, 62, asked: ‘Why does the Queen like wearing bright colours?’
  • She said it ‘helps her stand out in a crowd’ and ‘she’s the f****** Queen’
  • It sparked complaints with some viewers calling for her to be banned

The BBC today defended Jo Brand after she used an expletive to describe the Queen during the latest episode of Have I Got News For You.

The star, who was hosting Friday night’s show, had been labelled ‘offensive’ for her four-letter comment, which aired only minutes after the 9pm watershed.

Ms Brand, 62, was discussing the new book by Royal dresser Angela Kelly, and asked: ‘Why does the Queen like wearing bright colours?’

The Queen in bright colours at Ascot in June 2017 (left) and in Merseyside in June 2018 (left) 

The Left-wing comedian answered her own question, saying: ‘Apparently because it helps her stand out in a crowd. That and the fact that she’s the f****** Queen.’

The remark sparked dozens of complaints on social media, with some viewers calling for Ms Brand to be banned – but the BBC refused to discipline her.

A spokesman said: ‘Jo Brand’s joke was aimed at the fact that the Queen’s former dresser claims in a book that the Queen wears bright colours to ‘stand out in a crowd’, but she should be instantly recognisable anyway as she’s the Queen.

‘Although we appreciate that strong language is not to everyone’s tastes, we would like to assure you that this language was not directed at the Queen herself. 

Jo Brand used an expletive to describe the Queen on last Friday’s Have I Got News For You

The remark sparked dozens of complaints on social media, with some viewers calling for Ms Brand to be banned – including this tweet from history professor and Ukip founder Alan Sked

The BBC refused to discipline Ms Brand as it delivered its response to the complaint today

‘Have I Got News For You is a satirical entertainment show which offers a humorous take on recent News stories.

Jo Brand controversies on BBC programmes

This is only the latest in a series of controversies involving Jo Brand’s appearances on BBC programmes.

In June, she joked on Radio 4 about acid being thrown at politicians, prompting accusations that she was ‘inciting violence’. 

Her comments on the panel show Heresy came after a number of Right-wing politicians, including Nigel Farage, had been splattered with milkshakes thrown by protesters. She said: ‘Why bother with a milkshake when you could get some battery acid?’

Police looked into the alleged incitement to violence, but dropped the investigation. Ms Brand later apologised for the remark, saying: ‘Looking back, it probably was somewhat a crass and ill-judged joke that might upset people. I’m sorry.’

The BBC eventually upheld some of the complaints, deciding the joke ‘went beyond what was appropriate’. However they said it did not amount to incitement as it was ‘not intended to be taken at face value’.

In another example of poor taste humour, she once joked: ‘I’ve got a soft spot for Nick Clegg. Face down on Hackney marshes.’

‘Regular viewers expect the panellists and presenters to make comments about stories that are in the news and understand that these contributions are intended to be funny.’

The corporation delivered the ruling having ‘received complaints from viewers who were unhappy with strong language regarding the Queen’.

History professor and Ukip founder Alan Sked had tweeted: ‘Jo Brand insults our head of state by referring to her as ‘the f***ing Queen’.

‘Is this what our BBC license [sic] fee pays for? The BBC has already had to warn Brand. Now time to ban her? 

‘There’s free speech and there’s abusing your position as a TV celebrity to mouth obscenities.’

One viewer tweeted to Ofcom, telling the broadcasting watchdog: ‘I would like to complain that on a BBC program [sic] Jo Brand referred to our head of state as ‘the f***ing Queen’. I found this to be deeply offensive.’

Another member of the public sent a message to BBC director-general Tony Hall saying: ‘See how many people are disgusted by Jo Brand.’

Other viewers wrote: ‘The BBC has already had to warn Brand. Now time to ban her,’ and ‘Please get that awful woman off the programme, BBC.’ 

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Billy Joe Saunders defends slot on KSI vs Logan Paul undercard as Brit eyes super-fight vs Canelo Alvarez – The Sun

BILLY  JOE  SAUNDERS hit back at the snipers criticising him for being on the undercard of a fight between YouTube stars.

Britain’s undefeated two-weight world champion will be a support act for the Saturday night showdown between KSI and Logan Paul.

The rematch between the social-media celebrities, who boast millions of teenage fans, takes place at the Los Angeles Staples Center.

Boxing purists claim it to be a tragic sign of the times that the reigning WBO super-middleweight king Saunders is propping up a ‘glorified white-collar clash’.

Yet Saunders sees it as a chance to show his skills to a huge new audience and hopefully set up a career-defining super-fight against either Canelo Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin.

The 30-year-old reformed bad boy said: “I have always thought that ‘main event’ and ‘chief support’ is bulls***, the best fight of the night steals the show.

“Being told ‘you are top of the bill’ is b******* to me because long before the fight you know your opponent and your purse.

“The rest doesn’t matter as long as you put on a good performance. I made mistakes early in my career but now I want my name out there for the right reasons.

“I want the fights with Canelo, Golovkin and Danny Jacobs.”

The closest the southpaw has come to becoming a viral sensation was when a string of vulgar videos spread online last year, costing him a £100,000 British Boxing Board fine.

Now Saunders is relishing the chance to impress some of the almost 40million online followers the boxing novices have attracted.

The 28-0 ace, who will face Argentine Marcelo Esteban Coceres, 28, said: “I am looking forward to it because it is my American debut. I’m going to put my name out there.

“I can go to LA in front of 20,000 with two guys who got 10million-plus views in just their press conference.

“If I take five or ten per cent of their crowd with a good show then I am establishing my name in America and giving myself a better chance of getting a Golovkin or Canelo.
“You want to call it ‘undercard’, I just know I am on the bill, end of story.”

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Shay Mitchell Defends Going to Drake's Birthday Party After Giving Birth

Here comes the parenting police! Shay Mitchell announced her daughter’s birth on October 20 and is already defending her parenting skills.

“I haven’t been really checking my comments that often, but apparently people are really upset that I left three days after having a kid to go out and party,” the Pretty Little Liars alum, 32, said on her Tuesday, October 29, Instagram Story. “It wasn’t three days and she was with [my dog] Angel, so…”

In the footage, the actress scrolled through negative comments, reading, “Wait. So you literally just had her and you’re more worried about clubbing with Drake? Wooow,” and, “Mother of the year award right here!!!! As if you seriously could leave your baby to go party?!!! I hope the child’s aid look into this and your abilities to be a good parent cause damn!!! Lacking some serious skills there sweety! #selfish.”

The Bliss author responded to one of the haters, who called her “disgusting” for attending Drake’s 33rd birthday party “only days after her birth” on October 23. “Days?” Mitchell replied. “Lol honey, just because I posted on that day doesn’t mean she was born on that day.”

She and her boyfriend, Matte Babel, had “so much fun” celebrating the rapper’s birthday, a source told Us Weekly exclusively at the time. “Shay looked absolutely amazing, definitely not like she had just given birth,” the insider said. “She was dancing and living her best life.”

The Beís Travel creator posted a video from the bash to her Instagram Story last week, captioned, “Parents.”

This footage came three days after Mitchell shared her 33-hour labor and delivery on her YouTube show, Almost Ready. “Oh, it’s so crazy,” the Dollface star said the moment she held her infant in her arms for the first time.

She and Babel, 39, announced in June that they were expecting their first child after suffering a miscarriage in 2018. Mitchell told Us exclusively the following month how the music journalist was doting on her.

“[He gives] massages,” she said. “Not very long ones, but I’ll take them when I can get them. He’s … supporting my wants to continue working throughout this whole process, so that’s always good.”

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Kourtney Kardashian defends son Reign’s long hair: ‘He is a happy boy’

Kourtney Kardashian clapped back at a critic on Instagram who told her to cut her son's hair. (Photo: ANGELA WEISS, AFP/Getty Images)

Long hair. Blue hair. The parent police always seem to point out when they aren’t too thrilled with our children’s hair.

Well, Kourtney Kardashian isn’t having it.

The famous mom posted photos of two of her kids, daughter Penelope, 7, and son Reign, 4, from a weekend getaway.

Someone was quick to to say: “She really need to cut his hair.”

The reality TV star clapped back.

“She really need to not worry about kids that aren’t her own,” Kardashian wrote. “He is a happy boy.” Kardashian included a praying hands emoji.

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A weekend away.

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

Luckily, there seemed to be only one critic amid a flood of supporters.

“His hair is gorgeous and I’m a little envious to be honest,” wrote another fan.

“My son had long hair until he was 15 and then decided it was time to chop it off!” shared one mom, adding that she doesn’t know why people “think children should all be little cookie cutters.”

‘Screw the shamers’: Tori Spelling responds after being criticized for daughters’ dyed hair

‘Own it, and love it’: Pink’s daughter Willow debuts ‘punk rock’ haircut, dad Carey Hart supports it

Instagram recently faced some backlash from parents for deleting topless photos of their young boys with long hair, BuzzFeed News reported.

Per the social media platform’s guidelines, it notes that “there are times when we may remove images that show nude or partially-nude children.”

One mom’s mission got others sharing photos of their long-haired boys, and asking Instagram to stop deleting their photos.

View this post on Instagram

Help us share this message to get @instagram attention! Who’s with me?! Im tired of having Parkers shirtless pictures get deleted because IG think he’s a girl for having long hair! It’s happened so many times that they will delete all my accounts if it happens again and I’ll lose all my pictures. There is no way to contact them either. This happens to thousands of other little long haired boys too, not just us. There has to be a way to get @instagram attention. JOIN IN AND MAKE A SIGN and tag #longhairedboyrevolution @mosseri

A post shared by Parker (@parkersavesthesea) on

Pink, blue and ‘punk rock’ hair

Long hair isn’t the only target. Critics have also come after celebrity parents for allowing their daughters to dye their hair.

Tori Spelling and Jessica Simpson were criticized after they shared photos of their daughters with brightly colored hair.

Spelling’s daughters, Stella, 11, and Hattie, 7, were pictured wearing reddish hair dye and pink makeup on their eyelids. One user chimed in, saying the girls were “too young” for that. But Spelling explained that the dye was washable and added, “screw the shamers.”

Simpson’s daughter Maxwell Drew, 7, rocked purple highlights in her long blonde locks – a look is inspired by Disney Channel’s “Descendants” film franchise. 

View this post on Instagram

Inspired by The Descendants #901girl #MAXIDREW

A post shared by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

While Simpson kept quiet about the critics, fellow mom and singer Pink stepped in to defend Simpson with her own Instagram post.

“I heard people were bummed on Jessica Simpson for letting her seven year old get her hair colored. So we thought we’d share what we did yesterday,” Pink wrote alongside a picture of the singer dyeing her 8-year-old daughter Willow’s hair blue.

Willow definitely has the support of her parents when it comes to her creative style.

Her dad and Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, shared a photo of his daughter getting her hair cut with one side of her head completely shaved while the rest of her blonde locks fall across one cheek.

“Loving my punk rock daughter,” Hart wrote.

“Remember everyone, fly your own flag. There is no box to be put in. 

“Own it, and love it. And if anyone has a problem with it, tell them (politely) to move on.”

View this post on Instagram

Loving my punk rock daughter. Remember everyone, fly your own flag. There is no box to be put in. Its better to be your own self. Own it, and love it. And if anyone has a problem with it, tell them (politely) to move on. Cant wait to see the woman you grow up to be. I have a feeling you are gonna be strong, fierce, companionate, and caring. I’m so proud of you, willow.

A post shared by Carey Hart (@hartluck) on

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Kourtney Kardashian Defends Son Reign's Long Hair: He Is 'Happy'

Kourtney Kardashian put the parenting police in its place! The reality star clapped back at criticism of her son Reign’s long hair on Sunday, October 27.

“A weekend away,” the Poosh creator, 40, captioned a series of photos on Instagram of her 4-year-old and his sister, Penelope, 7. In the outdoor shots, Reign tried his hand at gardening, sat on a tractor and smiled beside a horse.

When a social media user commented, “She really need [sic] to cut his hair,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star replied, “She really need [sic] to not worry about kids that aren’t her own. He’s a happy boy.”

The California native shares Reign, Penelope and their older brother, Mason, 9, with her ex Scott Disick. Last month, she defended her decision to frequently take vacations with her brood.

“We all have our priorities,” she wrote to an Instagram hater at the time. “So I’ll be making memories with my kids and amazing people while living my life to the absolute fullest.”

Kardashian added, “As women, we should be supporting each other for what allows us to be our best, not being so critical and judgmental of each other. We all do things our own way.”

The E! personality found herself under fire again when she shared throwback photos from her family’s Finland vacation. “Don’t your kids go to school? Their education is so important more than these trips,” one Instagram user wrote at the time.

Kardashian clapped back, “It was spring break, but traveling can be educational too.”

Disick, 36, and his girlfriend, Sofia Richie, joined in on the Finland trip, as well as other family vacations over the years. The former couple work hard to maintain an amicable coparenting relationship and opened up about how “proud” they are in an April YouTube video.

“The fact that we’ve tried and made it work makes life that much better,” the Flip It Like Disick star explained at the time. “I couldn’t imagine raising three children with somebody I couldn’t speak to every day.”

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Scarlett Moffatt defends her new TV show The British Tribe Next Door

Scarlett Moffatt defends ‘uncomfortable’ new TV show and insists she left a water borehole in Namibia for impoverished village

Scarlett Moffatt has defended her new controversial TV show, The British Tribe Next Door, and insisted that she left a water borehole in Namibia for the impoverished village.  

In the Channel 4 programme, which aired on Tuesday, the former Gogglebox star, 29, lived alongside the Himba community in a Namibian tribal village. 

Yet the new TV show has left some viewers ‘uncomfortable’ with angry fans even insisting it ‘screams privilege’ as they built a replica of Scarlett’s family home with running water in the impoverished village.

Defensive: Scarlett Moffatt has defended her new controversial TV show, The British Tribe Next Door, and insisted that she left a water borehole in Namibia for the impoverished village

Yet Scarlett has now hit back at critics and insisted that her family left a water borehole, which is maintained by someone, for their friends in Namibia.

She tweeted: ‘Just to clarify we left a water borehole for our friends when we left Namibia which someone maintains #britishtribenextdoor ❤️.’ 

Ahead of the show, the reality star also hit back at negative comments, she tweeted: ‘My friends were happy, empowering and beautiful souls inside and out,’ followed by a heart emoji. 

Adding in a separate tweet: ‘Let’s make judgements not from a book cover yeah. I know majority of people (bar the people who are negative about everything [laughing emojis]) are going to love #thebritishtribenextdoor.’ 

New show: In the Channel 4 programme, which aired on Tuesday, the former Gogglebox star, 29, lived alongside the Himba community in a Namibian tribal village

Hitting back: The new TV show has left some viewers ‘uncomfortable’ with angry fans even insisting it ‘screams privilege’

The British Tribe Next Door aired on Tuesday night and inevitably left show watchers divided as they took to social media to comment on the programme.

One person said: ‘What they gonna do with the house after? Knock it down? Build them all one for being on the show? #thetribenextdoor.’ 

A different user put: ‘So, somehow, this is even worse than I imagined which is remarkable #thetribenextdoor.’

Another show watcher commented: ‘#thetribenextdoor Not comfortable with this at all . Turning over for #brexit news.’

Divided: The British Tribe Next Door aired on Tuesday night and inevitably left show watchers divided as they took to social media to comment on the programme

While a different fan added: ‘We have just switched this off. I can’t watch anymore of it! #thetribenextdoor.’ 

Yet not all show watchers were critical and other viewers praised the ‘wonderful’ programme for leaving them in tears. 

One person said: ‘Watching #thetribenextdoor. Bit worried when they built the house, was it going to be one if THOSE shows. But I’m loving learning more about the Himba tribe and seeing how life can be simpler and how frivolous we’ve become.’

A different user put: ‘#thebritishtribenextdoor the people calling this show arrogant are actually the arrogant ones. Because they are clearly thinking its about showing how privileged we are to the primitive people. Actually it’s about realising how ridiculous are lives are in many ways!’

Praise: Yet not all show watchers were critical and other viewers praised the ‘wonderful’ programme for leaving them in tears 

Another show watcher commented: ‘@ScarlettMoffatt what a wonderful wonderful programme! Ignore the idiots, the tribespeople came across as so wonderful! Your family did too! It’s made me reevaluate what’s really important, thank you #thebritishtribenextdoor.’ 

While a different fan added: ‘Just finished watching #thebritishtribenextdoor and WOW what a programme! Absolute genius TV and @ScarlettMoffatt and her family are perfect for the programme! [heart emoji] can’t wait for the next episode [hand emojis].’

It comes after Scarlett said she’s never felt happier in her skin than when she moved into a tribal village in Namibia to film new TV show, The British Tribe Next Door.  

‘We wish we had your rolls of fat’: It comes after Scarlett said she’s never felt happier in her skin than when she moved into a tribal village in Namibia to film new TV show, The British Tribe Next Door 

The 29-year-old Gogglebox star appeared on This Morning on Tuesday and said the people she met there embraced her body shape and called her ‘strong.’ 

She said: ‘I honestly have never felt no judgement at all, my friends there kept saying we wish we had your rolls of fat. 

‘Candithico [Scarlett’s BFF in Namibia,] was saying you look strong and it looks like your dad’s cattle are healthy. 

‘I’ve never felt so not judged and happy to be in my own skin. just feel like all my day is consumed with how I look. It’s not a thing there. The most amazing thing is they all said I looked beautiful.’ 

Scarlett has said that filming the show has made a difference to how she feels about herself. 

Confident: Scarlett is finally feeling happy within her skin and looked lovely in a floral dress (left) after admitting in 2017 she was miserable when she was slim (pictured in 2017 – right) 

She said: ‘We went there in May and we’re still having more meals together [as a family]. 

‘It doesn’t sound like a big thing but I’m getting the tops of my arms out sometimes on show.’

In the Channel 4 programme, which airs on Tuesday, Scarlett lives alongside the Himba community in a Namibian tribal village.

And they in turn move into her County Durham family home. 

Kind words: Scarlett was told her body looks ‘strong’ and was told ‘it looks like your dad’s cattle are healthy’ as the tribe complimented her body shape 

She said: ‘I’ve never felt so not judged and happy to be in my own skin. just feel like all my day is consumed with how I look. It’s not a thing there’

While they didn’t travel to County Durham, an exact replica of the home was built in a remote corner of Africa, so the two families could live side-by-side.  

Twenty thousand of their possessions, from beds to scatter cushions where transported from their home to Africa.

The home looked so similar that Scarlett said: ‘When I watch it, it looks crazy! That is my mam and dad’s house exactly how it is. 

‘Sometimes I would wake up of a morning and forgot I was in Namibia and see a herd of goats in the garden.

Painstaking: Twenty thousand of their possessions, from beds to scatter cushions where transported from their home to Africa

‘It’s such an amazing experience, with my family we haven’t done anything all together since Gogglebox.’

Scarlett admitted that doing the show has made her want to focus more on her own family. 

She said: ‘My best friend out there asked why we have so many things. I think maybe because I’m a bit big headed I assumed they would love the house.

‘I don’t do any cleaning, but my mam taught her best friend about the washing machine, she said you’re just lazy you’re letting the machines do all the work. 

Scarlett said: ‘It’s such an amazing experience, with my family we haven’t done anything all together since Gogglebox’

‘They found us very isolated and I know we would say oh we’re very independent. 

‘Candithico said to me and my little sister, “Why do you let your nan sleep in a room on her own”?’

‘I think we’re like the Dounty Durham Von Trapps and spend a lot of time together, and being there has made me realise we don’t.’  

The British Tribe Next Door is in on C4 at 9.15pm on Tuesday. 

 Looking around: Scarlett was pictured giving a tour of her recreated home from her trip back in May 

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Jaime Pressly Defends Calling Son Dezi Her 'Favorite': I Was 'Being Honest'

Jaime Pressly called her 12-year-old son, Dezi, her favorite of her three kids earlier this month — and the actress isn’t backing down from her controversial statement.

“[I was] just being honest,” the My Name Is Earl star, 42, said during a Tuesday, October 15, appearance on The Talk. “I love, like I said, all three of my boys, but the two little ones [Leo and Lennon] are twins and they’re turning 2 tomorrow, so the 12-year-old is my favorite. All three of my boys are my favorite for different reasons. But when it comes to, like, traveling on a plane, [my] 12-year-old is my favorite. When it comes to dressing yourself, he can dress himself. [The twins] don’t even know how to say ‘shirt.’”

The North Carolina native, who welcomed her preteen in 2007 with DJ Eric Calvo, said that “parents need to relax” about her October 5 Instagram post.

“Best time ever hangin with my favorite son, Dezi,” the Emmy winner captioned a mother-son selfie at the time. “That’s right I said it. I have a favorite son although I luv [sic] all 3 of my boys with everything I have in me. Dez and I have a special bond that no one else will ever match because we’ve grown up together.”

One social media user commented, “I hope your son stole your phone and posted this.” Another added, “My mom had a favorite and she never said but I always knew. Glad she didn’t say it.”

Pressly and her boyfriend, Hamzi Hijazi, welcomed their now-2-year-old twins in 2017. Prior to this pregnancy, the Golden Globe nominee was struggling to conceive and thought she’d “have to do IVF,” she told Us Weekly exclusively in June 2017.

“I went and got a Clearblue test and then had Hamzi go back to the store and get about five more because I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’” she recalled. “He’s gonna be such a good dad. We’re excited. [Twins] have a built-in buddy. I’m really excited about that part.”

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Snapchat boss defends wife Miranda Kerr’s phone radiation fears

The founder and chief executive of Snap, Evan Spiegel, has defended his Australian supermodel wife Miranda Kerr's views about the purported risk of wireless signals emitted by smartphones.

Spiegel accused interviewer Josh Constine of "trying to shame my wife" after he was asked about Kerr's fears over electromagnetic field radiation, which is emitted at very low levels by phones and other internet-connected smart devices.

Evan Spiegel with his then-fiancee Miranda Kerr at a party in 2016.Credit:AP

"You trying to shame my wife in an interview?" he asked. He said he did not have a radiation-blocking sticker on his own phone but otherwise declined to say whether he agreed with Kerr's views.

"I haven't had an opportunity to look into it," he said, adding, "You want to support your partner and everything they believe."

"No, I’m just asking your opinion because that is what she told magazines," Constine replied.

A small but growing group of people believe that electromagnetic field radiation can cause a variety of health problems from cancer to dizziness and headaches.

But there is no scientific evidence to support for those views.

"To date, despite large number of studies, there is no established evidence that exposure to low level electromagnetic fields causes adverse health effects," the Australian government's Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency said.

"There are some studies showing possible health effects but many more studies have not corroborated these results."

Snapchat has struggled to gain users since Facebook added the Stories feature to Instagram, which closely mirrors Snapchat's defining feature of sharing short, self-deleting videos, in 2016.

Instagram last week introduced a new app, Threads, through which users can send videos and messages to a smaller group of their contacts, again mirroring Snapchat.

Spiegel intimated at the Tech Crunch conference that Facebook was suppressing Snap's content on its site.

"It’s hard to say and I, you know, I’d probably be stupid to talk about it here," Spiegel said, in comments Facebook refuted.

He said he did not believe that the current wave of anti-monopoly rhetoric employed by politicians on both sides of US politics, including leading presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren, against companies such as Facebook, would amount to much.

"I mean the history of antitrust would basically say that these investigations last like seven to 10 years or something like that and that basically nothing happens," Spiegel said. "I think a lot can change in the seven to 10 years that this process will take."

Spiegel and Kerr married in 2017 and have a child together, with a second expected.

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Tori Spelling Defends Kids' Pink Hair at Costume Party: 'Screw the Shamers'

Tori Spelling is over the mom-shamers! The actress clapped back after she was criticized for her children’s pink hair.

“First of all, it was Halloween costumes in pink, and it washes out the next day,” the BH90210 star, 46, told Us Weekly exclusively at the Nights of the Jack Friends & Family VIP Preview Night on Wednesday, October 2. “It wasn’t dye at all. The party, was like, come dressed as your favorite L.O.L. [character]. It was a costume dress party where girls can be anything they want to be and screw the shamers!”

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum attended the L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Disco launch party on September 27 with her husband, Dean McDermott, and three of their five kids — Stella, 11, Hattie, 7, and Beau, 2.

“Thx to @lolsurprise I’m officially the coolest mom on the planet to my girls (and Beau) right now,” the Los Angeles native wrote on Instagram at the time. “Thx for making all my kiddos so happy always and empowering young people to be anything they want to be!”

In the social media upload, Spelling’s followers got a close look at Stella and Hattie’s pink locks. The little ones also rocked blush and sparkly lips.

“What is with all the makeup and dying those girls hair?” one of the Spelling It Like It Is author’s Instagram followers commented. “Too young for that Tori!”

Spelling criticized haters in February after they body-shamed her brood, which also includes Liam, 12, and Finn, 7. “I have dealt with it forever, but when they say things about your kids, you’re just like … ‘What?’” she told Us at the time. “Everyone is so anti-bullying these days, but it feels like lately with celebrities, that doesn’t apply. You can say whatever you want about celebrities and their kids, their family, but you can’t say it anywhere else in any other profession.”

The Stori Telling author went on to say, “Celebrities have feelings and then when you cross a line and you go after children … that is just wrong and shame on you.”

With reporting by Emily Marcus

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Meghan King Edmonds Defends Leaving Kids During Son Hart's Treatments

Meghan King Edmonds has to be away from two of her kids while her son Hart undergoes treatment in New Orleans — and she is not here for criticism from her followers.

“I just looked at my Instagram and saw that a lot of you guys have a lot of comments about why did I leave my other two kids in St. Louis,” the Real Housewives of Orange County alum, 35, said on her Sunday, September 29, Instagram Story. “When Hart had his therapy in L.A., I brought Aspen and Hayes out — my mom and a nanny did — for a week. It was pure pandemonium. Aspen and Hayes didn’t understand why I had to leave every day to be with Hart and spend literally over half the day with [him] only. They were totally knocked off their schedules. Hart was knocked off his … and he wasn’t able to focus on his therapy. Therefore, I made the very difficult decision to keep Aspen and Hayes in St. Louis while Hart and I went to New Orleans and focused on this.”

The former Bravo personality wen ton to say, “A lot of you guys think because we have money I’m able to ship my kids all over this place with nannies, but my values are that my kids have stability and routine in their lives. … I’ve decided to put that priority first and foremost before me and Hart seeing them. They’re with their father every day. They know love. I FaceTime them every day.”

Although the former reality star considers her social media followers to be “extremely nosy,” she told them that she and her husband, Jim Edmonds, “decided to rent a house in California so Aspen and Hayes can come out and go to a stable routine household.” She called this decision a “dire extreme” for the three weeks that she and Hart will spend in California twice a year.

The Missouri native closed the video with: “Take your opinions and keep them to yourself because this whole thing sucks. Did I say that enough? It sucks. There’s no right answer and we’re trudging through this the best we can. So let me be. Give me a little space.”

After since Meghan announced that Hart, 15 months, was diagnosed with “irreversible brain damage” in July, she has been documenting his health journey, from chiropractic visits to hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions.

“As a family, we are all making huge sacrifices to help make Hart function typically,” Meghan wrote on her blog earlier this month. “It KILLS me to spend so much time away from them – especially Hayes because I have never been able to devote the one-on-one time to him that Aspen and Hart have both gotten. Oh! The guilt!”

She gave birth to Aspen, 2, in 2016, followed by Hart and Hayes in June 2018.

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Kim Zolciak Defends Letting Her Daughter Kaia, 5, Wear Makeup

Kim Zolciak doesn’t see any problem with letting her and Kroy Biermann’s 5-year-old daughter, Kaia, wear makeup.

“Picture of the screen,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum, 41, captioned a Monday, September 23, Instagram photo of her youngest daughter wearing mascara and lipstick. “Where does the time go? @kaiabiermann how are you 5 already? #DontBeTardy.”

Some of the reality star’s Instagram followers criticized her for letting the little one wear makeup. When one user wrote, “She also has eyeliner on, just saying she’s a beauty without makeup on and way too young,” Zolciak replied, “No eyeliner sweetie, stop reaching.”

Another follower said that even she doesn’t “wear lipstick that bright” as an adult. The former Bravo personality clapped back, writing, “Sweetie, it’s a TV screen. Color is off. It’s not accurate, but regardless, just because you don’t doesn’t mean others won’t.”

Zolciak, who is also mom of Brielle, 22, Ariana, 17, Kroy, 8, Kash, 7, and Kane, 5, opened up about handling online criticism in March. “I don’t feel like I do [get criticism], or I don’t read it maybe,” the Connecticut native said on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. “I feel like I’m a really good mom. We all make mistakes and we all learn as we go. I’m very proud of all of my children. I think I’m a good mom and nobody can really take that.”

When her children have noticed negative comments in the past, the Dancing With the Stars alum has advised them to ignore the haters. “When Brielle wanted her lips done, it was something that she’s never really liked,” Zolciak told Us Weekly exclusively in July. “She’s always talked about wanting bigger lips. She turned 18, I took her to the best. That’s her decision, her choice. I took her to the best. She was very open because she said she didn’t want other girls that felt like her to not know that there wasn’t an option. So she shared that with the world. Then, they’re like, ‘You look like a duck, you look awful, they look terrible, blah, blah, blah,’ and Brielle’s like, ‘Well f–k, maybe I shouldn’t say anything.’ I said, ‘No, you just basically do you.’”

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Kourtney Kardashian Defends Parenting Style After Corey Gamble's Comments

Sticking to her guns! After Corey Gamble spoke about spanking her daughter, Kourtney Kardashian defended her decision not to punish the 6-year-old in that way.

“In my opinion, beating children is not [how] to ‘get your kids in check,’” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 40, tweeted during the Sunday, September 22, episode of the E! show. “When children are hurting or frustrated, the answer is not to physically hurt them. … They’re children and she was clearly hurting inside so hurting her physically is not going to make anything better. How do we not know better by now?!”

The Poosh creator, who shares Mason, 9, Penelope, 5, and Reign, 4, with her ex Scott Disick, went on to write, “I am very proud of my kids and being a parent isn’t always easy, but we do have consequences that don’t involve physical harm.”

Khloé Kardashian tweeted about Gamble’s comments on Sunday, as well, after the talent manager, 38, said he would “whip” Penelope if she scratched him in the face — just like she did to her nanny.

“When it comes to discipline and your children…. no one should judge,” the Revenge Body host, 34, wrote on Twitter. “Everyone should do what’s best for their family. We all may parent differently but I would always respect how my sisters choose to discipline. #KUWTK.”

While the Strong Looks Better Naked showed her support, Kourtney was surprised at how many social media users didn’t. “I’m so confused,” she tweeted. “I’m actually shocked by some people’ responses. … He said he would whoop her ass if she scratched him. That is NOT OK with me and never will be.”

Penelope wasn’t the only one of Kourtney and the Talentless creator’s children being punished this episode. Her older brother, Mason, threatened to start a fight with another student at his school. The California native referred to this as “normal kid stuff,” but Disick was concerned.

“Kourtney likes to talk this huge game about being a disciplinarian, but if your kid’s getting in trouble at school, they have to be disciplined at home,” the New York native said in a confessional.

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Amanda Stanton Defends Posting Pic of Daughter, 5, in a Bathing Suit

Amanda Stanton sees no problem with posting pictures of her 5-year-old daughter, Charlie, in a bathing suit.

“Getting ready for a beach day,” the Bachelor in Paradise alum, 29, captioned a Saturday, September 21, Instagram upload. In the mirror selfie, Charlie struck a pose in a floral bikini.

When Internet trolls came after the Bachelor alum for sharing the shot, Stanton commented back: “I can’t control what a sick person might be thinking. We were at the beach today and there were kids running around naked. People post photos of their kids in the bath or at the pool, etc. I understand there are sick people out there, and I do everything in my power to protect my kids and keep them safe, but I can’t let it take over my life to the point where I’m scared to post a cute photo of them in a bathing suit.”

The reality star, who also shares Kinsley, 7, with her ex-husband, Nick Buonfiglio, went on to say that her youngest has “better mirror skills” than she does.

This isn’t the first time that the ABC personality has clapped back against Instagram mom-shamers. After posting a poll about coloring Kinsley’s hair in January, Stanton wrote on her Instagram Story: “When I posted the poll about getting Kin’s hair (HARDLY) highlighted, I knew it would trigger the trolls. But I did it anyway … so in a way I was trolling the trolls. Of course I got some messages saying she’s too young etc. … but I got a lot more saying ‘I’m so glad you let her and didn’t care what anyone negative had to say.’”

The Now Accepting Roses author added, “Not everyone is going to agree with everything you do … & that’s okay! We all are entitled to our own decisions and opinions and thoughts on parenting etc and not everyone is going to agree with you and that’s OKAY.”

Stanton is very close with her girls, admitting last month that she still hasn’t sleep-trained them. “To be fair I did sleep with my mom until I was, like, a senior in high school so I think it just runs in the family,” she explained on Instagram. “We’re a needy family. Even if they slept in their own beds, I’d probably be begging them to sleep with me.”

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World News

Ben Carson defends transphobic remarks, accuses the media of ‘mischaracterizations’

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is defending transphobic remarks he made earlier this week, accusing the media of spreading “blatant mischaracterizations” of his statements, according to an email obtained by The Washington Post and Politico.

In the memo sent to his staff amid backlash over the comments, Carson said he felt compelled “to set the record straight,” claiming the press had reported the story irresponsibly.

“During a recent meeting with local staff in San Francisco, I made reference to the fact that I had heard from many women’s groups about the difficulty they were having with women’s shelters because sometimes men would claim to be women,” he said. “This made many of the women feel unsafe, and one of the groups described a situation to me in which ‘big hairy men’ would come in and have to be accepted into the women’s shelter even though it made the women in the facility very uncomfortable.”

Carson argued his “point was that we have to permit policies that take into consideration the rights of everybody, including those women.”

His remarks in San Francisco about access to the shelters for homeless women were first reported on Thursday by the Post after sources at the session with HUD employees told the newspaper about what they heard.

According to the story, Carson raised the concern about “big, hairy men” infiltrating the shelters, ostensibly referring to transgender women. He allegedly also complained that society no longer understood the dichotomy between men and women.

One HUD staffer present told the Post that “the sentiment conveyed was these were not women, and they should not be housed in single-sex shelters ― like we shouldn’t force people to accept transgender people in this context because it makes other people uncomfortable.” 

There were reportedly 50 people present at the meeting, one of whom walked out in protest of Carson’s comments and drew applause from others. 

Following the report, Democrats including Reps. Joe Kennedy of Massachusetts and Jennifer Wexton of Virginia called on Carson to resign, slamming his remarks as “sickening” and “revolting.”

A spokesman for HUD did not immediately return HuffPost’s request for comment on Thursday, but told the Post that Carson “does not use derogatory language to refer to transgendered individuals. Any reporting to the contrary is false.”

Carson has a poor record on transgender rights. His department has proposed changing the 2012 Equal Access Rule to allow federally funded shelters to turn away transgender people on religious grounds. Shortly after Carson took over the department in early 2017, HUD removed links to documents that helped emergency shelters comply with agency regulations for serving homeless transgender people.

He’s also made crass comments to argue against transgender people in the military and letting transgender students use bathrooms that match their gender identities. 

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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World News

Greg Norman defends Trump’s golf habits at state dinner

First Lady Melania stuns in a $6,000 ruffled gown alongside husband Donald as members of the Trump administration – including Kellyanne Conway, Steve Mnuchin and his wife Louise Linton – make a glamorous entrance at the White House State Dinner

  • Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison toasted the heritage of their respective nations at Friday night’s glamorous state dinner
  • ‘I’d like to raise a glass to a very special people,’ Trump said
  • Melania Trump stunned in an aqua J Mendel gown 
  • Australian golf star Greg Norman, Supreme Court Justice Clarance Thomas and Lachlan Murdoch joined the Trumps and Morrisons at the head table  
  • Rudy Giuliani was among the guests and laughed off his CNN interview 
  • Kellyanne Conway arrived without her husband George Conway, a longtime Trump critic
  • Australia’s national colors set the theme for Friday’s state dinner in the Rose Garden of the White House   
  • Green and gold dominate the decorations for the event, while the menu includes Dover sole and apple tarts

President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison toasted the heritage of their respective nations at Friday night’s glamorous state dinner held under the stars in the White House Rose Garden. 

Both leaders praised the spirit of the other in their toasts.

The president toasted the prime minister, his wife Jenny, and ‘every citizen of Australia. May our heroes forever inspire us. May our heritage always guide us. May our values always unite us. And may our nations always remain the home of the proud, of the brave and the free. I’d like to raise a glass to a very special people and a very very special country,’ he said. 

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump enter Friday’s state dinner alongside Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and wife Jenny Morrison

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and wife Louise Linton arrive at the White House for the State Dinner

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway arrived solo, as her husband George remained home furiously tweeting to promote his new op-ed calling for the immediate impeachment of Trump

Morrison and Trump toasted the friendship of their two countries and the heritage of their people

Melania Trump thanked the guests and the musicians

The dinner took place outdoors under the stars in the White House Rose Garden

A military band serenaded guests from the rooftop above

Morrison honored both the president and the ‘great character’ of the American people in his remarks.

He compared Trump to Theodore Roosevelt, a president he noted he greatly admired, and noted Roosevelt was ‘also a New Yorker. He was also unconventional. He was no captive of the establishment. He was also accomplished. In fact some might say he was a maverick, he was unconventional. Above all he was inspired by the great character of the American people. There’s nothing he didn’t believe his nation could not do. And this is the heart of American greatness.’ 

He added: ‘Australia will never be accused of indifference in our friendship to the United States.’ 

Guests were treated to a musical performance from military band members of  ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic,’ ‘What a Wonderful World,’ and ended with ‘Simple Gifts.’ 

The first lady said she wanted to give a ’round of applause’ to the musicians.

‘Thank you for all of your help,’ she said. ‘Colonel, please can we have an encore with your incredible team. Thank you.’ 

The evening kicked off as Donald and Melania Trump greeted the Morrisons on the North Portico of the White House as a bevy of Fox News stars, presidential supporters, Australian celebrities, and administration officials made their way into the second state dinner of the administration.

The wives exchanged cheek kisses while the president and prime minister greeted each other. Melania wore a J. Mendel aqua silk chiffon gown, with inserted pleats and bias cut waves, that cost around $6,000. Jenny Morrison was in a sleek Navy gown. 

President Trump listens to the musical performance

Australian golfer Greg Norman joined the Trumps at the head table

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump stand with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his wife Jenny Morrison as they arrive for a State Dinner at the White House

Trump and the first lady Melania Trump stand outside the White House waiting for Australia’s Prime Minister and his wife. Melania’s dress by J Mendel cost around $6,000

Golfer Greg Norman with Kirsten Norman arrives at Friday’s state dinner

Rudy Giuliani with Dr. Maria Ryan

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, left, and husband Richard DeVos

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with wife Ginny

The state dinner took place in the White House Rose Garden just steps from the Oval Office

Joining them at their head table were Australian golf star Greg Norman – a longtime friend of Trump’s – and his wife Kirsten Norman, Lachlan Murdoch and his wife Sarah Murdoch, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginny, and billionaire Australian businessman Anthony Pratt, whose factory in Ohio Trump and Morrison will visit on Sunday.

Gifts from the Trumps to the Morrisons 

 Joint Gifts

• Archival Hand-bound Leather Album within Archival Clamshell Box

Hand-tooled and hand-inscribed in 23-karat genuine gold by Washington, D.C. artisans, this bespoke album is a customary gift for an Official or State Visit during the Trump Administration. The hand-finished, calfskin leather photo album features acid free, museum-quality pages with a 300-year lifespan.

• Tiffany & Co. Revere Bowl

Crafted by renowned New York City jeweler Tiffany & Co., this pewter bowl is a customary gift for an Official or State Visit during the Trump Administration. The hand-engraved bowl displays the Seal of the President of the United States and the signatures of President Trump and Mrs. Trump.

Gifts for Prime Minister Morrison from President Trump

• Model of USS Canberra

On October 6, 2017, the United States Navy awarded a Littoral Combat Ship to be named USS Canberra. The decision was made to honor the friendship and alliance between the United States and Australia, as well as the HMS Canberra, a decommissioned ship of the Australian Royal Navy. On February 22, 2019, construction on the ship began at the Austal shipyard in Mobile, Alabama, and has a projected commissioning in 2023.

This one-of-a-kind model, showcasing the American and Australian flags, is presented in a case featuring a piece of the aluminum cut during the construction of the USS Canberra. 

• Framed Map of the Battle of the Coral Sea

Created by the United States Navy, this map features the trajectory of the Battle of the Coral Sea on May 8, 1942. During World War II, after the United States learned of the Japanese plan to invade and occupy Port Moresby (present-day Papua New Guinea), two U.S. Navy carrier task forces, alongside a joint Australian-U.S. cruiser, were dispatched to oppose the offensive. The battle was a major naval encounter between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Naval and Air Forces of the United States and Australia, which became known as the Battle of the Coral Sea. Fought between May 4th and May 8th 1942, the battle is considered the first military encounter in which aircraft carriers engaged.

Gift from Mrs. Trump to Mrs. Morrison

• Tiffany & Co. Infinity Cuff in White House Wood Leather Jewelry Box

Crafted by the renowned, iconic New York City jeweler Tiffany & Co., this sterling silver and 18-karat gold cuff is presented in a custom leather jewelry box. The hand-finished calfskin leather jewelry box was hand-tooled with 23-karat genuine gold by Washington, D.C. artisans, and features wood dividers taken from a naturally fallen magnolia tree located on White House grounds.

Pratt told reporters it was a ‘great honor’ to host the two leaders at his Wapakoneta, Ohio, facility.

The evening offered a dreamy late summer feel, as a string quartet played classical music, crickets chirped in the back ground and the flowers in the Rose Garden waved in the evening breeze. 

It was a perfect fall night as the two couples walked down the White House colonnade and into the Rose Garden to a standing ovation.

Temporary flooring was laid over the grass so guests could mingle with ease.  

The mood of the guests was light and festive with no talks of politics or business in the air.  

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani laughed off his controversial interview with CNN, where he contradicted himself and argued repeatedly with host Chris Cuomo.

‘Ha, ha, ha,’ Giuliani laughed as he walked by reporters on the red carpet with Dr. Maria Ryan, his guest for the evening.

The former New York City mayor denied having an extramarital affair with Ryan, a New Hampshire doctor who he allegedly called the woman with ‘big boobs,’ when he was with his then-wife Judith Giuliani.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway arrived solo in a black lace gown with a mermaid tail in the back. 

She didn’t answer questions about why her husband George Conway – a frequent critic of the Trump administration – wasn’t with her.

However, during the dinner, George Conway was active on Twitter, promoting his newly published op-ed calling for Trump’s immediate impeachment. 

Norman, the retired Australian golfer, said he hadn’t golfed with Trump recently, but did concede he was speaking to the president about coming to Australia in January to see Tiger Woods play in the president’s cup.

And Norman shrugged off criticism that the president gets for golfing most weekends.  

‘Nobody can golf too much,’ he said.

Lachlan Murdoch, the son of Australian media magnate and founder of Fox News Rupert Murdoch, arrived with his wife but ignored questions about his father’s health. 

Making their state dinner debut was Trump adviser Stephen Miller and his girlfriend Katie Waldman, who walked through the formal entrance together arm-in-arm. 

They didn’t answer questions and Waldman shyly lowered her head to the photographers as the walked by.

She recently joined the administration as Vice President Mike Pence’s spokesperson. 

The guest list was heavy on Trump administration officials and guests of the Australian embassy. 

Australian chef Curtis Stone, a former contestant on Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice was there his wife actress Lindsay Price.

Fox stars – and frequent Trump supporters – Mario Bartiromo and Lou Dobbs joined guests for the state dinner held in the Rose Garden, under a starry Washington D.C. night. 

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and Trump adviser Dan Scavino walked the red carpet other together, waving to the crowd of reporters and laughing off their joint appearance. 

New White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, in a black and white dress, arrived with her boyfriend Max Miller. 

And also attending is the president’s new National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien. 

He wasn’t talking business though, saying there were ‘no updates tonight’ on reports the U.S. was expanding its military presence in Iran, but he did say of his first week on the job: ‘It’s been wonderful.’   

Military bands entertained the guests from the rooftop

Fox Corporation Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chairman of News Corp Lachlan Murdoch and his wife Sarah

White House adviser Stephen Miller and girlfriend Katie Waldman

White House Social Media Director Dan Scavino, left, and White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney

Curtis Stone  and Lindsay Stone arrive for the State Dinner

White House Counselor Kellyane Conway

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence arrive at the White House

President Trump and the first lady entered the dinner from the White House colonnade

Vice President Mike Pence speaks with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Australian businessman Anthony Pratt during the state dinner

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and Australian First Lady Jennifer Morrison ahead of the dinner

Guests mingled at the dinner

Melania Trump was seated next to Greg Norman

Senator Joe Manchin, who is working on bipartisan gun background check legislation, had no update but noted: ‘I’m still working. Every minute of every day.’

Senators Roy Blunt and Jim Risch, who is trying to work on energy legislation with the White House, were there from Capitol Hill as was House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and longtime Trump ally Representative Mark Meadows. 

Meadows too brushed aside a question on Iran, preferring to talk about the dinner instead of news of the day.

‘I’m looking forward to celebrating tonight,’ he said. 

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Attorney General William Barr and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin were among those representing the president’s cabinet.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow was in a great mood: ‘I think it’s terrific,’ he touted of the economy as he strode down the carpet.  

Notably not in the crowd were any of the president’s children. Ivanka Trump was in Rome for a wedding while Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump live in New York. Tiffany Trump attends Georgetown Law School in Washington D.C. 

Melania Trump oversaw the decorations and entertainment

The dinner for Morrison is the second state dinner Trump has held

President Trump praised the heritage of the Australian people in his speech

President Trump and Melania Trump with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Jenny Morrison

Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham and Max Miller

Television host Maria Bartiromo and husband Jonathan Steinberg

Guest list for State Dinner 

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump

The Prime Minister of Australia and Mrs. Jennifer Morrison

Mr. David Abney and Mrs. Sherry Abney

Ms. Frances Adamson, Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia

Ms. Adrienne Arsht and The Honorable C. Boyden Gray

The Honorable Alex Azar, Secretary of Health and Human Services and Mrs. Jennifer Azar

The Honorable William Barr, Attorney General and Mrs. Christine Barr

Ms. Maria Bartiromo and Mr. Jonathan Steinberg

Mr. Adam Beren and Mrs. Ellen Beren

The Honorable Roy Blunt, United States Senator from Missouri and Mrs. Abigail Blunt

Mr. David Bohigian and Mrs. Catherine Bohigian

Mr. Donald Bollinger and Mrs. Joy Bollinger

Mr. T. Ulrich Brechbühl and Mrs. Michelle Brechbühl

The Honorable Gavin Buckley, Mayor of Annapolis and Mrs. Julie Buckley

The Honorable Sean Cairncross and Ms. Emily Skor

General Angus Campbell AO DSC, Chief of the Defense Force, Australia

Mr. Andrew Carswell, Press Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister of Australia

Mr. Daniel Cathy and Mrs. Rhonda Cathy

Ms. Michelle Chan, National Security Advisor and Senior Advisor (International), Office of the Prime Minister of Australia

The Honorable Pasquale Cipollone and Mrs. Rebecca Cipollone

Air Vice Marshal Alan Clements CSC, Head of Australian Defense Staff, Embassy of Australia and Mrs. Helene Clements

The Honorable Kellyanne Conway

Her Excellency Katrina Cooper, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Australia and Mr. Keith Tuckwell

Mr. Nicholas Creevey, Senior Media Advisor, Office of the Prime Minister of Australia

The Honorable Arthur Culvahouse, American Ambassador to Australia and Ms. Melanie Aitken

The Honorable Leonard Curry, Mayor of Jacksonville and Mrs. Molly Curry

The Honorable Ronald DeSantis, Governor of Florida and Mrs. Casey DeSantis

The Honorable Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education and Mr. Richard DeVos

Mr. Louis Dobbs and Mrs. Debi Dobbs

The Honorable Emma Doyle and Mr. Brett Doyle

The Honorable Mark Esper, Secretary of Defense and Mrs. Leah Esper

Mr. Yaron Finkelstein, Principal Private Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister of Australia

Mr. Andrew Forrest AO and Mrs. Nicola Forrest AO

Mr. Saul Fox and Ms. Hannah Strobel

Mr. Philip Gaetjens, Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Ms. Sonia Gentile, Director of Program, Office of the Prime Minister of Australia

The Honorable Rudolph Giuliani and Dr. Maria Ryan

Mr. James Gorman

The Reverend Franklin Graham and Mrs. Jane Graham

The Honorable Stephanie Grisham and The Honorable Max Miller

Mr. Jack Hampton, Assistant Advisor, Office of the Prime Minister of Australia

Mr. Justin Hayhurst, First Assistant Secretary, International Division, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australia

The Honorable Katherine Henderson and Ms. Mary Screws

Ms. Diane Hendricks and Mr. Keith Rozolis

His Excellency Joseph Hockey, Ambassador of Australia to the United States and Ms. Melissa Babbage

Dr. Elizabeth Jens and Mr. Ross Allen

Ms. Tham Kannalikham

Mr. Howard Kessler and Mrs. Michele Kessler

The Honorable Henry Kissinger and Mrs. Nancy Kissinger

The Honorable Keith Krach and Mrs. Metta Krach

The Honorable Lawrence Kudlow and Mrs. Judith Kudlow

Dr. John Kunkel, Chief of Staff, Office of the Prime Minister of Australia

The Honorable Robert Lighthizer, United States Trade Representative and Ms. Claire Lighthizer

Mr. Andrew Liveris and Mr. Anthony Liveris

Mr. Nikolai Louw, Executive Officer, Office of the Prime Minister of Australia

The Honorable Viola Lyles, Mayor of Charlotte and Mr. Jeffrey Young

The Honorable Derek Lyons and Ms. Elizabeth Horning

The Honorable David Malpass and Mrs. Adele Malpass

The Honorable Joseph Manchin, United States Senator from West Virginia and Mrs. Gayle Manchin

The Honorable Kevin McCarthy, United States Representative from California and Ms. Meghan McCarthy

The Honorable Bonnie McElveen-Hunter and Mr. Bynum Hunter

Mrs. Gail McGovern and Mr. Donald McGovern

The Honorable Mark Meadows, United States Representative from North

Carolina and Mrs. Debbie Meadows

The Honorable Stephen Miller and Ms. Katie Waldman

General Mark Milley, United States Army

The Honorable Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury and Ms. Louise Linton

The Honorable Mick Mulvaney

Mr. Lachlan Murdoch and Mrs. Sarah Murdoch

Mr. Gregory Norman and Mrs. Kirsten Norman

Mr. Roger Norman and Mrs. Elise Norman

Mrs. Sandra Oudkirk and Mr. Scott Oudkirk

The Honorable Robert O’Brien and Mrs. Louisa O’Brein

The Vice President of the United States and Mrs. Karen Pence

Mr. Isaac Perlmutter and Mrs. Laura Perlmutter

The Honorable Michael Pompeo, Secretary of State and Mrs. Susan Pompeo

The Honorable Matthew Pottinger and Mrs. Yen Pottinger

Mr. Anthony Pratt and Ms. Claudine Revere

The Honorable Lindsay Reynolds

Mrs. Georgina Rinehart

The Honorable James Risch, United States Senator from Idaho and Mrs. Vicki Risch

Mr. Paul Ritchie, Senior Communications Advisor, Office of the Prime Minister of Australia

The Honorable John F.W. Rogers and Ms. Deborah Lehr

The Honorable Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce and Mrs. Hilary Ross

Mr. Phillip Ruffin and Mrs. Oleksandra Ruffin

The Honorable Daniel Scavino

The Honorable Marc Short and Mrs. Kristen Short

Dr. Michelle Simmons AO and Dr. Thomas Barlow

Mr. David Solomon and Ms. Jan Wilson

The Honorable David Stilwell and Mrs. Jan Stilwell

Mr. Kerry Stokes AC and Mrs. Christine Simpson Stokes

Mr. Curtis Stone and Mrs. Lindsay Stone

The Honorable John Sullivan, Deputy Secretary of State and Ms. Graciela Rodriguez

Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court of the United States and Mrs. Virginia Thomas

Mr. Andrew Thomas AO

Mr. Robert Thomson and Ms. Ping Wang

Ms. Elizabeth Uihlein and Mr. Jacob Peters

The Honorable Daniel Walsh and Mrs. Deborah Walsh

Mrs. Kathy Warden and Mr. Eric Warden

Mr. Nicholas Warner AO PSM, Director-General of National Intelligence

Ms. Shemara Wikramanayake and Mr. Michael Silverton

Mr. Michael Wirth and Mrs. Julie Wirth

Australia’s national colors set the theme for Friday night’s state dinner in the Rose Garden.

Green and gold dominated the decor and table settings for the outdoor event – a flower-filled evening that took place just steps away from the Oval Office. 

It will be the second state dinner for Donald and Melania Trump since they entered the White House in the 2017 with the first lady taking the lead in planning the black tie occasion.

The dinner for the Australian prime minister will take place in the Rose Garden of the White House

The dinner centerpieces feature more than 2,500 roses from California in shades of yellow and Australia’s national floral emblem, the golden wattle

Military musicians will entertain the guests at Friday night’s event

The East Wing offered a preview of the event to reporters Thursday night, show casing two of the tables that will be set up for the occasion while a military string orchestra played.

The dinner took place under a starry sky with the soft light of oil lamps illuminating the well-dressed guests who will dance and dine under the shadow of the White House and with the Washington Monument visible in the distance. 

Warm gold hues and soft greens dominate the dinner stage and were derived from the national flower of Australia, the golden wattle, which has a yellow flower and green foliage. 

Flowers heavily dominate the decorations – an appropriate choice given its Rose Garden location. American varieties of yellow and white roses will set the back drop for the evening while the tables feature centerpieces containing more than 2,500 roses from California in shades of yellow and Australia’s national flower, the golden wattle. 

The Ground Floor Corridor of the White House – where guests will walk through to reach the dinner location – will feature garden roses, jasmine vines, and dahlias, all grown in the United States, to welcome attendees. 

The tables will be lit with oil lamps during the evening dinner

The menu features American late summer food

First lady Melania Trump picked the theme and decorations

The menu highlights the late summer season from America and pays homage to Australia’s special blend of culinary adaptations from its various cultures, the East Wing said in a statement.

The first course will be Sunchoke Ravioli with Reggiano Cream and Shaved Summer Vegetables. 

Sunchokes, known as ‘earth apples,’ are native to North America. The pasta will be drizzled with a lemony Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese emulsion and topped with shavings of sun gold carrots, baby kale, and sunchoke chips.

State Dinner Menu 

First Course

Sunchoke Ravioli

Reggiano Cream

Shaved Summer Vegetables

Main Course

Dover Sole with Parsley Crisps

Zucchini Squash Blossoms

Fennel Mousseline

Baby Garlic Rouille


Lady Apple Tart

Calvados Ice Cream


Spring Mountain Sauvignon Blanc 2017

The Argyle Pinot Noir ‘Reserve’ 2016 

J Demi-Sec NV 

The main course will be Dover Sole, roasted whole, then fileted and accented with Fennel Mousseline. Accompanying it will be green and yellow summer squash blossoms, which will be picked Thursday. 

Dessert will be an American classic (and favorite of President Trump): Lady Apple Tart with Calvados Ice Cream – a rich vanilla ice cream topped with liquor. 

A variety of American and Australian wines will be served.  

Gold woven baskets with yellow roses and golden wattle – to symbolize the friendship between the two nations – will surround the guests. Pear branches from New England will fill decorative urns. 

Ombre shades of yellow and green make up the table linens. Scattered throughout the place settings will be golden champagne grapes to highlight each of the countries’ wine industries.

The china settings will consist of alternating patterns from the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. 

Melania Trump chose a table setting and decor that would reflect the strong ties between the United States and Australia, according to her office.     

Musical groups from the United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force entertained the guests.  

The occasion is being called an ‘official visit’ instead of state visit as Morrison is not the head of state for Australia. That would be Queen Elizabeth. 

The White House will be all spruced up for visit.

The first lady recently oversaw the refurbishment of the receiving rooms on the state floor of the White House – the red room, the blue room and the green room. 

The rooms, which get trod through by official visitors and members of the visiting public got a fresh look with new rugs, draperies and furniture. Melania Trump also switched out some of the artwork on the wall. 

Friday’s state dinner marks the second time the Trumps have bestowed such an honor on a visiting world leader. The first was for French President Emmanuel Macron in April 2018.

Guests will dine on dover sole for the main course

Australian flags were up around the White House complex Thursday ahead of the visit

In the first 24 months in office, President Barack Obama held three state dinners; President George W. Bush held two state dinners and President Bill Clinton held one state dinner, according to the White House Historical Association.

The last time Australia was honored was on May 16, 2006, when George W. Bush hosted Prime Minister John Howard.

A state dinner usually conveys a unique bond between the two countries. Macron was one of the first European leaders to embrace Trump’s presidency.

Australia has pushed its close ties to the United States.

After the 2016 election, then-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was the second world leader to call and congratulate Trump – after getting his cell phone number from Norman.

Norman lives in Florida and grew close to Trump over their shared love of golf.  

Meanwhile, Trump and Morrison spent time together at the June G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan, and at G7 meeting last month in Biarritz, France. Additionally, the president has bonded with the Australian Ambassador to the U.S. over a game of golf at Mar-a-Lago. 

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Hilaria Baldwin Defends Decision to Announce Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Hilaria Baldwin is expecting her and Alec Baldwin’s fifth baby — and she doesn’t see a problem with announcing her pregnancy early on.

“People poke around and try to find out what is going on,” the fitness guru, 35, wrote on her Thursday, September 19, Instagram Story. “When you simply share what is happening, you take the story into your own hands. … Secrets are only interesting when they are secrets. Reports of my belly growing or my appearance changing spark rumors. … I hope this makes sense. It’s something I’ve learned over the past decade.”

The Living Clearly Method author wrote this after a commenter calling her out for announcing early after a recent miscarriage. “Can’t understand that. If she wants to remain peacefully [sic] why does she decide to expose her pregnancy at early stage and take the risks instead of listening to the doctors?” the social media user wrote. “Celebrities are really strange lol.”

Hilaria, who shares Carmen, 6, Rafael, 4, Leonardo, 3, and Romeo, 16 months, with the actor, 61, posted a video featuring her baby-to-be’s heartbeat on Wednesday, September 18.

“The sound of this strong heart makes me so happy — especially because of the loss we experienced in the spring,” the yoga instructor wrote. “We want to share this news as we are excited and don’t want to hide the pregnancy. These first few months are tough with exhaustion and nausea…and I don’t want to have to pretend that I feel OK.”

Hilaria went on to post a baby bump pic, writing, “When you’ve had so many babies, 6 minutes pregnant = looking like 6 months pregnant.”

The “Mom Brain” podcast host admitted in April that she was “most likely experiencing a miscarriage” and confirmed the loss a week later. Five months after this news, Alec told Kevin Nealon that they were trying for another.

“We have four kids,” the Saturday Night Live star said on the September 5 episode of Hiking With Kevin. “She wants to have another one. We’re having another one. We’re going to have a fifth baby.”

When the comedian, 65, asked if Alec and Hilaria had a baby on the way yet, the 30 Rock alum said, “No. No, no, not that I know of.”

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Gareth Southgate defends Jesse Lingard England call-up after Man Utd ace slammed on Twitter – The Sun

GARETH SOUTHGATE has defended his decision to name Jesse Lingard in his England squad for the Euro 2020 qualifiers.

The Three Lions boss was slated for picking the Manchester United star – who has not scored or made an assist in 2019.

Southgate has warned that no one is safe after he axed Manchester City defender Kyle Walker from his squad. 

But the manager kept Lingard in his squad for the double-header against Bulgaria and Kosovo despite his shocking spell of form.

He started United's first three games of the season, but was hauled off against Crystal Palace and dropped to the bench for the 1-1 draw at Southampton.

Explaining his reasons behind picking Lingard, Southgate said: "I think you'd have to say I've seen him have better spells for United.

"I think Ole has a young, energetic team, and I think Jesse's pressing and the energy he brings to that has been an important part of what they've tried to do in the first few games.

"The inclusion of Jesse for us is partly because his form for us has always been good.

"I know there was stats on his goals. He was only involved in four games for us last season because of injury – two starts and two off the bench.

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Tyler Baltierra Defends Late Visit With His, Catelynn Lowell's Daughter

The full story! Tyler Baltierra told his Twitter followers why he and Catelynn Lowell were late to their first visit in years with their daughter Carly.

“Yes, we were late to our visit with Carly,” the Teen Mom OG star, 27, tweeted on Monday, August 19. “But you should have seen the amount of joy she had when she saw that scrapbook & our handwritten letters! Adopted kids treasure handwritten words & pics from their birth parents & it was very special to her! So glad we did it in person!”

While some of the reality star’s followers showed their support for Baltierra and Lowell in the wake of this tweet, other users doubled down on their tardiness.

“That’s great and all but why wasn’t it prioritized and done BEFORE the day of the visit?” one wrote. “You were late. Time means more than a scrapbook. Being there means more than a gift. Glad she liked it but don’t complain about a short visit when you were the ones who were late.” Another added, “I think y’all are … procrastinators! Now you realize how precious time is!”

The MTV personalities welcomed their daughter in 2009 and placed her for adoption. The Conquering Chaos author went on to give birth to Novalee, 4, and Vaeda, 6 months.

In June, Lowell gushed about how excited she was to visit her eldest. “Today is a very special day we get to see Carly and her parents,” the 16 and Pregnant alum tweeted. “Nova & Vaeda get to hang with their sister #blessed #adoption #sisters.”

Her husband reflected on Carly’s adoption the previous month, writing, “10 years ago yesterday, we were only 17. 10 years ago, we brought you into the world. 10 years ago, we only got to hold you by ourselves for a half hour in the hospital as we just cried & stared at you, remembering every little detail of how absolutely perfect you were, since we knew that even though we just met, we had to say goodbye. 10 years ago, we had to make the hardest decision of our lives & give you everything your innocent life deserved that we just couldn’t provide at the time. 10 years ago, we held each other & wept as we watched you drive away in the back of the car with the only parents that were worthy to be yours.”

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Kourtney Kardashian Defends Her Summer Trips With Mason, Penelope, Reign

Take that! Kourtney Kardashian defended her decision to take multiple trips with her children this summer.

When the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 40, posted a spread of pics on a golf course with her 7-year-old daughter, Penelope, an Instagram user commented, “Kourtney, this is why ppl say you don’t work girl.”

The reality star clapped back, writing, “We all have our priorities. So I’ll be making memories with my kids and amazing people while living my life to the absolute fullest.”

Meanwhile in 🇺🇸

A post shared byKourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

An additional social media user thanked the E! personality for being a dedicated mom, which led another to point out that “working moms are dedicated too.” Kardashian responded to this as well, writing, “Who says I am not a working mom? Because I most definitely am. Working moms can be dedicated, of course. As women, we should be supporting each other for what allows us to be our best, not being so critical and judgmental of each other. We all do things our own way.”

The Poosh creator, who shares Mason, 9, Penelope and Reign, 4, with her ex Scott Disick, spent most of August vacationing in Italy with her brood.

The California native documented the European trip on Instagram, from bikini pics and gelato outings to outfit shots and family photos.

“Wow, I just had the most beautiful night with my kids watching the sunset, feeling overwhelmingly grateful for this past few weeks spent together in Italy and so in awe of God’s creation there was nothing for me to do but cry (happy tears),” she captioned a boat pic with her little ones on August 10.

Now that Kardashian is back in America, she is enjoying some rest and relaxation in the wilderness with her children and their aunt Kendall Jenner. The model, 23, posted an adorable video touching foreheads with Reign on Sunday.

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Gabrielle Union Defends Working Moms 9 Months After Daughter Kaavia's Birth

Multitasking mama! Gabrielle Union is proud of the way she balances her 9-month-old daughter, Kaavia, and her busy career.

“I don’t have mom guilt, and I’ll tell you why,” the actress, 46, told Us Weekly exclusively at the America’s Got Talent Live Show red carpet on Tuesday, August 13. “Being able to have the job that I love and the baby that I dreamed of [is great]. I’m a better mom because I’m able to go away and do what I love. Even if I failed miserably, I’m following my dreams. … I would be less of a mother if I didn’t set out every day to try to make my dreams come true and other people’s dreams come true. So I don’t have guilt.”

The L.A.’s Finest star went on to describe the support that fellow parents have shown her. “We all grew up like, ‘Go, Mom, go. Go, Mom, go!’ Not like, ‘Why are you missing things?’ but, ‘Way to go, I’m glad you’re living your dream,’” she told Us. “We’re all kind of rooting for each other.”

In November 2018, the America’s Got Talent judge and her husband, Dwyane Wade, announced that their first child had arrived via surrogate. This exciting news came a year after the Nebraska native admitted in her book, We’re Going to Need More Wine, that she had suffered “eight or nine miscarriages.”

Union told Us that she is happy that she and the professional basketball player, 37, didn’t lose hope in starting a family. “[Kaavia’s] just amazing,” the Bring It On star said on Tuesday. “I’m so glad that me and my husband and our family just kept trying and plugging away and hoping and praying. She’s all of our dreams come true.”

The athlete is also the father of Zaire, 17, Zion, 12, and Xavier, 5, from previous relationships.

With reporting by Taylor Ferber

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Bertrand defends Swimming Australia against accusations of covering up Shayna Jack case

Swimming Australia president John Bertrand concedes the Shayna Jack doping matter will act as a test case for other sports, but insists the governing body could have done nothing different in its handling of the situation.

Jack, 20, tested positive for the anti-steroidal anabolic agent Ligandrol and was sent home from a Dolphins training camp in Japan a week before the start of the FINA World Championships in Korea.

Young Australian swimmer Shayna Jack tested positive for Ligandrol.Credit:AAP

She met with ASADA officials last week and declared her innocence, vowing to fight until the end as she tries to soften a potential four-year exile from the pool. The process will likely be measured in months, not weeks, and could end up at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Critics of SA were quick to suggest the matter had been covered up after news broke of the positive sample on the second last day of the meet. None of Jack's teammates had known of the result and had been told she returned home due to a personal matter.

But swimming officials maintained they were bound by a strict anti-doping policy that forbid them from announcing the test result without the consent of the athlete. Jack had wanted the matter kept private until the racing had finished but the story broke early.

Bertrand said there were many lessons to be learned but even in hindsight, Swimming Australia had no room to move unless the athlete wanted to make the results public.

"Part of the ASADA rules … very, very tight legal constraints… is that the athlete is the only person that can go forth and announce this type of situation, and/or ASADA," Bertrand told Eddie McGuire on Triple M in Melbourne.

"ASADA are not in the business of going public because they don't want to slow down their investigations. It was up to Shayna to go forward. She had decided to wait until after the championships were over.

"The situation was leaked. All hell broke loose. The question is how does one control that."

The timing of the news was made worse by Mack Horton's public protest against Chinese rival Sun Yang, who faces CAS later in the year after WADA appealed the result of a FINA doping panel that let him walk free after his entourage smashed a blood sample to prevent it from being taken for testing.

Sun claims the testers had the incorrect credentials and he was concerned for the sanctity of his test. Sun served a three-month doping ban in 2014 and was called a 'drug cheat' by Horton at the Rio Olympics.

"Mack did his own thing. Mack knew nothing of Shayna's situation, nor did any of the team. When it broke, then Swimming Australia was accused of cover ups. It wasn't. We were totally obliged, legally, not to say anything until Shayna went forward," Bertrand told Triple M.

More importantly, Bertrand said, was how similar matters should be handled going forward. Many sports have similar anti-doping agreements with ASADA and while the Jack story has been a major issue, a repeat during the Tokyo Olympics would be magnified 100-fold.

"What have we learned from this? Clearly, a discussion has to be made on what is best going forward. The bottom line is, we are endeavouring to protect the rights of the athlete," Bertrand said.

"The protection of this individual, relative to the world knowing and Swimming Australia being transparent … that's a discussion going forward. It's not clear.

"She was in a state of shock. She needed time to think about it. Her natural reaction – and you can see why – was to hold off until the championship was over and allow her teammates to get on with the job.

"It will be a key discussion with Sport Australia, ASADA and using case studies like Swimming Australia to endeavour to figure out the best way forward."

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Tyler Baltierra Defends Letting Daughter Sit on Counter: I'm 'Not Perfect'

Defending himself! Tyler Baltierra hit back after he was criticized for where he let his 4-year-old daughter, Novalee, sit during a recent episode of Teen Mom OG.

“They didn’t show in this scene before hand, where I told her I was only going to let her sit on the counter for a second until I got her chair that she usually sits on next to me when we make dinner together,” the reality star, 27, tweeted on Wednesday, July 30. “She never climbed back onto it though. I’m am [sic] NOT a perfect parent!”


This comment came after a social media user told the MTV personality: “How could you let Nova climb on the counter? She falls off and start[s] doing it again and you did nothing.”

Earlier this week, the Michigan native also stood up for his wife, Catelynn Lowell, after she decided to stop breast-feeding their youngest daughter, Vaeda.

“Vaeda is the happiest, healthiest little baby I have ever seen,” he tweeted on Sunday, July 28. “So, a little advice to all of you ‘Pinterest Perfect Parents,’ if that baby didn’t develop in your uterus, you don’t have a right to say what’s best for that baby. PERIOD. #FedIsBest #MomsKnowBest.”

While the Conquering Chaos author, also 27, was worried that many would see her decision to stop nursing as “selfish,” she felt like their little one had all the “antibodies and proteins” she needed — and admitted that breast-feeding was conflicting with her therapy sessions. “It’s hard for me to even schedule my own [appointments] because it’s an hour and a half there,” Lowell explained.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2015, welcomed Vaeda in February. She joined older sister Novalee, who was born four years earlier. Lowell also gave birth to Carly, now 10, who she and Baltierra placed for adoption.

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Tyler Baltierra Defends Catelynn Lowell's Decision to Stop Breast-Feeding

Backing his wife! Tyler Baliterra supported Catelynn Lowell’s decision to stop breast-feeding their daughter Vaeda.

“Vaeda is the happiest, healthiest little baby I have ever seen,” Baltierra, 27, tweeted on Sunday, July 28. “So, a little advice to all of you ‘Pinterest Perfect Parents,’ if that baby didn’t develop in your uterus, you don’t have a right to say what’s best for that baby. PERIOD. #FedIsBest #MomsKnowBest.”

The reality star posted this alongside a clip from Sunday’s Teen Mom OG episode when his wife, also 27, announced that she didn’t want to breast-feed anymore.

“It’s hard,” the Conquering Chaos author told her husband while holding their infant. “People always post the wonderful things about breast-feeding, which is wonderful … but they don’t mention that you have your kid stuck to you for 24 hours or you’re afraid they’re not getting enough or they want to eat 60 times a day or about the bleeding nipples.”

She went on to say, “[With] nursing, it’s hard for me to even schedule my own therapy because it’s an hour and a half there. I could take her with me and nurse when I’m there.”

Although the reality star was worried that people would see her decision as “selfish,” she felt satisfied that Vaeda had received all the “antibodies and proteins” she needed during their early days of breast-feeding.

Baltierra agreed, telling Lowell, “You’re a great mom. You’re going to do whatever is best for you and the baby, period.”

Us Weekly broke the news in February that the MTV personalities welcomed their baby girl. Vaeda joined older sister Novalee, who arrived in 2015. The couple also welcomed Carolyn, 10, in 2009 and placed her for adoption.

They wed in Michigan in 2015.

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Meghan King Edmonds Defends 'Rarely' Clothing Daughter Aspen, 2, at Home

Playing defense! Meghan King Edmonds clapped back at mom-shamers before they could bash her parenting skills on Sunday, July 21.

“She’s rarely clothed at home, and I don’t discourage it,” the Real Housewives of Orange County alum, 34, captioned an Instagram Story picture of her daughter. “If my parenting makes you uncomfortable, please ask yourself, ‘Why?’”

In the social media upload, the former Bravo personality’s 2-year-old, Aspen, was all smiles playing by the pool “20 minutes before bedtime.” The toddler was covered up by a flamingo emoji.

This picture came hours after Aspen got her hair cut. “This baby girl got bangs today!” Edmonds wrote on her Instagram Story. “We went to the mall. We went to Sweet n Sassy. She loved every second of her $5.95 bang cut and so did I. So there. Now she has very short bangs in order to save money ($5.95) so they can grow out.”

The former reality star welcomed her daughter in 2016 with her husband, Jim Edmonds. Aspen became a big sister in June 2018 when twins Hart and Hayes arrived.

Earlier this month, the Missouri native revealed that Hart was diagnosed with “irreversible” brain damage.

“I explained to Jimmy how we are not somehow compromised or punished for having a child with special needs (whatever that may or may not mean!), we are BLESSED,” she wrote in a blog post at the time. “I will go on about this another time but just know that I do not see his diagnosis as anything but a gift: we were chosen to take on this special person. I truly feel as if we’ve doubled down and won the underdog hand. Truly.”

Hart’s health update came weeks after news broke that the former professional baseball player, 49, exchanged inappropriate messages with a woman named Jennifer McFelia Villegas.

“Regrettably, I had a lapse in judgment,” the athlete told Us Weekly exclusively at the time. “I engaged in an inappropriate conversation with this person. At no time was there any type of relationship or physical contact. Absolutely none. This is someone trying to profit from my name. I am aware she has done this to others in the past.”

Meghan and Jim remain together and are still working at their relationship. “I only blame my husband for his actions: he made the choice to betray my trust and jeopardize our marriage,” she told Us exclusively. “His recklessness also allowed this woman to profit from my heartbreak — but now that her name is out there, she won’t be able to shake down any other families as I rebuild mine.”

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Tyler Baltierra Defends Decision to Place Daughter for Adoption: 'No Shame'

Clapping back! Tyler Baltierra came to his own defense on Twitter after he and his wife, Catelynn Lowell, were slammed for their daughter Carly’s adoption.

When a Twitter user called the Teen Mom OG couple “trash” for “giving [their] child up” on Monday, July 15, Baltierra wrote back, “If PLACING my innocent daughter into an adoption plan at 16 with a couple who can not have biological children makes me trash, then you might as well send me to the damn dump so I can put a throne on top & call it home! #NoShame.”

The reality stars welcomed Carly, now 10, in 2009 when they were teenagers on 16 & Pregnant and chose to place her with an adoptive family. Since then, the couple have welcomed daughters Novalee, 4, and Vaeda, 4 months.

In May, Baltierra, 27, reflected on their decision. “10 years ago, we brought you into the world,” the Terra Reign founder captioned an Instagram post of Carly and Novalee at the time. “10 years ago, we only got to hold you by ourselves for a half hour in the hospital as we just cried & stared at you, remembering every little detail of how absolutely perfect you were, since we knew that even though we just met, we had to say goodbye.”

He added, “10 years ago, we had to make the hardest decision of our lives & give you everything your innocent life deserved that we just couldn’t provide at the time. 10 years ago, we held each other & wept as we watched you drive away in the back of the car with the only parents that were worthy to be yours. We love you so much & hopefully get to see you soon baby girl.”

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry commented on the social media upload, writing, “So so proud of y’all.”

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Sophie Turner defends Alex Morgan ‘sipping tea’ during World Cup

Sophie Turner took a break from her honeymoon with Joe Jonas to defend American soccer player Alex Morgan as she faces backlash for “sipping tea” as part of her goal celebration during Tuesday’s match against England.

“Unfortunately the UK Women’s football team lost at the World Cup and of course I’m incredibly sad and incredibly proud of that team,” Turner, 23, said in a video posted to her Instagram story Friday. “But I am so honored that we lost to such an incredible team, the US women’s football team.”

The British “Game of Thrones” actress congratulated the star athlete and showed her support amid the criticism for her celebration — hours after the athlete told ESPN that the gesture was a nod to Turner’s social media sign-offs, which are complete with an actual sip of tea or wine.

“Alex Morgan, all those haters are saying this is disrespectful, I’m honored that you thought of me,” she said. “And all those people that are hating on you are probably sitting at home — millennials drinking kombucha — I’m really f–king proud of you, Alex Morgan, congratulations on your win, and that’s the motherf–king tea.”

The soccer star responded to Turner by reposting her story to her own social media account with the message, “ILYSM! PS- CONGRATS!”

Morgan, who helped the US Women’s team defeat England by a final score of 2-1 on the same day as her 30th birthday, dubbed the backlash a “double standard.”

“I feel that there is some sort of double standard for females in sports,” she said. “To feel like we have to be humble in our successes and have to celebrate, but not too much or in a limited fashion. You see men celebrating all over the world in big tournaments, grabbing their sacks or whatever it is. And when I look at sipping a cup of tea, I am a little taken aback by the criticism.”

Thankfully, she’s got the Queen of the North on her side for when the women’s team takes on the Netherlands in the tournament’s final match on Sunday.

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Iggy Azalea defends ‘sickening’ album cover showing brains splattered

GRAPHIC WARNING: Iggy Azalea defends ‘sickening’ new album cover showing her blood-stained body lying against a car – but she insists it’s a feminist statement

Iggy Azalea has defended the violent artwork for her new album, In My Defense, after fans labelled it ‘sickening’.

The shocking cover shows the Australian rapper slumped ‘dead’ against a car, with blood splattered against the side of the vehicle. 

After sharing the graphic imagery to Twitter on Monday, the 29-year-old explained that the concept is actually a feminist statement. 

Confronting: Iggy Azalea has defended the violent artwork for her new album, In My Defense, after fans labelled it ‘sickening’ 

Iggy tweeted: ‘It’s a statement about women not having the ability to defend themselves under public gaze, not rebirth.’

However, the controversial artwork divided her fans on social media, with some people branding it ‘sickening’. 

‘Please don’t hate me but I don’t like it, you look dead,’ one Twitter user wrote.

Another said that it was unnecessary to show Iggy ‘shot dead’ and she could have used less violent imagery to make a statement.

‘It’s a statement about women’: After sharing the graphic imagery to Twitter on Monday, the 29-year-old rapper explained that the concept is actually a feminist statement

‘I don’t like it, you look dead’: The controversial artwork divided Iggy’s fans on social media, with some people branding it ‘sickening’ 

Many others praised the bold album art, however, prompting Iggy to thank them for their support on Twitter.

‘I’m so happy you love the cover as much as I do! I can’t wait till you see how pretty it looks in real life,’ she wrote. 

The album’s front cover shows Iggy, who is wearing a slinky evening dress, slumped against a vehicle in an empty parking lot.

Gruesome: The album’s artwork shows Iggy, who is wearing a slinky evening dress, slumped against a vehicle in an empty parking lot covered in blood

Blood covers her hands and the side of the car, and her head is completely caved in. 

The back of the album is a close-up shot of the same scene, offering a more detailed view of her partially destroyed head and neck.  

In My Defense will be released worldwide on July 19

Coming soon: In My Defense will be released worldwide on July 19. Pictured: Iggy on Monday

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April Love Geary Defends Letting Daughter, 16 Months, Eat Hot Cheetos

Like mother, like daughter! April Love Geary’s 16-month-old likes Hot Cheetos, and the model isn’t here for any criticism.

“We’re here for a good time, not a long time,” the 24-year-old responded to a Monday, June 24, Instagram message saying that the spicy snacks “send multiple children to the emergency room each year.”

This came after the California native shared a video of Mia in her mom’s arms, digging into a bag of Hot Cheetos. “Mondays,” Geary captioned the upload. She went on to share footage on her Instagram Story of the toddler standing and reaching for more, writing, “Definitely my child.”


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The toddler isn’t the only one who loves the popular junk food. In September 2018, rapper Lil Xan was hospitalized after eating Hot Cheetos and vomiting “a little blood” — but he enjoyed another bag just one day later.

A spokesperson for Cheetos maker Frito-Lay told Us Weekly at the time: “At Frito-Lay, we aim to delight our consumers and food safety is always our number one priority. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos meet all applicable food safety regulations, as well as our rigorous quality standards. That said, we realize some consumers may be more sensitive to spicy foods than others and may choose to moderate consumption or avoid spicier snacks due to personal preference.”

As for Mia, the little one developed a taste for the snack food early on. Geary and her fiancé, Robin Thicke, welcomed her in February 2018. She became an older sister 12 months later when Lola arrived.

Weeks before Geary gave birth, the Grammy winner, 42, told Us exclusively how he was spoiling his pregnant fiancée before their second baby’s arrival. “I try to dote on her, but it’s never enough,” he said. “You can never dote too much.”

Thicke added, “When you already have a baby to take care of, you got plenty to do. So the closer we get now, we’re getting really excited and anxious. We’re very ready for this new baby to come.”

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