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How serial killer who raped and strangled 300 little girls is on the loose and wanted for another murder – The Sun

CARLINA Ramon watched cautiously from her market stall as an attractive man made a sinister gesture at her 11-year-old daughter Alissia, and motioned for her to go to him.

A cloud of dread encompassed her. Could this man, who was trying to entice her daughter away from her, be the child abductor who had been taking little girls from local villages? 

Hundreds of children had been taken from families nearby over the last few months – and the way this man was staring at her daughter Carlina suspicious.

She gathered some fellow traders and followed him out of the market. But realising he was being followed, the mystery man picked up his step, and the gang of traders had to run to corner and catch him.

Police arrived at the scene and, incredibly, the man told officers his name was Pedro Alonzo Lopez, and that he had raped and killed more than 300 little girls in a murderous spree – making him the second worst serial killer in history.

Horrifyingly, after just 14 years in prison he is now back on the streets and wanted for another murder.

The sick story of Lopez’s seven-year span of killings is being told in a new C&I documentary, Monster of the Andes, which airs tonight, at 9pm.

Innocent little girls were his favourites

Lopez, who was born in Columbia, began his murderous spree in 1969 following a stint in prison for car theft.

his first attack wasn’t on a little girl – but on two fully-grown men who he claimed had raped him inside.

Lopez killed his attackers with a makeshift knife, getting a taste for blood which would see him take hundreds more victims. 

Following his first double killing, Lopez began seeking out young girls, usually from poor backgrounds. He abducted and raped them, then strangled them to death.

He would leave their remains covered in newspaper or branches in remote locations. 

At the peak of his killing spree – during which he travelled between Columbia, Ecuador and Peru, he was murdering three little girls a week.

Following his arrest, he admitted Ecuadorian youngsters were his favourites because they were “more gentle and trusting, more innocent.”

Worst serial killers of all time

  1. Luis Gravito – know as 'The Beast', Garavito confessed to killing 140 boys between eight and 16 over a seven-year peoriod (1992-9) in Columbia. He is suspected of also murdering over 300 street children.
  2. Pedro Lopez, known as "The Monster of the Andes", targeted young girls, between the ages of eight and 12 and killed over 300 victims.
  3. Javed Iqval murdered 100 street children by strangling them and covering up his crimes by dissolving the bodies with acid between 1998-9 in Pakistan.
  4. Mikhail Popkov, known as "The Werewolf" was convicted of 22 murders in 2015 in Russia. He then confessed to an additional 59 murders, of which he was convicted of 56 in 2018.
  5. Daniel Barbosa, active in Columbia from 1974-86, raped and killed over 150 victims, primarily targeting female children as they were more likely to be virgins. 

Posing with the skull of a victim

Yet it was in Ecuador in 1980 that the sick killer was caught by the suspicious mother and a gang of market traders. 

Over the following week, he lead police to  53 graves – all of little girls aged nine to 12 – and a flash flood revealed a remote mass grave uncovering dozens more bodies.

The first site he took police to was under a motorway bridge. All that was left of the victim – who had been killed 10 months earlier – was a skeleton and her clothing, which her distraught family recognised at the scenes.

At one site, he posed with a skull of one of his victims, a trophy of the murder – much to the horror of officers. 

Witnesses say he seemed to think what he’d done was “normal.”

Officer Rothman Rios said: “It was weird, he remembered everything. And descriptions of  all the girls.

“He knew where their bodies were. He was satisfied showing us the bodies. He felt no remorse, no guilt, no nothing.  

Horrified officers dubbed him the ‘Monster of the Andes’, and he was charged with 110 murders.

Sexually assaulted younger sister

During the trial, the court heard that troubled Lopez had witnessed his mother working as a prostitute and seen men have sex with her and then beat her.

He also claimed she used extreme violence against him – and he argued this psychologically damaged him and led him to kill so many children. 

When he was eight, his mother caught him sexually assaulting his younger sister and kicked him out of the house. 

Lopez travelled to the capital, Bogota, where he lived on the streets before he met an older man who agreed to take him in. 

But almost immediately the older man began abusing him, both verbally and sexually.

He finally escaped and was taken into an orphanage – but claims he was sodomised there by a teacher, too.

He ran away and decided he needed to take control of his destiny – and that of others.

He told the judge he felt like God when he killed people and philosophised over his killings.

“When one dies, one totally loses his emotions, his vision, his ability to see,” he said. “In death you can forget who you are, everything you did is now darkness.”

The sick killer then told police that he wanted to be remembered in the history books for his gruesome crimes, admitting: “I am the worst of the worst – maybe a complete animal. But I’m too young to die.”

'He called them his 'dolls''

The judge found Lopez guilty but declared he was clinically insane and he was sentenced to spend 16 years in a psychiatric hospital – the maximum sentence for murder in Ecuador at the time.

Even today, the maximum life sentence is only 25 years.

In an interview from his prison cell, López described himself as "the man of the century" and admitted killing children made him feel ‘stronger and bigger’.

“He’d never had any recognition in this world,” a psychiatrist who worked on the case explains. “This was his way to get noticed. 

“And part of him thought he was saving the girls from a life of poverty. He called them his ‘dolls’ and felt he was saving them.

“He did not consciously know right from wrong, and he did not feel guilty.”

Serial killer on the loose

In 1998, he was horrifyingly released for good behaviour, aged 45, with a £50 bail and deported to Columbia. 

He hasn’t been seen since.

The parents of the girls were devastated.

One mother admitted: “I wanted to break him into pieces. He killed my baby.”

One of the girl’s fathers said: “I gathered wood to build a fire and burn him.”

A warrant was issued in 2002 for Lopez's arrest in connection with a new murder that police linked to him, but he remains at large.

"In general, a serial killer will continue to kill until he's stopped," Dr Gibson, author of Serial Killers Around the World, said.

And his mother too believes he is still alive.

“When someone dies, you feel a shock,” she says.  “And I still haven’t felt it.”

Watch Monster of the Andes on Tuesday 15th October at 9pm on Crime+Investigation

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Carol Vorderman, 58, shows off killer curves in a slinky black gown

Carol Vorderman, 58, shows off her killer curves in a sparkling slinky black gown with sexy thigh slit

She previously shared the secrets of her extraordinary curves.

And Carol Vorderman was keen to flaunt her sensational physique as she ‘wriggled’ her stunning frame into a slinky black gown for a night out on Friday. 

The TV presenter, 58, turned up the heat in the floor-length number which boasted an off-the-shoulder neckline and a sultry thigh slit up the leg.

Glam: Carol Vorderman was keen to flaunt her sensational physique as she ‘wriggled’ her stunning frame into a slinky black gown for a night out on Friday

The dress perfectly highlighted Carol’s killer assets, including her very peachy posterior which has twice won her the Rear Of The Year award.

Inching out from underneath her dress were a pair of towering barely-there red heels, which offered her petite frame some extra inches.

She styled her blonde tresses in a voluminous curly style and sported a full face of make-up including a dramatic smokey-eye look. 

Wow: The TV presenter, 58, turned up the heat in the floor-length number which boasted an off-the-shoulder neckline and a sultry thigh slit up the leg

This comes a couple of weeks after Carol took to Twitter to share her new hairdo with followers and quickly set pulses racing with her bombshell curves.

The Countdown presenter, 58, looked nothing short of sensational in the snaps where she displayed her hourglass figure.

Showing off her newly dyed blonde locks, Carol donned a camo long-sleeved top with skin-tight dark green trousers.

Beauty: This comes a couple of weeks after Carol took to Twitter to share her new hairdo with followers and quickly set pulses racing with her bombshell curves

The TV star let her blonde tresses fall loose down her shoulders and she also wore a pair of black ankle boots.

Carol looked in high spirits as she struck a series of poses showing off her new hairdo.

One follower wrote: ‘What a woman (wolf whistle)’ while singer Imelda May said: ‘You’re on fire babe!’

Carol has previously downplayed discussion of her famous derriere and has denied accusations she has had it surgically enhanced.

Stunning: The Countdown presenter looked nothing short of sensational in the snaps where she displayed her hourglass figure

Reaction: Twitter users couldn’t help but compliment Carol on her stunning figure 

In a previous interview with MailOnline, she said: ‘I’ve always had a huge a**e. I promise I haven’t had bottom implants. It’s the same old bottom.’ 

‘In my family, loads of us have it: the Vorderman A**e. My daughter Katie has it. My nephew has it. We’re all sticky-out-bottom people.

‘And I’ve been working out for decades, so the shape of mine is down to years of keeping fit.

‘I walk seven miles a day and I try to do a 15-mile walk once a week as well, up the Brecon Beacons or along the River Cam. It makes me so happy.’  

Style: Showing off her newly dyed blonde locks, Carol donned a camo long-sleeved top with skin-tight dark green trousers 

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Albanian ‘killer’ has bid to claim asylum vetoed by Priti Patel

Albanian ‘killer’ facing murder and sex trafficking charges in Italy has bid to claim asylum in Britain vetoed by Home Secretary Priti Patel

  • Albert Visha was deported on Friday evening in the first case of its kind
  • Patel used an executive power introduced 16 years ago but previously ignored
  • Last year, a Somalian rapist escaped deportation after a mutiny by passengers 

An Albanian gangster facing murder and sex trafficking charges in Italy has had his bid to claim asylum in Britain vetoed by Home Secretary Priti Patel in the first case of its kind.

Albert Visha, a fugitive from police following a murder in a Milanese parking lot five years ago, was deported on Friday evening on the personal orders of Ms Patel, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The Home Secretary – who came to office promising to make criminals ‘feel terror’ on the streets – used an executive power which was introduced 16 years ago, but ignored by her predecessors, to override the asylum process.

Albert Visha, a fugitive from police following a murder in a Milanese parking lot five years ago, was deported on Friday evening on the personal orders of Ms Patel

Her move comes amid mounting public anger over foreign criminals using the British justice system to stay in this country.

Last year, The Mail on Sunday revealed how a Somalian rapist escaped deportation after a mutiny by plane passengers. 

Yaqub Ahmed, who was part of a gang who subjected a 16-year-old girl to a terrifying rape ordeal, escaped deportation last October after a revolt on board the jet as it sat on the tarmac at Heathrow. 

He has since frustrated Home Office attempts to kick him out by claiming that he feels ‘suicidal and depressed’. 

Visha fled to the UK after an Italian prosecutor issued an arrest warrant for him over the death of fellow Albanian Selim Leka in 2014.

Witnesses said Visha had been seen fighting violently with Leka – who later died of multiple stab wounds – in a row over the alleged proceeds from the trafficking of Albanian women into the EU.

Last year, Yaqub Ahmed (pictured) escaped deportation after a mutiny by plane passengers

At the request of the Italian authorities, Visha was arrested by British police last year to face trial over offences including ‘participation in an organised crime group, exploitation of victims for prostitution and murder’.

But after fighting endless appeals against his extradition, Visha applied for asylum in March on the grounds that he would face ‘persecution’ if he was sent back to Italy.

Under previous Home Secretaries – including Theresa May – applying for asylum proved sufficient to thwart extradition of criminals while their applications were being considered.

But Ms Patel decided to invoke a previously unused ‘Section 40’ power in the 2003 Extradition Act which allows the Government to issue a certificate overriding the asylum process if the Home Secretary is satisfied that the person’s ‘life and liberty’ would not be threatened ‘by reason of his race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular social group’. 

She moved to act last week after officials warned her that, if Visha was not returned by September 27, the Italian case would collapse and he would then be at liberty in the UK.

A source close to Ms Patel said: ‘Foreign criminals have had an easy ride for too long, but that’s going to change. They’ve been playing the system with their lawyers for years while the public looks on in disgust. Priti simply isn’t going to let this go on’.

Ms Patel was advised by Home Office officials that as this was the first ever use of the Section 40 power she could face criticism from Left-wing media outlets for overriding the asylum process.

Ahmed escaped deportation last October after a revolt on board the jet as it sat on the tarmac at Heathrow (pictured)

An astonishing one in ten foreign prisoners is Albanian, the most common non-British nationality in English jails, making up 876 of the 9,089 foreign national offenders. But in the population at large less than 0.2 per cent of foreigners hail from Albania.

In jail, they are followed by Polish nationals (eight per cent), Romanian (eight per cent), Irish (eight per cent) and Jamaican (five per cent).

The National Crime Agency has warned the Home Office: ‘Albanian crime groups have established a high profile influence within UK organised crime, and have considerable control across the UK drug trafficking market, particularly cocaine. They are also expanding their influence’.

Ms Patel, who will be one of just four Cabinet Ministers granted a keynote speaking slot at this month’s Tory party conference, signalled a return to zero-tolerance policing when she was appointed Home Secretary by Boris Johnson in July.

She has pledged to restore flagging public confidence in law and order by ’empowering’ officers to go after thugs, saying: ‘With more police officers out there and greater police presence, I want them to literally feel terror at the thought of committing offences.’

Last night, a Home Office spokesman said that they did not comment on individual extradition cases.

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World News

‘Killer’ Hurricane Dorian will devastate Bahamas and Miami THIS WEEKEND

A TERRIFYING 130mph cyclone will devastate the Bahamas and Miami this weekend after strengthening to a "life threatening" category 4 storm.

Hurricane Dorian has been described as an "absolute monster" by Donald Trump who has cancelled a trip to Poland over the storm crisis.

Dorian is gathering pace crossing the warm Atlantic and is expected to bring apocalyptic winds when it eventually makes landfall in the US.

Forecasters predict the hurricane will quickly strengthen to a catastrophic Category 4 when it hits the mainland.

It's due to smash into central Florida by Labor Day Monday – a US bank holiday when the Sunshine State will be packed with tourists.

The eye of Dorian is expected to hit the east and north of Turks and Caicos and the southeastern Bahamas later today – where warnings are already in place.

Florida's governor has now extended a state of emergency to cover all of the state, including multiple tourist destinations.

Ron DeSantis took the step as authorities cancelled some commercial flights, planned precautions at rocket launch sites along the Space Coast.

He also put 2,500 National Guard troops on alert.

No evacuations have been ordered as yet but many are expected ahead of Monday.


Spurred on by warm late-summer waters, Dorian is predicted to pack winds topping 130mph, warned the Miami-based National Hurricane Center (NHC).

That would make it a Category 4 storm, the second-strongest on the Saffir-Simpson scale which measures hurricane intensity.

"There is an increasing likelihood of life-threatening storm surge along portions of the Florida east coast late this weekend or early next week, although it is too soon to determine where the highest storm surge will occur," the NHC said.

"Residents should have their hurricane plan in place, know if they are in a hurricane evacuation zone, and listen to advice given by local emergency officials."

Dorian is likely to make landfall on Florida's eastern coast before lingering over central Florida on Tuesday.

However, tropical storm-force winds could begin in parts of Florida as early as Saturday evening, weather experts warn.

"All residents, especially those along the east coast, need to be prepared for possible impacts," said governor DeSantis.

"As it increases strength, this storm has the potential to severely damage homes, businesses and buildings, which is why all Floridians should remain vigilant.

"Do not wait until it is too late to make a plan."

NASA footage – taken from the International Space Station on Thursday – shows the vortex gaining in power just north of Puerto Rico.

Dorian was packing maximum sustained winds of 85mph on Thursday morning some 220 miles north-northwest of San Juan, and about 370 miles east of the Bahamas.


In an address to the nation last night, President Trump warned: "It really began to form, and form big.

"Now, it's looking like it could be an absolute monster."

Earlier, Trump cancelled the planned visit to Poland this weekend so he could remain in the US to monitor the storm's impact.

He is sending Vice President Mike Pence in his place as he wants to make sure federal resources are properly directed at the arriving storm.

In the tweeted video from the White House rose garden, Trump added that food and water supplies were hurriedly being shipped to Florida.

And he said of the impending storm: "It does seem almost certain that its hitting dead centre and that's not good.

"The winds seem to be building at a tremendous rate.

"It looks like the winds are going to be unbelievably high."

Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands managed to avoid the brunt of the hurricane this week – with only light damage and flooding reported.

But the increasingly menacing-looking storm system will draw energy from the warm open waters as it closes in, forecasters say.

University of Miami hurricane researcher Brian McNoldy warned: "If it makes landfall as a Category 3 or 4 hurricane, that's a big deal."

No immediate mass evacuations have yet been ordered as the exact path of the storm remained unclear.

Local governments along Florida's east coast yesterday began distributing sandbags while shoppers rushed to stock up on supplies.

Supermarket shelves were cleared and motorists topped up their tanks and filled petrol cans – sparking shortages in some areas.


Dorian is expected to pick up steam as it pushes out into warm waters with favourable winds.

Forecasters said the coastal areas of southeast Florida could be deluged with up to 15 inches of rain in some places triggering life-threatening floods.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp also declared a state of emergency ahead for 12 counties closest to the state's 100 miles of coastline on Thursday.

He signed an executive order that will free up state resources for emergency preparations and response and also prohibit price gouging for goods and services such as gasoline.

The 500-mile cone of uncertainty indicates that the hurricane could be affect anywhere from coastal southern Georgia to the Florida keys.

Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian have now began rerouting their cruise ships ahead of the looking weather front..

Major airlines began allowing travellers to change their reservations without a fee.

A Rolling Stones concert Saturday at the Hard Rock Stadium near Miami was moved up to Friday night.

The hurricane season typically peaks between mid-August and late October.

One of the most powerful storms ever to hit the US was on Labor Day 1935.

The unnamed Category 5 hurricane crashed ashore along Florida's Gulf Coast on September 2 – killing more than 400 people.

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Anna Vakili and her lookalike sister Mandi flaunt their killer curves

Love Island star Anna Vakili and her lookalike sister Mandi flaunt their killer curves in slinky black cut-out detail dresses as they dine in Mayfair

She happily paraded her killer curves in an array of tiny bikinis during her time on the 2019 series of Love Island.

And Anna Vakili proudly flaunted her ample assets as she and her lookalike sister Mandi headed out to MKNY House restaurant in Mayfair in London on Friday night.

The reality TV star, 29, and her sister, 26, ensured all eyes were on them as they strutted into the hot spot in slinky black mini-dresses that allowed their abs to be spied through the sexy midriff cut-out detailing.

Sizzling: Anna Vakili, 29, proudly flaunted her ample assets as she and her lookalike sister Mandi headed out to MKNY House restaurant in Mayfair in London on Friday night

Anna left very little to the imagination in her outfit that was decorated with dazzling sequins and elongated her tanned pins in stilettos.

Ensuring her look matched perfectly, the star toted her belongings in a sparkling black bag.

The former pharmacist styled her raven hair in a high ponytail that was given a volume boost with mermaid waves weaved through the ends.

The bombshell wore a face of make-up complete with bright under eye concealer and  false lashes. 

Matching: The reality TV star, 29, and her sister, 26, ensured all eyes were on them as they strutted into the hot spot in slinky black mini-dresses that allowed their abs to be spied through the sexy midriff cut-out detailing

Mandi matched her older sister by slipping into a form-fitting black dress that was decorated with a racy buckle detailing across the stomach and cleavage.

The professional make-up artist was preened to perfection with a face of radiant bronzer and a glossy pout.

She styled her shoulder length hair down straight and tucked one side behind her ear. 

Curvy: Anna left very little to the imagination in her outfit that was decorated with dazzling sequins and elongated her tanned pins in stilettos

The sisters even donned matching chains with evil eye pendants attached to decorate their décolletages.

Even though Anna was on Love Island, Mandi also found fame thanks to her outspoken commentary on her sister’s stay in the Love Island villa.  

Mandi recently revealed how she got a call from ITV bosses, after she insulted Jordan Hames after his betrayal towards Anna.

The beauty said producers called her insults ‘distasteful’ after she raged on Instagram: ‘I can’t believe that this 23 year old Shrek lookalike has been playing a game this whole time. He’s been lying through the gaps in his teeth.’

Lookalike: Mandi matched her older sister by slipping into a form-fitting black dress that was decorated with a racy buckle detailing across the stomach and cleavage

Twinning: The sisters even donned matching chains with evil eye pendants attached to decorate their décolletages

Glowing: Professional make-up artist Mandi was preened to perfection with a face of radiant bronzer and a glossy pout

Speaking to BBC Radio 1’s The Reality Tea Podcast with Raj and Pilar, Mandi admitted there were repercussions after she compared Jordan to Shrek and said he was ‘lying through the gaps in his teeth’ after betraying Anna.

‘So I did get a call from the exec producers of Love Island and they gave me a little bit of a lecture,’ admitted Mandi.

‘I mean they didn’t tell me to take it off, they sort of advised me to, they said it was a bit distasteful and I wasn’t handling it in the right way. ‘

Girls night: Anna showed off plenty of bronzed skin as she headed on a night out with her sister

Pulling out all the stops: The bombshell wore a face of make-up complete with bright under eye concealer and false lashes

Home time: The reality star flashed her slender pins as she got into her car and headed home for the night

‘I tried to defend myself by saying I’m not part of the show, I’m not on Love Island. I’m not one of the cast, I’m just a normal person on Instagram, I can say whatever I want. But they were like you’re Anna’s sister now, you’re in the limelight, whatever you say affects people, it affects Jordan and his family and all of this stuff.’

Anna said she has firmly ruled out a reunion with Jordan, despite admitting he had flirted with her ahead of filming the recent reunion show.

Family: Even though Anna was on Love Island, Mandi also found fame thanks to her outspoken commentary on her sister’s stay in the Love Island villa

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This killer core workout doesn't involve any crunches

I think we can all agree that crunches are the worst. They’re hard, they burn and they never give us the instant abs we’re hoping for.

But core strength is really important. It helps with stability, flexibility and balance. And you need a strong core to be able to do any kind of functional movement.

So what do you do if you want a killer core but can’t stand sit-ups?

We spoke to elite personal trainer, Bobby Holland Hanton – who also happens to be Chris Hemsworth’s stunt double – to find out how he works on his core.

And guys – there’s not a crunch in sight.

Air squats

It’s a staple in most exercise programs, and with good reason.

By working the large muscles of the glutes, quads and hamstrings you will build muscle while burning energy.

Performing Air Squats to a comfortable depth, where your hips descend below the level of your knees, also has the added benefit of improving hip mobility.

Mastering the Air Squat is a prerequisite for completing weighted squat exercises, and will have carry over benefits to all other lower body movements.

How to do it:

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hands by your side.

Sink down as if you’re sitting on a chair, pushing your weight through your heels so your knees are in line with your toes.

You can bring your arms in front of your chest to stablise yourself. Then stand back up to the starting position.

Plank pulses

Performing a plank correctly involves contracting the glutes, quads, abdominals and lats with power to maintain a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders.

It’s used by everyone from professional athletes to fitness models to develop a strong and tight core.

Add in the pulses to work your calf muscles, and the humble plank is transformed in the Plank Pulse, one of the most challenging and valuable exercises in your toolbox.

How to do it:

Begin in a forearm plank position, with your back straight and your bum tucked in.

Keeping your forearms in position, pulse your body forward so that you are on the tips of your toes and your shoulders are almost above your wrists.

Pulse back to the starting position and repeat.

Medicine ball wood chops

Rotational movements are sometimes overlooked in exercise programs, but their ability to build strong oblique muscles and whole-body stability is second to none.

This Medicine Ball Wood Chop combines rotation with a squat and overhead press, resulting in one of the most valuable exercises you could perform.

Although a Medicine Ball is preferred, this exercise can also be completed with a dumbbell (held sideways), kettlebell or anything else heavy.

How to do it:

This is a variation on the traditional wood chop. You will need a medicine ball or other heavy weight.

Begin standing, legs hips-width apart and holding the ball in front of your chest.

Raise the ball straight above your head, then back down as you squat and tap the ball on the ground to the right of your body.

Raise back up to the starting position then complete on the other side.

Bear crawl

While kettlebells, dumbbells and medicine balls are useful tools when it comes to completing a well-rounded program, sometimes your own body is all you need.

Crawling exercises are used to build whole body strength, balance and coordination.

Additionally, the Bear Crawl is performed at speed to increase the amount of energy burned.

Regardless of your training goal, the Bear Crawl is a valuable inclusion to your program.

How to do it:

From a squatting position, your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, place both hands on the ground so your body forms a kind of table – resting on your toes, your knees hovering above the ground and your back flat.

From here, crawl forward on your hands and toes, with your feet and knees kicking out a little wider than your hands to generate speed.

Then push backwards on hands and toes to return to the start.

Arch hold swims

When it comes to body-weight training, exercises for the back can sometimes be overlooked. However, strengthening these muscles is important for shoulder health and promoting good posture.

Plus, Arch Hold Swims with a static extension of the hips and upper back strengthen the glutes and core.

The ‘swimming’ movements performed with the arms will have you feeling the burn in no time.

How to do it:

Take the superman position by lying on your belly and hovering your feet and arms slightly off the ground as you tense your abs and glutes.

From here, bring your hands toward your face, bending your elbows.

Then, straighten your arms so your hands sweep out on either side, before bringing them back to your face again and back up.

Ensure they are hovering for the entire movement.

I am Team GB

Toyota has teamed up with Team GB to re-launch the hugely successful participation campaign ‘I am Team GB’.

Inspired by the achievements of Team GB athletes and the amazing efforts of local community heroes, Team GB has created ‘The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day’, which will take place on the 24thAugust.

Over the weekend, there will be hundreds of free and fun activities across the country, put on by an army of volunteers; the ‘I am Team GB Games Makers’.

To Join the Team and be part of The Nation’s Biggest Sports Day sign up at:

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Killer whale swims alongside boat off Cape Cod in 'unbelievable' video

Mystery Killer Whales discovered in Chile

Scientists may have discovered a new species of Killer Whales off Cape Horn, Chile.

A charter vessel off the coast of Massachusetts captured “unbelievable” video of its close encounter with an orca on Sunday.

Got Stryper Charters and Baits shared a video of the killer whale racing with dolphins alongside the boat.


Captain Kelly Zimmerman, who works for the Chatham-based charter company, recalled the “mind-blowing” 20-minute encounter.

“My heart was pounding out of my chest when it came beside the boat,” he told The Boston Globe.

The vessel was about 70 miles offshore during a 15-hour trip scouting for tuna when the orca and a few dolphins appeared, the Globe reported. The mammals followed their bow even as Zimmerman tried to change course.

“We kept trying to steer away from it and make little course changes and it just stuck right there beneath our pulpit,” he told the paper. “It was breathtaking.”

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy called the killer whale sighting “absolutely amazing.” While orcas have been spotted in the area before, sightings are “very rare,” the group said.


The black-and-white mammals can be found in all oceans, though prefer coastal waters and cooler regions, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

An official with the charter company wrote it was “one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in a while.”

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Killer Bobby Joe Long's Chilling Final Moments Before Execution

Demon Bobby Joe Long slaughtered ten women in Florida in 1984 – and National ENQUIRER reporter Douglas Montero had a front-row seat when Long was executed by lethal injection on May 23. Here is his chilling account of the 65-year-old serial killer’s final moments at the Florida State Prison in Raiford.

The 65-year old serial killer’s life ended in a solemn, meticulously planned and controlled 13-minute episode conducted by the Florida Department of Corrections – very different circumstances to the victims who suffered at his hands as he raped then choked the life out of them.

A beige curtain behind a large glass pane blocked the view of the “death chamber” — the same room where Ted Bundy got 2,000 volts in 1989 while strapped in “Old Sparky” — the nickname given to the state’s electric chair, the preferred method of execution until 1999 when Florida switched to lethal injection.

Twenty-six spectators were packed into three rows of seats inside a sterile white “witness gallery” where the air of death was thick along with the heavy hearts of the fiend’s survivors and family members of the women he brutally murdered in a blood-soaked reign of terror in 1984.

Inside the witness room no one was allowed to speak, cheer, applaud or damn Bobby Long. The silence was only punctuated by the hum of an air-conditioner and the occasional yelp of a victim’s relative as they silently sobbed for the lives which had been taken from them.

Witnesses gazed at the curtain waiting for it to rise like a macabre Broadway show, one starring their worst nightmare — Bobby Joe Long, the former X-Ray tech and father of two kids, who became a psycho rapist killer after cracking his skull in a 1974 motorcycle accident. A survivor of his inhuman spree, Lisa McVey Noland, had a front row seat to the drama because “I wanted to look him in the eye – I wanted to be the first person he saw.”

Lisa was a troubled, suicidal 17-year-old – she had repeatedly been raped by her grandma’s boyfriend – when she was abducted outside a church in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Long brutalized her for 26 hours before she somehow convinced him to let her go. Oddly, she had written a suicide note the day before the kidnapping but credits Long with giving her a reason to live.

“Bobby Joe Long pressed a gun, with the tip of its cold steel barrel, against my left temple before dragging me to his car,” said Lisa, who heroically led investigators to Long’s evil lair and eventually became a Hillsborough County Deputy Sheriff.

“I vowed from that moment on to save my own life,” she added.

Lisa kept her chin up as the chamber curtain slowly began rising at 6:42 pm, revealing their nightmare for the first time in decades – now reduced to a decrepit elderly husk of a man, beaten down by years of jail, with white hair and sagging flesh.

Long was strapped to a gurney and covered in a white sheet from neck to feet. His left arm was connected to the lethal injection intravenous line. His arms jutted out from the blanket and were held by leather straps.

Behind Long’s head was a mirror attached to the wall and angled so witnesses could see his pudgy face – and he too could see the distraught faces of the people he scarred for life.

Three men in suits made up the “Execution Team,” headed by a “Team Leader” who stood the closest to Long, who had enjoyed a roast beef sandwich, French fries, bacon and a can of Coke for his last meal.

At 6:43 p.m. the Team Leader, a balding man with a thick mustache, picked up the beige landline phone which connected directly to the office of no-nonsense Gov. Ron DeSantis who on April 23, 2019 signed the death warrant to remove Long from this earth.

After a brief chat, the Team Leader hung up and the humming air conditioner in the witness room was abruptly turned off. An intercom system activated so witnesses could hear the Team Leader ask Long if he had any last words.

“No,” the killer spat, with venom in his voice.

The air conditioner was turned back on to blast cold air onto Linda Nuttall, viciously attacked by Long, daubed “The Classified Ad Rapist” as he targeted home-alone housewives who had placed advertisement in local newspapers to sell off furniture or other items.

Linda had been caring for her two kids, then aged four and one, and her husband was at work when Long rang her doorbell.

“When he came to the door, he was in a three-piece business suit, very polite so I let him in,” Linda said, her voice faltering. “He immediately grabbed me, tied me up, held a knife to my throat and brutally attacked me. My two children were home at the time.”

“He was just a miserable human being,” she told THE ENQUIRER, adding that her sickly one-year-old died of natural causes 9-months after the attack.

At 6:44 p.m. Kevin clutched Linda’s hand as the Executioner delivered the first dose of etomidate, an anesthetic.

Within seconds Long – born in West Virginia – was asleep from the anesthesia. His jaw moved side to side as he snored. After a few minutes the Team Leader used the back of his forefinger to check Long’s eyes, then grabbed both of his shoulders to vigorously shake him — just to make sure he was truly out cold.

As Long was finished off peacefully with two more chemical doses, his adult daughter, Sarah Crosby, gathered with around 70 others outside the prison walls to protest against the death penalty.

Sarah was eight-years-old when her father was arrested. It took her until 2001 to muster up the trust and love she needed to visit him in prison. Sarah had wanted to see her father die – but the heartless killer didn’t want his only daughter inside the witness room.

“I wanted to be there to support him – that way he would’ve known that somebody in there truly loved him,” Sarah told The ENQUIRER, who insists her father became a killer after his brain injury.

“The governor with the stroke of a pen hired a hitman, that’s the executioner in Florida to commit a homicide on my dad as punishment for committing homicide.

“It completely makes no sense. I don’t think anyone has the right to make that decision or that judgment other than God.

“They made me a victim the same way my dad made those girls and their families’ victims!”

Sarah says her father was ready to die – despite charges that Long showed no remorse because he didn’t apologize to the victim’s families inside the death chamber.

In fact, Sarah said her father signed documents to donate his brain to traumatic brain researchers at Boston University because, as he put it: “If it helps one person – I don’t need it.”

“He told me that he thinks about those girls and their families every day and that he hated the part of himself and the pain he caused,” Sarah told The ENQUIRER.

Sarah complained she was unable to see her father’s chest slowly stop moving as spectators craned their heads to watch Long’s soul leave his body.

At 6:53 p.m. a long-haired female doctor dressed in white emerged from a curtained door like the Angel of Death. She used a pen light to examine Long’s pupils and her stethoscope to make sure his heart had stopped beating.

After mumbling a few words, the doctor left and the Team Leader picked up the governor’s hotline phone again to report the execution had gone without incident.

The humming air- conditioner in the witness room was turned off a second time as the Team Leader somberly stared through the window to announce: “The sentence of death in the case of State of Florida vs. Bobby Long has been carried out at 6:55 p.m.”

Awkwardly, the Team Leader stared at the witnesses as the beige curtain slowly lowered. The stunned and relieved were also frozen by the surreal moment, wondering if Long’s death would finally bring closure to their lives.

News of Long’s death reached the ears of Miriam Elliott, the co-coordinator of the Gainesville Citizens for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, who complained he should not have been put to death because of his medical condition – among other reasons.

“It’s state sanctioned murder and it does not follow Jesus’ teaching of love,” she said – adding she felt the execution process was a huge hypocrisy.

“It’s an uncivilized thing to do but they try to counter the narrative by saying ‘but we are calm and respectful when we carry this out. It’s like we’re not like the lynch mob that has picnics by the hanging tree.’ To say it is respectful and quiet and — it’s a delusion!”

Lulu Williams, the mother of murder victim Chanel Williams, 18, walked out of the prison with a bad taste in her mouth.

Her daughter was found face down on the grounds of a cattle ranch, entangled in barbed wire with a gunshot wound to the back of her head after being raped and strangled by Long. Lulu, 69, wanted to see the murderer suffer for his crimes.

“It was too easy,” she told The ENQUIRER. “It was too comfortable for him. I just think about what he put us through all these years, then to see him just laying there at peace — he had no remorse, no anything!

“No, I would have liked to see more pain. The pain he inflicted on my daughter – the pain that we have in our hearts.”

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Killer asteroid destroys NYC in NASA’s simulation exercise

A massive killer asteroid is headed straight for New York.

An exercise set up by “planetary defense” experts is reportedly meant to gauge what would happen if authorities were unable to deflect a giant space rock hurtling toward America’s most populous city at 43,000 miles per hour.

The asteroid, about 330 to 1,000 feet in diameter, would explode 9.3 miles above Central Park on April 29, 2027, with 1,000 times the energy of the nuclear bomb that decimated Hiroshima, according to AFP.

In the simulation, Manhattan is destroyed and the damage extends as far out as 42 miles from the epicenter, ensuring destruction across the heavily-developed metropolitan area.

The horrifying scenario is meant to provoke questions, such as: How do authorities evacuate 10 million people? How would ruined urban areas be rebuilt?

“Two months may not be enough time to really evacuate, because you’re evacuating people who are stuck, who have to rebuild their lives where they’re going. You’re going to have fleets of U-hauls,” Brandy Johnson, who plays the role of an “angry citizen” in the exercise, referring to the rental moving trucks, told AFP.

A major unknown is how Americans would actually behave in the face of this doomsday scenario.

“If you knew your home was going to be destroyed six months from now, and that you weren’t going back again, would you keep paying your mortgage?” Victoria Andrews, NASA’s deputy planetary defense officer, asked

Fortunately, the fictional killer asteroid is “highly unlikely,” Paul Chodas, the NASA engineer who is the game’s designer, told AFP.

“But we wanted the issues to be exposed and discussed,” he added.

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Sick serial killer Joanna Dennehy ‘asked to be punched during sex’ and flirted with coppers hours after killing spree

THE woman standing at the custody desk laughs and plays with her hair as she flirts with the policeman taking down her details.

“I love your eyebrows,” she tells him, adding that the smock she’s been given to wear to the cells makes her feel “real sexy” and jokes: “I’ve had a hectic week.”

But this is no minor criminal – the chilling footage shows serial killer Joanna Dennehy smiling and joking just hours after butchering two innocent dog walkers.

The video, seen for the first time in tonight’s ITV documentary Joanna Dennehy: Serial Killer, also sees the twisted killer joking: "Attempted murder and murder. It could be worse – I could be big, fat, black, and ugly."

Her arrest, in March 2013, came after a ten-day killing spree, which left three men dead and two more fighting for their lives.

The man-hating monster – known as the most dangerous woman in Britain – had a twisted obsession with sex and violence and stabbed her innocent victims in frenzied attacks for "fun" – before ditching their bodies in ditches and wheelie bins.

Punched in the face during sex

Neighbour Carla White revealed the mother-of-two, who grew up in the pretty village of Redbourn in Hertfordshire, had a sordid sex life before her sick fantasies became reality.

“I’ve spoken to one guy that said he woke up and she was carving his back with a knife," she said.

“Another guy said he slept with her in the graveyard and he had to punch her while they were having sex and she kept saying ‘harder, harder.’”

In November 2013 Joanna, then 35,  pleaded guilty to the murders of her lover Lukasz Slaboszewski, housemate John Chapman and landlord Kevin Lee as well as the attempted murder of the two survivors.

But what turned the “smart and pretty” youngster, who was described as a “girly girl”, into a killer for kicks?

High school psychopath

Joanne came from a stable, loving home in a rural area, where her mum Kathy worked as a shop assistant and dad Kevin worked in  security.

She was close to little sister Maria, who went into the armed forces and her parents thought “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.”

But at school, her psychopathic tendencies surfaced early. She made the “geeky boys” do whatever she wanted, openly smacking them if they stood up to her and she bullied one classmate, Marika, so badly she considered suicide.

“She might say, ‘when you leave school, I’m going to wait for you in this place and then you’re going to get what’s coming to you,’ said Marika.

“I was always fearful about going home. If she said she would be waiting for me somewhere then I’d make sure I went a different way, even if it was longer."

“On more than one occasion, she’d be like ‘you’re better off dead’ or ‘I can help you if you want, and you should just go and kill yourself.’

“There were times when the bullying was really bad, that I could’ve quite easily taken my life.”

'She preferred throwing her kids around rather than cuddling them'

At 15, Joanna fell in love with John Treanor and ran away to live with him. At 17, she got pregnant with her first of her two children.

Although she didn’t smoke, drink or take drugs during pregnancy, John said she changed as soon as the babies were born.

“She came out of hospital and the first thought of her mind is to get stoned,” he said.

As a mum, he said, she was, “Offish, arm’s length and not very affectionate” and preferred “play fighting and throwing them” to cuddles.

He added that she often took the girls to the dykes in Peterborough where she would later dump the bodies of her first three victims.

“She used to take them down there in the fields, throw them in the dykes where the water was and it was all tough – wrestling, and throwing stones at cars – not the instinct mothers have.”

She began drinking heavily and cheating on John, disappearing for nights on end and gleefully telling him the details of her sexual exploits on her return.

Her behaviour became erratic and increasingly violent and on one occasion she turned up at the house with metal pins pierced through the skin of her arms.

He said: “She just shut the door and put her back against it and sat on the floor.

"She had a short skirt on with long boots and pulled out a knife and [stabbed it] in the floor and said ‘I could kill someone.’”

Frightened, John left with the kids and Dennehy moved to a different district in Peterborough, where she rented a room in a house with Navy veteran John Chapman.

She soon became enforcer for landlord Kevin Lee, using her violent streak to intimidate tenants into paying the rent – once punching a young male tenant so hard he packed up and left the next day.

Stripped, stabbed and dressed in a sequin gown

On March 28, 2013 father-of-two Kevin was reported missing and his burnt out car was found in the Peterborough countryside.

The following morning his body was found in a ditch by a local man walking his dog.

He had been stabbed multiple times and stripped of his shirt before being dressed in a sequinned gown – her final attempt at humiliation.

His car was found burnt out nearby and phone records placed Johanna Dennehy in the area at the time.

Detective Martin Brunning, who was leading the investigation said: “I never anticipated that it was going to be a woman that had done this.

“The humiliation aspect and the way that the body had been positioned, I couldn’t reconcile in my mind seeing physically a woman in that ditch, doing that to a man.”

Through further checks they found that Gary Stretch – a burly man of 7ft 3in – was her accomplice and the pair were now on the run.

They fled to Hereford where they roped in Mark Lloyd – who was initially asked to sell some possessions to raise cash –  and took him along for the next chapter of their murderous spree.

“I was terrified,” he said. “I had to convince her I was on side. I think she would have killed me without hesitation.

He added that despite his size, “Gary was like a dog without a bark, without a bite. She was the Rottweiler and he was the poodle."

Dumping her victim in a wheelie bin

Mark soon discovered that Dennehy had already killed three men.

The first, 30-year-old Polish immigrant Lukasz Slaboszewski was lured to her bedroom with the promise of sex on March 19.

She stabbed him to death and dumped him in a wheelie bin in the back garden – before showing the body to a 14-year-old girl who lived on the estate.

Mark Lloyd said she was proud of what she had done: “She took great delight in showing me the photo [of Lucasz] saying, ‘I even put him in a bin, Mark.'

“I could see his head sticking out the top of the bin when the lid was lifted open. She was like a kid bringing out homework.”

On the same day, she murdered her housemate John Chapman and, at a later date, she moved their bodies to the Peterborough ditch where they were found after her arrest.

Mark, who was in the car when she carried out the final attacks, revealed that Dennehy kept saying “I want my fun," and asking Gary to pick out new victims for her to butcher.

Seeing a dog walker on the side of the street, Gary asked: “Will he do?” before slamming on the brakes so Joanna could jump out and attack.

"She stabbed him 20 times, 30 times," Mark reveals. “The look of shock and surprise on his face I’ll take that to my grave.”

But minutes later she was hungry for more – and attacked her fifth and final victim.

“This one was twenty times worse than the first one and she was all over him like a blanket. Bang, bang, bang," he said.

“Then she grabbed the dog and sat in the front seat saying ‘I’ve got a new dog.’

“The bloke was trying to crawl around the corner and there was blood everywhere and Gary went, ‘let’s go to Tescos’.”

Remarkably, both men Dennehy attacked survived.

'The most dangerous woman in the prison system'

Dennehy, who was apprehended after being spotted on CCTV camera at a service station, seemed to be enjoying her newfound notoriety in the clips shown on the documentary.

She's seen laughing and joking as she is charged with murder – flirting with the police officers and smiling as she's read her rights.

Psychologist Dr Jeremy Coid said: "She's extremely seductive. She has a whole series of tricks.

"There are some things that you might see from a prostitute at a bar who will use a similar type of behaviour.

“She’s really big time now in her mind. She doesn’t care about anything. She’s a real big criminal star."

In Feb 2014, Dennehy became the third woman in UK history – after Myra Hindley and Rose West – to be told she will never be released from prison.

Detective Martin Brunning said: "She is the most dangerous woman that I’ve ever met and most dangerous woman in the British prison system."

Her ex John tells Susanna Reid in the show that Dennehy deserves the death penalty, even though she is the mother of his children.

“Being sat in prison for the rest of your life is not really serving a sentence,” he said. “What are the [victim’s] families going to get out of her lording it up in prison?”

He added: “She is not my children’s mother – she gave birth to them, that’s all.

“She is the donor, she gave them over, you know, I don’t really want my kids to have anything to do with this woman.”

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We’ve Got the Killer Secret to Maren Morris’ Super Toned Legs

Maren Morris Opens a New Window. ’ songwriting skills, voice and performances are always inspirational. But the star inspired fans with something new at the 54th annual Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday, April 7: the fitness routine that led to her incredibly toned legs.

Wearing a lavender, off-the-shoulder Christian Siriano gown with a flowing train and super high hemline, “The Middle” singer — who was nominated for Female Artist of the Year, which Kacey Musgraves Opens a New Window. took home — flashed thighs and calves so sculpted, that Us Weekly went to her trainer Erin Oprea to find out exactly how she got them.

“We do lots of Tabatas,” Oprea tells Us of the HIIT variation that consists of eight rounds of strenuous exercise in intervals of 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of four minutes. “They are super effective, they turn fitness into a game and they are killer for your legs — or anywhere else on your body, for that matter!”

While the actual moves Oprea does with Morris in her Tabatas are simple, they also make for an exhausting fitness regimen. “We do a lot of variations on lunges and squats — with or without weights, jumping or not jumping — pulses and full range of motion movements,” she says.

The 28-year-old’s workouts last for an hour. And while the number of times a week she meets with her Nashville-based trainer vary based on her schedule, Oprea thinks three strength-training sessions Opens a New Window. a week is ideal. “My goal for all my clients is to do strength training three days a week with cardio thrown in on the other days,” the 4×4 Diet author explains. “But I really believe in all-day movement every day, like with my StepBet game Opens a New Window. , which is a fun and easy way to be accountable for getting your steps in every day.”

The former Marine — whose clients include Carrie Underwood Opens a New Window. , Jana Kramer Opens a New Window. and Kelsea Ballerini Opens a New Window.  — also believes eating right is necessary to see results. “No matter how hard you work out, you can’t out-train a bad diet,” she advises. “It’s important to eat clean to reach your goals.”

For Morris — currently on her 2019 tour, Girl: The World Tour — staying active isn’t a problem. She’ll even FaceTime Oprea for sessions (like Ballerini does too Opens a New Window. !) on the road or follow Tabata routines Opens a New Window. online. “She is a hard worker! When she is training, she is completely there, kicking butt in the gym for the whole workout,” gushes the pro. “She is a super hard-working woman!”

Adds Oprea, “Her goals are no different from other women. She wants to feel strong and she wants to feel her absolute best.”

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Crossbow killer murdered pregnant mum-of-five ex-wife in 'violent revenge' for split, court told

A CROSSBOW killer shot dead his pregnant ex-wife in a revenge murder he had been plotting for more than a year, the Old Bailey was told today.

Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo, 51, allegedly burst out of the garden shed of mum-of-five Devi Unmathallegadoo's home in Ilford, East London, armed with two crossbows on November 12 last year.

The 35-year-old died from devastating internal injuries but her unborn baby was delivered by Caesarean section and survived, the court heard.

Prosecutor Peter Wright QC told the jury the couple got divorced since 2014 and the victim, whose first marriage had been arranged, had since started a new relationship.

But, he added, Mr Unmathallegadoo had "not reacted well" and spent a year plotting against his ex-wife and her partner.

The court was told the attack came following more than a year of planning and he had stored the weapons near the family home since November 2017.

The accused allegedly carried out surveillance of his ex-wife's home and made notes on the comings and goings.


On the day of the killing, he was armed with bolts, a hammer, a knife, cable ties and duct tape.

The prosecution claimed his plan was to restrain his ex-wife and her new partner, and then kill them and their unborn child.

But he was disturbed when the victim's partner took a box to store in the shed, jurors heard.

The defendant chased him into the house, carrying the two crossbows, and shot his ex-wife as she fled upstairs.

He was disarmed by two of her older children in the house and allegedly told them: "It would have been easier if you guys weren't here, like I would have done it."

Afterwards, the defendant allegedly claimed his intended target was her new partner and he shot his ex-wife by accident.

But Mr Wright suggested the evidence would show the victim, who was also known as Sana, was the "principal target".

He said: "This was a quite deliberate and calculated act of revenge on his part intended to cause at the very least the death of Devi and the extinction of the child she carried."

The defendant, formerly of Ilford, has denied murder and the attempted destruction of the unborn child.

The trial continues.

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Kim K Shows Simple, Killer Move That Makes the StairMaster Harder

Keeping up with Kim Kardashian Opens a New Window. is always difficult — especially at the gym! The reality star has long been a proponent of working out, and ever since she began training with Melissa Alcantara, she’s been cataloging their intense — and ever-changing — fitness sessions on Instagram.

On Monday, April 1, the 38-year-old KKW Beauty founder posted an Instagram Story boomerang that showed her feet repeatedly climbing a StairMaster. But there was a twist: Around the makeup mogul’s black yoga pants-clad thighs was a bright green resistance band. A further look showed that there were also weights strapped around both her ankles. “As if the stair master isn’t bad enough” she wrote over the photo, adding an eye rolling emoji.

Both the resistance band and the weights would make it much more difficult to continue taking steps, while fatiguing and breaking down the muscles in order to strengthen them.

Previously, the mom of three with husband Kanye West Opens a New Window. has posted videos of her shoulders, abs and cardio days Opens a New Window. with Alcantara. One Instagram Story about her quad workouts showed Kardashian doing close-stance leg presses, quad squats and dynamic jump squats at 6 a.m. “In the morning she’s up, she’s with it, she knows what’s gonna happen and it’s literally obviously the first thing she does in the day, and the rest of her day just goes smoothly,” Alcantara told Us Opens a New Window. in January of the star’s preference for pre-dawn workouts.

While Kardashian had previously focused on the number on the scale, she started doing more strength training Opens a New Window. in 2017 about a year and half after giving birth to son Saint so she could tone her muscles while keeping her curves, a source told Us at the time. To help her with the task, she found bodybuilder Alcantara on Instagram and reached out to see if she would train her! As Kardashian has explained, “She had an amazing transformation after she had a baby.”

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Bestival killer carried knives and was accused of rape

They took him into their hearts… knowing nothing of his monstrous obsession with drugs, death and depravity: ANTONIA HOYLE on Bestival Killer Ceon Broughton

  • Boyfriend of Louella Fletcher-Michie is convicted of killing her with party drugs 
  • The 24-year-old daughter of Holby City actor John Michie died at Bestival in 2017
  • Louella not the first woman to fall victim to Ceon Broughton’s death obsession  
  • He was said to have obsession with images of death and corpses on phone
  • He told Swedish student ex-girlfriend Paulina Aberg, he dreamt of murdering her
  • Broughton filmed Paulina after she smashed her head against sink, knocking herself out after he gave her a ‘whole load of drugs’

 A video of Holby City actor John Michie’s daughter laughing and joking with her rapper boyfriend, Ceon Broughton, hours before her death at Bestival

With long, blonde hair flowing from beneath a headscarf and shades shielding her eyes from the late summer sun, Louella Fletcher-Michie looked like any other young festival-goer eagerly anticipating the evening ahead.

Acclaimed pop and rap stars, the ‘world’s biggest bouncy castle’ and a cocktail bus were among the many attractions on offer at Bestival, being held for the first time at Lulworth Castle, on Dorset’s idyllic Jurassic Coast.

Illicit drugs, perhaps inevitably, were available too, if you knew who to ask.

But Louella’s parents — the actor John Michie, who plays neurosurgeon Guy Self in BBC hospital drama Holby City, and his partner, former Hot Gossip dancer Carol Fletcher — weren’t unduly concerned.

Their bubbly, but sensible, yoga-instructor daughter might have experimented on occasion, but she had what they described as a ‘cautious’ and ‘measured’ attitude towards illegal substances.

Besides, Louella was with her boyfriend, aspiring musician Ceon Broughton, whom John and Carol had welcomed into their family over the course of his 15-month on-off relationship with Louella.

Broughton had spent Christmas at the Michies’ £1.2 million home in North London, worked with Louella’s brother Sam and had been a guest at John’s 60th birthday dinner. There was no reason to believe he didn’t have their daughter’s best interests at heart.

And when the unthinkable happened, and Louella died after taking the newly available drug 2C-P at Bestival that evening in September 2017, John and Carol were quick to defend him, despite their grief and rumours that Broughton — who had a previous conviction for supplying drugs — may be implicated in her death.

A heartbroken John, 62, even issued a statement saying he believed there to be no ‘malice’ involved, adding it was ‘just a tragic accident’.

Actor John Michie with daughter Louella Fletcher-Michie, 24 (left), who died after taking party drug 2C-P

Ceon Broughton was convicted of the manslaughter of Louella Fletcher-Michie for failing to get her the vital medical help she needed after she took a class A drug he had supplied her at Bestival

How sickening his words must sound now; how utterly misplaced his trust in Broughton, 30, who was yesterday found guilty of manslaughter and supplying class A drugs.

For, as we can reveal here, Louella wasn’t the first woman to fall victim to Broughton’s odious obsession with drugs and death.

The court heard he was a sadistic drug-dealer who took ‘callous pleasure’ in giving women large doses of illegal substances before filming the humiliating results.

It was said he had a ‘morbid’ obsession with images of death, hoarding at least a dozen photographs of corpses and videos of people dying, including from knife violence, on his phone, it can be reported for the first time today.

He even told one ex-girlfriend, a Swedish student named Paulina Aberg, that he dreamt of pushing her off a roof and covering up the murder, lawyers said.

The court also heard how the 30-year-old took ‘sadistic pleasure’ in filming Paulina after she smashed her head against a sink, knocking herself out after he gave her a ‘whole load of drugs’.

Ceon Broughton (left), 30, had been on trial at Winchester Crown Court accused of being responsible for the death of his girlfriend Miss Fletcher-Michie (right)

In Louella’s case, Broughton had supplied her with six times the usual dose of 2C-P — one of a potent new breed of psychedelic stimulants that can cause acute psychosis.

When she’d reacted badly to it, he had spent six hours filming her distress, allegedly seeking a perverse pleasure in the sight of her hallucinating, crying for her mother and harming herself.

Although a hospital tent at the festival stood only 400m away, he dismissed Louella’s cries for help as those of a ‘drama queen’ and failed to get medical assistance that would almost certainly have saved her life.

Broughton — who it is thought even filmed Louella after she had died, an hour short of her 25th birthday, in woodland on the outskirts of the festival, where they remained alone — allegedly had another motive for not seeking help. 

He had received a suspended sentence for two counts of carrying knives just a month earlier. 

Calling the police or other authorities, he realised, would risk further investigation, prosecution and prison.

For John and Carol and their two older children, Sam and Daisy, who sat in court throughout Broughton’s three-week trial at Winchester Crown Court, the sense of betrayal following his conviction for manslaughter through gross negligence must be nothing short of earth-shattering.

Louella Fletcher-Michie, the 24-year-old daughter of actor John Michie, died after being given a fatal amount of 2-CP at Bestival. Her boyfriend, Ceon Broughton, was today convicted of manslaughter for supplying the drug and failing to help her when she collapsed

Miss Fletcher-Michie (second right) and Broughton (far right) at a family dinner with her actor father John, mother Carol, brother Sam, sister Daisy and her boyfriend Jamie Jamieson

Speaking outside the court yesterday, Mr Michie said: ‘Regardless of the outcome of this harrowing trial, there were never going to be any winners.

‘We began our life sentence on what would have been Louella’s 25th birthday. Ceon’s life sentence is knowing he didn’t help Louella to live.’

Their despair will not be lost on the family of Paulina, who escaped Broughton’s morbid obessions. Relatives in Sweden reacted to the news with quiet dignity. ‘It will bring comfort,’ one said.

Paulina’s father, music producer Ingemar Aberg, was more direct. Speaking exclusively to the Mail from Stockholm, he said: ‘I hope he rots in hell.’

Swedish Paulina Aberg (above) contacted the prosecutor by email and sent a letter to the court after Broughton’s trial started 

So how did Broughton manage to hide his monstrous behaviour from Louella’s loving parents?

A Jekyll and Hyde character whose grandmother has described him as placid and ‘polite’, he appeared equally at ease in the Michies’ privileged celebrity world as he did among the drug-fuelled rap music industry.

Broughton’s father (the only member of his family who came to court) and mother separated when he was a child, his mother remarrying a property consultant, with whom she had two daughters, now in their early 20s.

The family moved from London to a semi-detached home in leafier Watford, where — although his mother later separated from her second husband — her son appeared to enjoy a loving upbringing.

Certainly, neighbours told the Mail they were a ‘nice’ family about whom they had not ‘a bad word to say’. As a teenager, however, Broughton discovered skateboarding, his new hobby eventually dragging him into an altogether murkier world.

By his 20s, he was a fully-fledged member of skateboarding gang Laigon Life, a group that also produced violent rap music and whose social media outpourings and YouTube videos celebrated street fights and debauchery. In one piece of footage, apparently from a festival, a youth sits among tents pretending to be a drug-dealer.

Another chillingly prescient moment shows a woman slumped half-unconscious on public transport, seemingly unaware she is being filmed.

Such publicly available clips, it emerged, were merely a drop in the ocean of Broughton’s compulsion to film potentially criminal activity.

Police discovered a wealth of more information on his iPhone, which Broughton’s lawyers successfully argued would prejudice a jury’s decision.

In other shock footage not shown to the jury, he is seen shoving a spoonful of white powder into a scantily-clad woman’s nose.

Broughton smashed up a table in the atrium of the court after being confronted by the family during a break in proceedings

The scene at Bestival where Miss Michie’s body was discovered by police on the edge of the festival site, which covers hundreds of acres close to the landmark Durdle Door

He brusquely tells the woman to do ‘more’. The unknown female responds: ‘More?’, and is apparently unsure, before he again shoves the spoon under her nose.

‘No, no, you have to do more,’ he says, before feeding her the rest of the dose, while he films it.

Another disturbing clip from his phone showed a woman in pink underwear dancing in front of a bathroom mirror, apparently under the influence and unaware she was being filmed by him.

The evidence was so damning, however, that Broughton’s lawyers managed to have it ruled out as overly prejudicial, as it was said it showed he took a ‘callous pleasure … in the pain of others’.

‘No justice,’ John Michie spat from the public gallery, after the judge announced his decision to exclude the devastating material.

Despite Broughton’s abhorrent behaviour, his profile grew. He began rapping under the artist name CEONRPG, working with renowned ‘grime’ (a genre of electronic dance music) stars such as Wiley and Mercury award-winner Skepta and amassing some 20,000 followers on Instagram.

He modelled for Chanel at London Fashion Week and in 2017 was pictured, among other artists, alongside London Mayor Sadiq Khan at the Mobo music awards.

Yet he continued to lead a parallel, despicable, life.

On social media, a picture emerged of Broughton and a fellow member of Laigon Life next to suspicious lines of white power, and he was accused of sexual assault, rape and emotional abuse.

He was one of 38 male ‘abusers in UK creative scenes’ whose names appeared in a post-Weinstein era online list, the creator of which is unknown.

In 2017, Broughton (left) released the song ‘Duracell’, which was produced by Skepta

This was, it should be stressed, an unverified list which played no part in Broughton’s trial — but were the allegations to become widespread and his dubious treatment of women better known, it is fair to assume his and Louella’s paths might never have crossed.

As it was, his burgeoning success would have been applauded by the Michies, who shun showbusiness airs and graces.

John, who found fame as Detective Inspector Robbie Ross in Nineties drama series Taggart before landing the role of Karl Munro in ITV soap Coronation Street in 2011, met dancer Carol on the set of an advert in the Eighties.

Broken TV star’s tragic statement after hearing jury’s verdicts 

Actor John Michie said this afternoon his family’s ‘life sentence’ began when his daughter was heartlessly left to die in woodland by Ceon Broughton.

Reading from his phone outside court today, the 62-year-old said: ‘Regardless of the outcome of this trial, there was never going to be any winners.

‘We began our life sentence on what would have have Louella’s 25th birthday.. Ceon’s life sentence is knowing he did not help Louella to live.’

Louella’s film director brother Sam specialises in directing rap videos, and her sister Daisy is a dancer and stylist.

Home, John once declared proudly, is a ‘United Nations’ street in multicultural Holloway and family holidays are spent on the same Spanish campsite every year.

It is easy to see how Broughton might have fitted in, not least because Louella, who taught a dance-based form of yoga called Voga, had the same down-to-earth demeanour as her family. After she and Broughton became an item in June 2016, John and Carol, with whom Louella still lived, welcomed him into their home, as they did all her friends.

‘I loved that as I felt involved with her life,’ Carol told the court. ‘We welcomed Ceon, too.’

But Broughton — who was invited to John’s 60th birthday restaurant meal in October 2016 — ended their relationship ‘suddenly’ after spending Christmas with the family that December.

Louella, so enamoured by Broughton she decorated her bedroom with graffiti that read ‘Laigon Life’, was apparently ‘devastated’ by the unexplained split. By the summer of 2017, however, they were back together.

‘She loved Ceon more than anyone before,’ Carol told the court. Sadly, it seems doubtful the feeling was reciprocated. As her sister Daisy put it: ‘I think she loved Ceon but I don’t think he loved her.’

Recently reunited when they attended Bestival together, Louella and Broughton’s decision to head away from the music area into the wooded outskirts of the festival on September 10 was understandable, says Carol.

‘They liked trees and the outdoors. It was not a surprise that they went to the forest.’

Some two hours after taking 2C-P — which is typically smoked or snorted — at 6.48pm, Broughton called Louella’s family to tell them Louella was having what he described as a ‘bad trip’.

Broughton (right) was born in 1989 and lived in in a small terraced house in Wembley Park

Broughton is pictured (bottom right) with London Mayor Sadiq Khan at the 2017 Mobo awards

After Carol heard her daughter crying in the background, she and John — who both urged Broughton to seek medical help — embarked on a frantic 130-mile drive from London to Dorset to rescue their daughter.

Meanwhile, Broughton continued his cruel and relentless recording of Louella — one video he made is 51 minutes long — as she became increasingly disorientated, rubbing herself with brambles and cutting her face and hands.

Her garbled cries were interspersed with heart-breaking moments of lucidity — at one stage she shouted: ‘Dad, I love you.’

Broughton appeared impervious to her distress, a note he recorded on his phone even appearing to romanticise her ordeal, the court heard, ‘referring to her laying beneath with him, nettles and thorns, a reference to bleeding where the heart was torn’. If there was a nagging voice telling him to seek help, he silenced it, texting a friend to explain he couldn’t get ‘bagged’ (slang for arrested).

Grime rapper was convicted of having a KNIFE in public but spared jail just weeks before Bestival 

The drug dealer convicted of killing Louella Fletcher-Michie had avoided a jail term for possessing a knife just a month before, it can be revealed today. 

It can be reported for the first time today that Broughton had avoided being jailed for possession of a bladed article in public.

He was given a 24-week sentence suspended for a year at Thames magistrates’ court in August 2017, just a month before he and Louella attended the music festival where she died.

Prosecutors said Broughton did not get help for Louella because he was on the suspended jail term and feared the consequences.

At 11.24pm, a picture he took appears to show Louella’s lifeless body at his feet.

According to Prosecutor William Mousley QC, his decision not to seek help was ‘born out of selfishness and self-preservation’ and by the time John and Carol arrived at the festival, it was too late.

Shortly after Louella’s death was announced, rumours of Broughton’s involvement swirled and he was arrested on suspicion of her murder. But police found no evidence Louella had been assaulted and he was released under investigation.

An inquest revealed Louella had died of an overdose. Like Broughton, she also had the drugs ketamine and MDMA in her system, which caused a long period of agitation, eventually fatally blocking her airways.

Broughton — who had already pleaded guilty to supplying 2C-P to Louella and her friend at Glastonbury Festival three months before she died — was charged with manslaughter and supplying her with a second dose of 2C-P last February.

Granted unconditional police bail, he was allowed to live in his privately rented waterside terrace home in a converted Victorian arms factory in Enfield, North London, as he awaited trial. He even released another single.

But any hopes he could resume his burgeoning music career have been lost with his conviction, along with the selfless support he enjoyed from Louella’s family.

Having decided not to give evidence, thus denying her loved ones the opportunity to understand the precise circumstances surrounding her death, Broughton was called evil by a distraught John Michie when he passed the man in the court atrium.

Broughton smashed a table and destroyed a water-cooler in retaliation, before being restrained by police.

As he awaits the terms of his sentence, to be decided today, he will have plenty of time to reflect on the horrific manner in which he let down the woman who loved him.

As, too, will John Michie, whose assessment of his initial support for Broughton was summarised with tragic understatement to the jurors: ‘Clearly, I made a mistake.’ 

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World News

Albanian machine-gun killer fighting boot from Britain 'to keep family together' still here despite being convicted of battering wife

Ardian Rragami, 47, who machine-gunned a man in his native Albania, also punched and spat at terrified Chrysoulla at their Essex home.

His wife said she is living in fear since he attacked her with a knife — and begged: “Please deport him now.”

Rragami, 47, has been fighting deportation for four years — claiming it will break up the loving family he has in Britain with his wife and two daughters.

But he made a mockery of that claim by battering terrified wife Chrysoulla and holding a blade to her throat during a gin-fuelled rampage that was captured on film.

Beautician Chrysoulla, 49, said: “Ardian has used the right to a family life to argue his case against deportation, but he's thrown that away now.

“I stuck by him in the past but until he’s deported it will never stop.”

Rragami, who machine gunned a neighbour to death in Albania after a bar row, has twice sneaked into Britain illegally.


But Home Office efforts to kick him out have been tied up in legal red tape as he claims deportation will breach his human rights by denying him a family life here.

The attack on Chrysoulla, filmed by a horrified niece, took place at the family home last month while decorator Rragami was on immigration bail, wearing a tag and subject to a curfew.

He pleaded guilty to assaulting Chrysoulla by punching her and cutting her jaw with a kitchen knife.

He also admitted assaulting a child.

He had knife at my throat. His face was twisted in hate. I thought I was going to die.

But he walked free from court after getting an eight month suspended jail sentence.

Had he been jailed for a minimum 12 months he would have been deported automatically.

Chrysoulla said: “I’ve had to move house so he can’t find me.

“Even though I’ve got a restraining order I’m scared.

“He had the knife held right to my throat. His face was twisted with hate as he held it to my throat. I thought I was going to die.”

The leniency shown to Rragami by Basildon crown court means he is not only back on the streets but free to continue a legal fight with the Home Office, which is estimated to have cost the taxpayers at least £100,000.


Local Tory MP Mark Francois said: “This is a shocking case, particularly in view of the violence involved.”

Rragami entered Britain illegally in 1998 while on the run for a murder in his home city of Shkoder.

He gave UK officials the fake name Ardian Gashi and claimed to be a refugee from the Kosovo War. He was allowed to stay.

In 2000 the Albanian courts sentenced him to 15 years in his absence.

Two years later he wed Chrysoulla. The couple settled in Wickford, Essex, and had two daughters, now 13 and 15.

He was jailed here for theft in 2007 after stealing cash from parking meters.


JULY 1998: Rragami shoots a man dead at a bar in northern Albania and goes on the run.

LATE 1998: Claims asylum in the UK after posing as Kosovan refugee Ardian Gashi.

2000: Jailed for 15 years in his absence back in Albania.

2002: Marries a divorcee in London and starts a family with her.

2007: Jailed for his role in West End parking meter thefts.

2009: Interpol finds him working as a builder in Essex.

2010: He is extradited to Albania to serve his 15-year jail sentence.

2014: Released early after appealing against the length of his prison term, he returns to the UK.

FEBRUARY 2015: Arrested by Immigration Enforcement officers.

MARCH 2015: Conditionally released due to “leave to remain” application.

JUNE 2016: Detained again pending deportation proceedings.

SEPTEMBER 2016: Immigration judge bails him, pending his appeal against deportation.

JANUARY 2019: Assaults wife and a young child during a drunken row at his home.

FEBRUARY 2019: Gets eight-month suspended jail sentence – too short to trigger automatic deportation.


But it was only in 2009 that Interpol tracked him down and began extradition proceedings.

He was returned to Albania in 2010 but served just four years after appealing against the length of the sentence.

On his release he sneaked back into Britain in and moved in with Chrysoulla.

He was detained again two years later and began his lengthy battle against deportation.

The Home Office said: “Foreign national offenders who abuse our hospitality by committing crimes have no place in this country.

“They should be in no doubt about our determination to remove them. Since 2010 we have removed nearly 45,800.”

  • Rragami’s cousin Gentian Rragami, 44, appeared in the same court as him on the same day before the same judge — on people smuggling charges. He was jailed for ten months.
Louis Wood – The Sun7
Ardian Rragami battered his terrified wife Chrysoulla and held a blade to her throat during a gin-fuelled rampage captured on film
Louis Wood – The Sun7
Ardian Rragami pleaded guilty to assault but walked free from court after getting an eight-month suspended jail sentence
Louis Wood – The Sun7
Ardian Rragami's attack on his wife, filmed by a horrified niece, took place at the family home while he was on immigration bail, wearing a tag and subject to a curfew
Ardian Rragami entered Britain illegally in 1998 while on the run for a murder in his home city of Shkoder
Ardian Rragami, pictured wearing boxing gloves, gave UK officials the fake name Ardian Gashi and claimed to be a refugee from the Kosovo War
Government to pay thousands to European rough sleepers illegally deported

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Killer robots should be banned to prevent them wiping out humanity

Killer robots should be banned to prevent them wiping out humanity, scientists warn

  • Advances in artificial intelligence mean machines will have more power
  • New machines could select and attack targets without any human input 
  • Such robots would represent the ‘third revolution’ in warfare after gunpowder and nuclear weapons 

Killer robots should be banned to prevent them wiping out humanity, the world’s largest gathering of scientists was told yesterday.

While full-blown android soldiers remain the stuff of science fiction, advances in artificial intelligence mean machines with the power to select and attack targets without human input could soon be developed. 

Such robots represent the ‘third revolution’ in warfare after gunpowder and nuclear weapons, scientists and campaigners told the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual meeting in Washington DC. 

Scientists have said that ‘killer robots’ should be banned to prevent them wiping out humanity

  • Inside America’s eerie abandoned malls: How shopping centers…

    Torvill and Machine: Scientists teach robot to ice skate…

  • The lost letters of the SS Gairsoppa: More than 700…

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Mary Wareham, from the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, said: ‘Bold leadership is needed for a treaty. The security of the world and future of humanity hinges on achieving a ban on killer robots.’

Backers include UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who has called autonomous weapons ‘politically unacceptable and morally repugnant’.

Antonio Guterres (pictured above) has also backed the new treaty


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BTK Serial Killer: Did Kerri Rawson Know Her Dad Was a Murderer?

Kids learning out their parents have secrets – even flaws –
is common. But discovering your dad is secretly a serial killer? That’s a whole
other level of astonishing.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Kerri Rawson when the police were successful in catching the notorious BTK Killer. Dennis Rader, a husband, father, and respected community member, eluded police for more than three decades. Now Kerri Rawson is speaking out about what it was like growing up as the daughter of a serial killer. Her revelations are haunting – and undeniably sad.

Who was the BTK Killer?

The BTK Killer terrorized the Wichita, Kansas area beginning in 1974. The nickname, which he assigned to himself in a series of taunting letters he sent to police, stands for “Bind, Torture, Kill.” That’s how he disposed of his victims.

Dennis Rader eventually got caught when police traced a
letter he sent back to his church. But his arrest and subsequent trial meant the
nightmare was just beginning for his family. According to them, they had no
idea Rader was secretly murdering

Did Kerri Rawson know her dad was a killer?

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Posted @withrepost • @abc2020 Kerri Rawson reacts to learning her DNA helped police catch her father as BTK serial killer: “It felt like an invasion of my privacy.” — Kerri's first TV interview airs tonight on a 2-hour #ABC2020 #MyFatherBTK at 9|8c on ABC. #aserialkillersdaughter #abcnews

A post shared by Kerri Rawson (@kerrirawson) on

Kerri Rawson describes Rader as a protective, doting father.
After his arrest, she had to come to terms with the fact that the man she
looked up to was living a lie. “I had to learn how to grieve a man that was not
dead, somebody I loved very much that no one else loved anymore,” Rawson
told 20/20.

Rader began his killing spree when he murdered the Otero family in 1974. His daughter Kerri was born the next year, in 1975. She and her mother both maintain that they had no idea Rader was a killer and never would have helped him cover up any crimes. In total, the BTK Killer murdered 10 victims.

How did Kerri Rawson help her dad get convicted?

She may not have known it at the time, but Kerri Rawson was
instrumental in getting her father put away for life in conjunction with his
crimes. In order to build their case, prosecutors had to use DNA evidence to
link Rader to the crime scenes. For this task, they used Rawson’s DNA samples
without her permission.

“They found out I had had annual pap smears and they got a warrant for
my medical records,” Rawson explains during the 20/20 documentary. “It would have been nice if somebody had asked
me for my DNA. I would have willingly given it.”

Did Rawson stop talking to her father, the BTK Killer?

Rawson describes the moment that she discovered the true nature
of her father as “devastating.” But even in that moment, it was hard to separate
the man she thought she knew with the man he really was.

Rader was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 175 years
in prison. After he was incarcerated, he and Rawson began exchanging letters. During
the 20/20
interview she said, “I wasn’t corresponding with BTK. I’m never
corresponding with BTK. I’m talking to my father. I’m talking to the man that I
lived with and loved for 26 years.” She went on to explain, “I still love my
dad today. I love the man that I knew. I don’t know a psychopath… That’s not
the man I knew and loved.”

Rader had similar sentiments. In the
letters he sent to Rawson, he pled for forgiveness. In a letter from 2005 he wrote,
“You will always be my
baby girl I raised right-proud-independent and now is a grown adult with many
years of love to give. Life before the arrest was a good time and the dark side
took me away.”

What does Kerri Rawson think of her father now?

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Yesterday was a rather extra nutty day in a rather extra nutty life. I woke up knowing I had 175 books with my dad’s mugshot on them sitting in my living room. I also knew I had a pile of, “It’s Friday & your book is publishing in less than 3 weeks tasks & emails” waiting for me. What I didn’t know was that I was going to wake up to the NY Post sharing about my story, book & dear ol’ dad. I knew media was coming, but wasn’t expecting it quite yet. Then the international press picked it up & I very poorly attempted to cut/paste/translate a headline & lead-in in Dutch & yes, it’s been a lot. Last night I finally opened one of the many boxes in my living room. Seeing years of hard, tooth and nail scraping work finally in my hands brought me to tears. I fought many, many years to still be here on earth, let alone to learn how to use my voice, to write, to breathe, & eventually live again. Nothing, no matter what today holds, or the rest of my life may contain, nothing, can take this away from me. To purchase, see link in profile. #aserialkillersdaughter #audible #ebooks #kindlepaperwhite #bookstagram #ptsd #thomasnelson #nelsonbooks #harpercollins #harpercollinscanada #hope #faith #love #overcoming #overcomingdepression #overcominganxiety #suicideprevention #trauma #btkkiller #btk #mustread #amwriting #writersofinstagram #publishedauthor

A post shared by Kerri Rawson (@kerrirawson) on

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Yesterday was a rather extra nutty day in a rather extra nutty life. I woke up knowing I had 175 books with my dad’s mugshot on them sitting in my living room. I also knew I had a pile of, “It’s Friday & your book is publishing in less than 3 weeks tasks & emails” waiting for me. What I didn’t know was that I was going to wake up to the NY Post sharing about my story, book & dear ol’ dad. I knew media was coming, but wasn’t expecting it quite yet. Then the international press picked it up & I very poorly attempted to cut/paste/translate a headline & lead-in in Dutch & yes, it’s been a lot. Last night I finally opened one of the many boxes in my living room. Seeing years of hard, tooth and nail scraping work finally in my hands brought me to tears. I fought many, many years to still be here on earth, let alone to learn how to use my voice, to write, to breathe, & eventually live again. Nothing, no matter what today holds, or the rest of my life may contain, nothing, can take this away from me. To purchase, see link in profile. #aserialkillersdaughter #audible #ebooks #kindlepaperwhite #bookstagram #ptsd #thomasnelson #nelsonbooks #harpercollins #harpercollinscanada #hope #faith #love #overcoming #overcomingdepression #overcominganxiety #suicideprevention #trauma #btkkiller #btk #mustread #amwriting #writersofinstagram #publishedauthor

A post shared by Kerri Rawson (@kerrirawson) on

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Yesterday was a rather extra nutty day in a rather extra nutty life. I woke up knowing I had 175 books with my dad’s mugshot on them sitting in my living room. I also knew I had a pile of, “It’s Friday & your book is publishing in less than 3 weeks tasks & emails” waiting for me. What I didn’t know was that I was going to wake up to the NY Post sharing about my story, book & dear ol’ dad. I knew media was coming, but wasn’t expecting it quite yet. Then the international press picked it up & I very poorly attempted to cut/paste/translate a headline & lead-in in Dutch & yes, it’s been a lot. Last night I finally opened one of the many boxes in my living room. Seeing years of hard, tooth and nail scraping work finally in my hands brought me to tears. I fought many, many years to still be here on earth, let alone to learn how to use my voice, to write, to breathe, & eventually live again. Nothing, no matter what today holds, or the rest of my life may contain, nothing, can take this away from me. To purchase, see link in profile. #aserialkillersdaughter #audible #ebooks #kindlepaperwhite #bookstagram #ptsd #thomasnelson #nelsonbooks #harpercollins #harpercollinscanada #hope #faith #love #overcoming #overcomingdepression #overcominganxiety #suicideprevention #trauma #btkkiller #btk #mustread #amwriting #writersofinstagram #publishedauthor

A post shared by Kerri Rawson (@kerrirawson) on

Although she’s horrified by what he did, Kerri Rawson
eventually began down a path of forgiveness
for her own well-being. “I realized I was
rotting within. I didn’t just forgive my father for him. I had to do it for
myself,” she explained.

“It was a very
long journey,” Rawson said. “There was a lot of hard work in me, with
faith. I had gone back to church. I was working on my relationship with God,
working on my own heart.”

However, that forgiveness didn’t extend to everything. She still
can’t get over the lives he ruined. “I’m not forgiving him for what he did to those other families,” says Rawson.
“But I am forgiving him for what he did to our family.”

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World News

Speedboat killer writes ‘tell-all’ letter to victim’s family

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd writes ‘tell-all’ letter to family of victim, 24, ‘revealing what really happened’ on the night she died in Thames crash

  • Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd wrote a letter to the family of Charlotte Brown 
  • He left a note with a friend shortly before handing himself into police in Georgia 
  • Shepherd claimed Miss Brown was driving when the boat flipped on the Thames

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd has written a letter to his victim’s family in which he claims to reveal what really happened on the night of Charlotte Brown’s death.

Shepherd left the note with a close friend shortly before handing himself in to police in Georgia last week.

His lawyer Mariam Kublashvili claims that the letter ‘answers all the questions everyone has’.

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd, pictured in Tbilisi, Georgia, has written a letter to his victim’s family

Miss Brown’s father Graham said last night: ‘I’ve heard nothing about any letter, but in any case the time to have answered what happened to Charlotte that night was at his trial – which he was absent from. I do not welcome or seek any contact from Shepherd.’

Shepherd, 31, claimed Miss Brown, 24, was driving the speedboat when it flipped on the River Thames in December 2015. 

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    Smiling in the sun with his new lover: ‘Suicidally…

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He fled to Georgia after being charged with manslaughter and was jailed for six years in his absence.

Miss Brown’s mother Roz Wickens, 53, has urged Shepherd to ‘stop lying’ and ‘tell the truth about what happened’.

Shepherd claimed Miss Brown (pictured) was driving the boat when it flipped on the Thames

Shepherd fled Britain last March but, after a campaign by the Mail, he handed himself in. 

The web designer is being held for three months at Gldani Number Eight maximum security prison in Tbilisi.

In 2012 guards were filmed beating inmates and carrying out sexual humiliation punishments with broom handles.

Shepherd is sharing a room with two other inmates and must use communal toilet and shower facilities. 

He has started reading The Count of Monte Cristo – an Alexandre Dumas novel in which the main character breaks out of a prison.

Despite claiming in court he handed himself in ‘to draw to a close this horrible accident and the terrible consequences’, Shepherd is still not cooperating with the authorities.

He supplied a fake address in Tbilisi and police sources say they are still trying to find out where he was living.

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World News

Revealed: County lines killer, 22, gets £52,000 of legal aid

Revealed: County lines killer, 22, gets £52,000 of legal aid after boasting he made £1,000 a DAY from drugs

  • Gaille Bola, 22, stabbed Meschak Dos Santos Cornelio to death for mobile phone 
  • Killed for the 18-year-old’s phone, which he used to sell cocaine and heroin
  • Battered Nokia handset was was the only link to scores of drug addicts 
  • Bola was found guilty of manslaughter and faces a life sentence on February 1

Gaille Bola (pictured), 22, stabbed Meschak Dos Santos Cornelio to death just to get his hands on the 18-year-old’s mobile phone, which he used to sell cocaine and heroin

A ruthless crime lord who killed a teenager for the phone he used to run a county lines drugs operation was awarded £52,000 in legal aid – despite raking in £1,000 a day.

Gaille Bola, 22, stabbed Meschak Dos Santos Cornelio to death just to get his hands on the 18-year-old’s mobile phone, which he used to sell cocaine and heroin.

The battered Nokia handset was so old it was practically worthless, but the telephone number was worth hundreds of pounds a day because it was the only link to scores of drug addicts.

It emerged yesterday that police have never recovered the phone and believe it is still being used in London to run a county line – the term for the dedicated mobile phone line used to sell, distribute and buy drugs.

Bola was found guilty of manslaughter at a retrial in November after being cleared of murder in a trial at the Old Bailey in July. He faces a life sentence when he is sentenced on February 1.

But there was fury last night at the decision to award the London gangster £34,127 to fund his defence after he boasted at his trial how much he made from selling drugs in Hertfordshire.

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Following a freedom of information request from the Mail, it was revealed yesterday that Bola was granted a total of £52,779 in legal aid, including the £34,127 for his murder and manslaughter trials and £18,651 to cover the legal costs for 13 other cases involving 20 offences including knife crime.

The officer in the charge of the case said last night that Bola’s boasts about his earnings stunned jurors at his manslaughter trial at Blackfriars Crown Court. Detective Sergeant Brett Hagen added: ‘It was the phone that was the target. It was just a basic old Nokia but it was worth a small fortune.

‘The figures he boasted about in the witness box were staggering.

‘Everyone was incredulous at the sums and the incredible arrogance he displayed. The judge and jury raised their eyebrows at the money Bola was making – £1,000 a day after he had paid his runners, dealers and wholesalers.’

The battered Nokia handset was so old it was practically worthless, but the telephone number was worth hundreds of pounds a day because it was the only link to scores of drug addicts (pictured: Meschak Dos Santos Cornelio)

David Spencer, of the Centre for Crime Prevention campaign group, said: ‘This highlights the farcical state the legal aid system is in. Far from being given thousands of pounds of taxpayer money to fund his defence, this career criminal should be forced to hand over his ill-gotten gains. Our legal system seems to help criminals far more than victims.’

Jen Lock, of the Lives Instead of Knives Ealing group, said: ‘This sends out the message that crime does pay.’

John O’Connell, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘Authorities must make sure those claiming these payments are those most in need of support.’

Bola – one of the biggest county lines drugs barons brought to justice so far – was running three rackets, supplying hundreds of addicts in Hertfordshire.

But profits of £365,000 a year weren’t enough for the Congolese gangster, who wanted to expand his territory into north-east London by taking over a county line run by Mr Cornelio.

Police believe it is the first time in the UK that anyone has been killed for a county line. Considered by Scotland Yard to be one of the most dangerous gangsters in London’s notorious Get Money Gang, Bola used an army of children to run his lucrative drugs chains.

He recruited Mr Cornelio when he was just 15. The schoolboy was groomed by Bola for years, working for him as a runner before establishing a busy county line of his own in October 2017. But after Bola realised how much he was earning – thought to be hundreds of pounds a day – he ambushed the young dealer as he was preparing for a night of sales on New Year’s Eve in 2017.

Bola repeatedly punched him in the head shouting, ‘Give me the phone’, but Mr Cornelio refused to hand over the Nokia handset and was stabbed in the chest. Bola then fled with the phone.

Anyone taken to a criminal trial is entitled to legal aid if their gross monthly income is below £3,125. In Bola’s case, he was able to prove that he had no legitimate income because he had never held down a job in his life.

Yesterday a spokesman for the Legal Aid Agency said: ‘We do not comment in individual cases. Anyone facing a Crown Court trial is eligible for legal aid, subject to a strict means test.

‘Depending on their means, applicants can be required to pay contributions up to the entire cost of the defence.’

The failings of publicly-funded defences came under the spotlight this month when it emerged that Jack Shepherd, who is on the run from a jail sentence for drunkenly killing a passenger in his speedboat, had been granted legal aid to appeal against his conviction.

Shepherd, 31, was sentenced to six years at the Old Bailey in his absence last July for the manslaughter by gross negligence of Charlotte Brown, 24, while he was showing off on the Thames. 

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World News

Stock trader, 45, ‘tried to frame daughter, 9, for wife’s murder’

US stock trader, 45, ‘strangled his wife to get $5million inheritance and then tried to frame his nine-year-old DAUGHTER by penning a fake confession’

  • Shele Danishefsky was found dead in the bathtub of Manhattan home in 2009 
  • Husband Rod Covlin, 45, is charged with her murder over a $5million inheritance
  • Court papers claim Covlin tried to frame daughter Anna, then 9, for the murder
  • He wrote a fake confession on Apple notes which then synced to her emails
  • Anna discovered her mother dead in the water at the New York apartment 

A failed stock broker charged with murdered his ex-wife in 2009 attempted to frame his 9-year-old daughter for the crime by writing a fake confession – it has emerged.

According to the New York Post, court papers show Rod Covlin, 45, wrote an Apple note pretending to be his daughter Anna which then synced to her email account, three years after her mother’s death.   

Anna found mom Shele Danishefsky in a bathtub at her Manhattan apartment the day before she was planning to write Covlin out of her will in 2009, court papers claim.

‘All of these years I have been so incredibly afraid and guilty about the night my mom died,’ Covlin wrote, posing as Anna, then 12.

Scroll down for video 

The murder trial begins on Monday for stock trader Roderick Covlin (center), who is accused of strangling his wife

Court papers revealed that Covlin attempted to frame his nine-year-old daughter Anna by writing a note purporting to be from her

‘I lied. She didn’t just slip. That day we got into a fight about her dating … I got mad so I pushed her, but it couldn’t have been that hard!

‘I didn’t mean to hurt her! I swear! But she fell and I heard a terrible noise and the water started turning red and I tried to pull her head up but she remained still…’ 

Prosecutor Matthew Bogdanos wrote in a court filing that Covlin penned the note after hearing that the DA’s investigation into Danishefsky’s murder was heating up again.

It is claimed Covlin put his ex in a martial arts chokehold, broke her neck, then staged an accidental drowning, leaving his children to find her bloodied corpse. 

Covlin called police less than hour after discovering the 47-year-old mother-of-two in the bathtub, and told officers that he had tried to revive her.

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  • Husband ‘murdered his wife and tried to marry off their…

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Roderick Covlin (left in September 2017) in a Manhattan criminal court for his trial nearly two years after he was arrested and charged with the murder of his estranged wife, Shele Danishefsky Covlin (right)

His estranged wife was found dead in her bathtub one day before she was planning to cut Covlin (above in court on Monday) out of her will on New Year’s Eve in 2009

But according to testimony from Sgt Yadelie Sanchez, his clothes were dry when she arrived, meaning he must have changed after pulling her from the bathtub.

Court papers reveal that Covlin’s parents were granted custody of his kids shortly after his wife’s death – depriving him of their $5million inheritance.  

It is claimed Covlin then cooked up schemes to kill his own parents by having his daughter Anna serve them sugar laced with rat poison in their tea, but didn’t follow through with the plans.  

Another sinister scheme allegedly involved persuading Anna to invent a rape allegation against her grandfather, even sending her horrifying instructions on how to break her own hymen with a cucumber – but the young girl backed out. 

At the time of her murder, the couple was in the midst of a costly and nasty divorce when Anna, who was then-nine years old, found her mother submerged in the bathtub of their West 68th Street apartment  (file above) in New York City

Covlin was reported to police in 2015 by his girlfriend after she recorded a phonecall two years earlier during which he described another plan to kidnap Anna and marry her off in Mexico to get his hands on their money.   

He was arrested in 2015 after his then-girlfriend went to the police and gave them the ammunition to indict him on the charges, after she said he ‘made statements implicating himself’ in the 2009 slaying.   

Covlin’s lawyer Robert Gottlieb said of the new revelations: ‘It’s disgusting because it’s clear what happened here. These garbage allegations, which the DA has been desperate to get before a jury has been thrown out of the case by the judge in a very clear decision.

‘The allegations are absurd, ridiculous and they will have no role to play in this case.’

Jury selection is slated to begin Jan. 14.

Danishefsky was a money manager at UBS, part of a finance family in which she worked alongside her brother and father

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World News

Killer Chris Watts’ mistress ‘is in witness protection’ after threats

‘The most hated woman in America’: Killer Chris Watts’ mistress has moves to a new state and been assigned a new job in the wake of murder investigation

  • Chris Watts killed his wife and two daughters in August and is now in jail 
  • Nichol Kessinger told police she was having an affair with Watts
  • Said it would be hard for her to go out in public ‘for years’ due to threats  

Chris Watts’ mistress is in witness protection hundreds of miles from home and will be given a new name and identity, it has been reported. 

Nichol Kessinger told police she had started an affair with Watts just a month before he killed his two daughters and wife at home in Greeley, Colorado.

She said it would be hard for her to go out in public ‘for years’ due to abuse and slander – and has now reportedly been offered protection. 

Kessigner also told authorities in interview tapes that were obtained by under a open records request that she had left the state of Colorado and  started a new job.

She and Watts had been working together at the oil company Anadarko at the time of the murders. 

Chris Watts’ mistress (left with Watts) is in witness protection hundreds of miles from home and will be given a new name and identity to protect her from trolls, it has been reported

In August, Watts (pictured with mistress Nikki) strangled his wife Shanann and smothered his two daughters at their home

In August, Watts strangled his wife Shanann. 

He buried Shanann in shallow grave in a crude oil field where he worked and put Bella and Celeste in oil tanks. 

They were found days later after he made a shifty television appearance claiming not to know where they were. He pleaded guilty in November and was handed five life sentences.

Kessinger told investigators that she and Watts began talking in late May or early June and began to have a sexual relationship a few weeks after that first encounter.

She also revealed that Watts told her his marriage was finished and his wife Shanann did not want to try and work things out with him, two claims that were later proven to be entirely false.

And while Watts did not hide the fact that he had two daughters, he did fail to mention that his wife was pregnant with a third child. 

In one of their final conversations, Watts told Kessinger that the father of that child was another man, and acted surprised by the news as well, suggesting he was unaware at the time.

After the murders, Kessinger spoke with investigators for nearly two hours on August 16 at the Thornton Police Station after the murders

After the murders, Kessinger spoke with investigators for nearly two hours on August 16 at the Thornton Police Station. 

She told officials that she decided to reach out herself to investigators after ending her relationship with Chris because of the lies he had been telling her for the past eight weeks.

Kessinger, 30, was incredibly candid and forthcoming with investigators, and brought along her father for the interview.

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It was about an hour in however when she became emotional as the reality of the situation set in, breaking down twice in the span of just five minutes. 

‘It’s not fair. It wasn’t fair to me in the first place, it wasn’t fair to her in the first place, it wasn’t fair to any of us in the first place, you know,’ Kessigner told investigators, referring to Watts’ lies. 

‘It wasn’t fair to his family for him to have an affair, it wasn’t fair to me to have him lie to me and make me think that everything is going to plan. And still to this day, I don’t even know what’s a lie and what’s not.’

Kessinger (pictured with Watts), 30, was incredibly candid and forthcoming with investigators

She continued: ‘I don’t even know if they were like filing for divorce. I don’t know if they were putting the house up. I don’t even know. I don’t even know anymore what is real and what is not.’

Kessinger was then adamant about the fact that she never would have pursued a relationship or even agreed to date Watts had she known he was still with his wife.  

‘I t’s like, you know, I’m gonna wake up every day and know that like this mom and her unborn child and these two little girls are not around anymore and it breaks my heart,’ said a tearful Kessinger. 

Shanann and her daughters Bella, four, and Celeste, three, were murdered by her husband Chris in August. Shanann’s mother and father said in their interview that they still do not understand why they were killed 

Chris Watts was arrested for strangling his wife Shanann and smothering his two daughters at their home in Greeley, Colorado 

‘It is in me, and then I have to think about, like, the consequences of his actions and how they affect everybody else.’

She also worried about what would happen to her once she was revealed to be other woman. 

‘My name is about to be like slandered, for probably a  while. I don’t know how long it’s gonna take to heal. but I would not be  surprised if it’s gonna be hard to go out in public sometimes for a couple of years,’ she explained. 

‘And that really hurts me. I’m just like, this is a horrible horrible thing. Like, how dare you, you know. And people aren’t gonna understand that. You know, they’re gonna say, ‘oh you know, you’re the woman that had an affair with this man who took out his whole family.’

Kessinger began to began to tear up as she spoke about the victims. 

‘He’s so disgusting. I’m so ashamed of him and everything,’ said Kessinger. 


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Colorado Killer Chris Watts’ Shocking New Mugshots Revealed – See The Chilling Photos

Colorado killer Chris Watts was recently transferred to a new prison and exclusively obtained the murderer’s latest chilling mugshots.

Earlier this month, Radar reported the 33-year-old Denver resident was moved from a Colorado prison to a facility in Wisconsin for security concerns. Now, new documents Radar obtained by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections confirmed the killer was moved to Dodge Correctional Institution in Wisconsin, a prison known for housing other notorious killers.

PHOTOS: ‘There Isn’t A Day … I Don’t Think Of Him’: 6 Photos Of ‘RHOBH’ Star Kim Richards’ Murdered Fiancé

Along with the prison transfer, Chris was required to take new mugshots on December 3. Shown below, the family murderer appears with and without glasses, and showing no emotion.

The 33-year-old is also seen wearing a green prison jumpsuit. He was sentenced to serve five life sentences for brutally murdering his wife, Shanann, and their two daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3.

PHOTOS: Teen Mom Maci’s Baby Daddy Ryan Edwards Admits To Murdering Cats

Radar previously obtained footage of Chris leaving his Denver home with his family members’ bodies in his truck.

Gruesome autopsies showed Chris killed his pregnant wife and daughters by asphyxiation due to strangulation and smothering.

What do you think of Chris’ new mugshots? Sound off in the comments.

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World News

Serial killer Robert Black was a ‘heavy smoker with high cholesterol’

Serial child killer Robert Black who murdered four schoolgirls in the 1980s was a ‘heavy smoker with high cholesterol’ when he died at his high-security prison aged 68, inquest hears

  • Robert Black killed four schoolgirls between 1981 and 1986 and died in prison
  • Non member of Black’s family attended the inquest into his death in Armagh city
  • For 51 years Black regularly smoked 25g of tobacco, a doctor told his inquest 

Serial child killer Robert Black was a heavy smoker with high cholesterol when he died, a lawyer has told his inquest. 

Black, dubbed ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’, was handed 12 life sentences for murdering four girls aged between five and 11 in the 1980s but is suspected of being responsible for countless more.

Black, from Falkirk in Scotland died at Maghaberry high-security prison in County Antrim in January 2016. 

The 68-year-old spent the the 1970s and 1980s working as a delivery driver and cruised the UK looking for young victims to abduct.

His reign of terror ended in 1990 when he was caught by police with a barely alive six-year-old girl. She was found hooded, bound, gagged and stuffed in a sleeping bag in the back of his van in the Scottish village of Stow.

However he was only charged with the murders and sexual assault of his earlier child victims after sex therapist Ray Wyre was brought in to speak to Black in prison while he was serving a sentence for attempting to abduct the six-year-old.

Robert Black Black, dubbed ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’, was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering four girls aged between five and 11

Black, pictured after being found guilty of murder, never confessed to any crimes but revealing interviews with a sex therapist gave the police enough information to convict him

Jennifer Cardy, nine, (right) was murdered in 1981 when she was cycling to a friend’s house in Ballinderry, County Antrim. Susan Maxwell, 11 (left) who was walking home after playing tennis in Cornhill-on-Tweed when Black abducted and killed her in 1982

In 1994, Black was found guilty of three child murders in the 1980s, those of 11-year-old Susan Maxwell, from the Scottish Borders, five-year-old Caroline Hogg, from Edinburgh, and Sarah Harper, 10, from Morley, near Leeds, as well as a failed abduction bid in Nottingham in 1988. 

In 2011, he was found guilty of the 1981 murder of nine-year-old Jennifer Cardy, from Ballinderry, County Antrim.

Susan Maxwell was aged 11 when abducted in 1982 near the border between Scotland and England.

Her body was gagged and bound and she was found 250 miles away, in England.

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His next victim was a girl aged five, Caroline Hogg, who was abducted from Portobello in Edinburgh in 1983 and her body was found 300 miles away.

Sarah Harper, aged 10, was abducted in 1986 and found dead in the River Trent near Nottingham. 

Stephen Ritchie, a barrister for the Coroners Service, said medics believed Black died from a heart attack after having a stroke 20 years earlier.

He said: ‘He was in his late sixties, a heavy smoker, with diabetes and high cholesterol.’

For 51 years Black regularly smoked 25g of hand-rolled tobacco, a doctor told his inquest.

Black died of a heart attack while serving his life sentence in prison in January 2016

His inquest is being held in the same courtroom in Armagh city where he was convicted of the murder of Northern Irish schoolgirl Jennifer Cardy in 2011. 

GP Dr Joseph Palmer said: ‘His overall condition would be someone at risk of having a cardiovascular event, that is a stroke, heart attack or deep vein thrombosis, given that he has already had a stroke and is on a number of medications to hopefully prevent it.

‘He also said that he was a smoker not interested in stopping smoking, that risk would have increased.’

The doctor, who treated Black at Maghaberry Prison, said the tobacco use was likely to damage the patient’s coronary artery.

The prisoner had also been diagnosed with type two diabetes, which increases the risk of a heart attack, and the doctor said he did not exercise enough. 

Black, who lived out his last days in Maghaberry high security prison in Co Antrim, was also suspected of involvement in other killings and unexplained disappearances and had long been the prime suspect in the case of missing 13-year-old Genette Tate, who was last seen in a rural lane in Aylesbeare, Devon, in 1978.

Nobody from his family was present at his inquest and the Coroners Service was unable to trace anybody, coroner Paddy McGurgan said.

The killer was put up to be fostered within weeks of his birth in 1947.

The inquest continues.

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Boat killer Jack Shepherd got £100K in legal aid funded by taxpayers – while he's still on the run

Charlotte Brown, 24, died when his faulty boat flipped at speed on the Thames in London in 2015.

Web designer Shepherd, 30, got six years for manslaughter in July.

He remains at large despite a manhunt and £10,000 Sun reward.

Shepherd appealed the conviction from his hideout, thought to be among expats in the Med.

A Freedom of Information request reveals he got £50,642 towards crown court solicitors’ fees, and £42,650 went to Stephen Vullo QC, who was in contact with Shepherd throughout the trial.

Charlotte’s dad Graham, 52, said: “It’s as if he is sticking two fingers up at us all, and the legal system is there to protect him not us.”

The Sun Says

SPEEDBOAT killer Jack Shepherd is treating our justice system with contempt.

It is staggering we’re paying for it through Legal Aid.
Politicians continually pay lip service to making changes to the legal aid system, but case after jaw-dropping case continues to come into the public eye.
It’s important that everybody has access to justice, and financial support is a key part of that.

But it cannot be abused.
And it’s hard to imagine a more blatant case of that than dishing it out to a coward who refuses to answer for his crimes.

Mr Brown, from Sidcup, Kent, has also launched a £10,000 claim for civil damages, saying: “It’s not about the money for us. I just want to make life that little bit harder for Shepherd if he ever returns to the UK and tries to get credit.”

Tory David Davies added: “This individual is thumbing his nose at justice.”

Charlotte’s family are campaigning to overhaul waterways laws. Sign the petition at

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How woman who helped her boyfriend slay his step-sister

Smirk of a killer: How woman who helped her boyfriend murder his step-sister Becky Watts gave the game away during chilling police interviews

  • Shauna Hoare and Nathan Matthews killed Becky Watts in a kidnap plot 
  • New documentary revealed how Hoare smirked and giggled in interviews 
  • Matthews put his fingers in his ears when police played a pre-recorded statement 


This is the moment a woman who helped kill her partner’s step-sister was found out by police during interviews.

Shauna Hoare and boyfriend Nathan Matthews killed Becky Watts in a sexually motivated kidnap plot, but had originally pleaded their innocence to police.

A new documentary has revealed how Hoare smirked and smiled in interviews with police following the disappearance of the 16-year-old. 

In the footage, which is set to be shown on ‘Faking It: Tears Of A Crime’, on Friday at 10pm on Investigation Discovery, Hoare is shown as being a ‘giggly school girl’ in her initial police interviews.

Nathan Matthews (pictured above) put his fingers in his ears when police played a recorded statement to him

Shauna Hoare (pictured above) smiled at police officers during her first interviews in connection with Becky’s murder

It was a full week after the murder before Matthews and Hoare had volunteered their own statements to the police. 

Now experts in psychology, body language and speech analyse six taped interviews with police officers and pinpoint the moments where Matthews and Hoare give away their guilt and where their facades began to crack.

When asked for her full name by police, Hoare seems to sit up straight, smile and proudly announce her full name of Shauna Stacey Charmaine Hoare, to the officers. 

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Nathan Matthews had wanted Becky’s behavior to improve and had developed a kidnapping plan

Experts say she is trying to give the impression of someone who is ‘helpful’ and ‘doesn’t quite understand the seriousness’ of what’s going on.

During the documentary, body language expert Cliff Lansley pulls apart Hoare’s statement.

In trying to convince the interviewer of her statement Mr Lansley says Hoare ‘overeggs’ her statement and that the movement of her shoulders contradicts any formative statements she makes, he says ‘the body is telling the truth’.

Becky Watts (pictured above) was murdered by Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare after the pair hatched a sexually motivated plot to kidnap her

Later on in the documentary we see the moment Nathan Matthews has to listen to his written confession.

Before the statement is played he says ‘do I actually have to listen to it’, before putting his fingers in his ears throughout the recording.

The recording goes on to state that the couple had packed handcuffs, tape and masks in order to undertake the kidnapping. 

He also says that Becky’s behavior had been ‘selfish’ and that her behavior towards her mother was a ‘risk to her health’.

Matthews was found guilty of Becky’s murder, while Hoare was only convicted of manslaughter. 

However Mr Lansley argues that there is no doubt in his mind that Hoare was the instigator of the killing: ‘I’m convinced that Hoare is the architect of the act of killing Becky Watts,’ he says. 

‘Matthews may be the instrument, but like Lady Macbeth, Hoare goaded him into it and was pulling the strings.’ 

Hoare is currently serving a 17-year sentence for Becky’s manslaughter at HMP Bronzefield in Surrey. This is while Matthews is serving 33 years in prison.

Nathan Mattews (left) and Shauna Hoare (right) dressed up as a prisoner and a female santa

Earlier this year it was revealed that Becky Watts saw 17 professionals in three years before her murder. A report by Bristol Safeguarding Children Board has found the murder of Becky Watts could not have been predicted or prevented.

Becky was ‘erratically’ attending post-16 education at the time of her murder, the report stated.

From autumn 2011 to the time of her death, Becky had seen 17 professionals from eight different service providers.

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World News

Paedophile serial killer who broke little girls' legs before raping and murdering them arrested in India

The 20-year-old, who was named in the Indian media as 'Sunil', was hunted by cops after the body of a girl, aged three, was discovered in Gurugram.

He was arrested 320 miles away in Magarpur village, Uttar Pradesh, on Tuesday and confessed to nine similar violent attacks, the Times of India reported.

The suspect is alleged to have hung around food stalls where he would lure victims with sweets and chocolates.

He reportedly told police that breaking their legs with a brick before raping them was a "ritual that aroused him".

The toddler's remains were found on November 12 – 300 yards from where she disappeared a day earlier.

A coroner said she had suffered a fractured skull and died from "the head injury with excessive internal bleeding".

Sunil is accused of raping and murdering at least nine pre-adolescent girls in Delhi, Gurugram, Gwalior and Jhansi over a two-year period.

Authorities say he may be one of the worst paedophile serial killers "known to Indian law enforcement agencies".

His first known victim was a four-year-old girl who he was said to have snatched in 2016, before another girl was found in January 2017 with head and leg injuries.

Investigating officer Sumit Kuhar, said he would take his alleged victims to abandoned areas where he'd dump their bodies.

Police say he couldn't be traced because he didn't have a phone or a fixed place to live or work.

Kuhar said: "We are shocked by his confessions as he not only raped and killed three young girls in Gurugaram but four in Delhi, one in Jhansi and another in Gwalior in the last two years.

"He remembers the rapes, connecting them to the bhandaras he had gone to.

"He would target children who came to get ‘prasad’ or free food and were alone."

Kuhar added: "He chose children who were alone and away from their homes."

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World News

Sally Anne Bowman’s killer Mark Dixie linked to cold case murder of mum-of-three Jennifer Kiely

Mark Dixie, 47, was given two more life sentences after confessing to horrific sex attacks on two women, one when he was just 16.

Now The Mirror reports officers looking into the horrific 2005 murder of Jennifer Kiely have been in contact with Scotland Yard over possible links to Dixie.

Cops reopened their investigations at the end of last year and now say they are “actively pursuing” a new forensic clue, according to reports.

Speaking to the Mirror, Jennifer's elderly mother Margaret said: "It sounds promising. We’ve waited a long time for justice.”

Sally Anne's mother Linda added: "If the breakthrough was over a year ago I’m wondering why they haven’t tried to find a link to Dixie. Jennifer’s mother deserves answers.”

Mum-of-three Jennifer had been stabbed 16 times in January 2005, raped and set on fire – similar methods used by Dixie in other attacks he has confessed to.

Dixie was jailed for at least 34 years in 2008 for the murder of model Sally Anne, 18. She was repeatedly stabbed then raped yards from her home in Croydon, South London, in 2005.

Dad-of-three Dixie, now 47, confessed to more attacks in 40 interviews  in 2015.  He  appeared via videolink and looked nervous throughout sentencing at Southwark crown court.

The judge heard ex-pub chef Dixie carried out his first attack aged 16 in 1987.

He raped an office  worker, 44, in  her  car  then tied her up before starting a fire and fleeing. She managed to escape.

In 2002 he fractured a woman’s skull by battering her with a chef’s knife sharpener, and sexually assaulted her.

Dixie also raped three women in Spain in 2003 — leading to Dutch hotel receptionist Romano van der Dussen, 43, being  wrongly jailed for 12 years before his conviction was quashed last year when new DNA evidence emerged.

After attending a hearing, Romano said: “Dixie ruined my life. Sally Anne would be alive today if the Spanish police had done their job.

“My daughter was three when I was jailed and I haven’t seen her since. My mum died while I was in prison and never saw me being proved innocent.”

Senior investigating officer Chris Le Pere said: “Dixie is a monster and a serious danger to women.”

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Killer dad Chris Watts’ chilling text to his mistress after slaughtering his pregnant wife and daughters

Chris Watts, 33, told Nichol Kessinger his family had "gone" at around 3.45pm on August 13, the very day Shannan, 34, Bella, four, and Celeste, three, were reported missing.

Ms Kessinger recalls receiving the emotionless and cold message, which followed a dozen of other normal messages they had shared throughout the working day.

Reading the news, she became even more confused when she realised journalists were outside his house, and she was horrified to learn he was still married to a woman who was 15 weeks pregnant.

Ms Nichols had starting dating Watts in early July, believing he was separated and at the end of divorce proceedings.

She told Denver Post: "I thought, 'If he was able to lie to me and hide something that big, what else was he lying about'?"

Keen to find out what had really happened, Ms Nichols began to quiz Watts via text, but he repeatedly changed his story and changed the subject, she claimed.

The following day she thought to herself, "he was telling me so many lies that I eventually told him that I did not want to speak to him again until his family was found".

But she decided to tell police about her relationship with Watts, and what he had told her.

It comes as Shannen's parents, Frank and Sandra Rzucek blasted the claims made by Watts' family.

In an interview with Denver7 on Monday, Cynthia defended her son, saying: “He’s not a sociopath. He’s not a psychopath. I asked Chris, ‘If you did not do this, do not confess to something you didn’t do [but his defence attorney] shut me down. She completely shut me down.”

The couple told the broadcaster they have “no idea” whether Watts was coerced into taking the plea deal last week.

But the Rzucek's told, everyone knew their daughter was a "faithful wife, gentle and loving mother, and the best daughter…. even Chris Watts knows this to be true".

They added: "Chris Watts still chose to dump the bodies of his own family in oil tanks. And Chris Watts still chose to lie about it until he could lie no more. He pled guilty to murdering his family because he is guilty."

Watts, 33, struck the plea deal to avoid the death penalty after slaying Shanann Watts, Celeste, three, and four-year-old Bella at their family home in August.

On November 6, he sobbed in court as he pleaded guilty to five counts of murder in the first degree, three counts of tampering with a deceased human body and one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy.

He also admitted to hiding their bodies in an oil field. Watts’ plea deal sets out that he serves three consecutive life sentences for the three murders.

Shanann's body was found buried in a shallow grave and the girls had been dumped in oil tanks on the property of Watts' former employer.

He was arrested the following day and charged with first degree murder and other felony counts in the slayings.

Police say Watts was having an affair with a co-worker and had informed his wife on August 13 – the night before her disappearance – that he wanted to separate.

According to court documents, an investigation determined that Watts, who was fired from his job at Anadarko Petroleum on the day of his arrest, "was actively involved in an affair with a co-worker".

Watts told investigators that he killed his wife after discovering that she had strangled their two daughters after he told her he wanted to separate.

Shanann's body was discovered in a shallow grave about 40 miles from the family's home and the girls' bodies were recovered from nearby oil tanks, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Watts now awaits sentencing on 19 November.

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Convicted killer, 78, may be tied to more than 90 cold case homicides, police say

Samuel Little may be linked to more than 90 cold case homicides across the country, police said.
(Wise County Sheriff’s Office)

A 78-year-old man serving a life sentence for killing three women may be tied to more than 90 unsolved homicides dating back to the 1970s, police said.

Authorities extradited Samuel Little from California to Texas in July after charging him in the 1994 murder of Denise Christie Brothers in Ector County, Dallas Morning News reported. Little was already serving a life sentence in California after he was convicted of killing three women.

On Tuesday, police said Little gave authorities details to dozens of homicides committed between 1970 and 2005. Officials from more than a dozen states, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Justice Department interviewed Little while he was in the Wise County jail.

"Little has provided details of more than 90 murders committed in multiple states," the Wise County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

Along with Texas and California, Little may have also killed people in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Illinois, Ohio, California, Indiana, Arizona, New Mexico and South Carolina, authorities said.

"That's a scary number [90]. That's more than the BTK killer and the Green River killer," Wise County Chief Deputy Craig Johnson told WFAA. "…Closure is a big deal for those families. Tragedy is a big deal for those families. Anything we can do to help them out, we're more than happy to."

The details Little provided to authorities have not been released, officials said.

Little was sentenced in 2014 of killing three women — Carol Alford, 41, Audrey Nelson, 35, and Apodaca, 46 — in Los Angeles in the 1980s after DNA linked him to the murders in 2012, the Los Angeles Times reported. He was living in Kentucky at the time of his arrest.

Prosecutors previously dubbed Little a serial killer and said police were already concerned he may have committed more killings across the country. Police said he had committed crimes in at least 24 states but never served a lengthy sentence.

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Killer Aaron's Dad's Secret Murder Connection Revealed In Shocking Police Records

Like father, like son!

Aaron Hernandez‘s dad was secretly connected to a murder years before the late NFL star landed behind bars for his own crimes, can exclusively report.

Shocking police records obtained by Radar show the late athlete’s father once confessed to knowing details about the killing of a police officer in 1977.

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Dennis Hernandez told police he knew his friend, Rocco Testa, was in “serious trouble” after a Plainville, Connecticut police officer was fatally shot.

“Rocco told me to keep my mouth shut,” Hernandez confessed in a statement to police.

The fallen police officer, Robert Holcomb, had been shot while chasing after two burglary suspects. The suspects were later identified as Dennis’s friend Testa, and Testa’s uncle, Gary Castonguay.

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In another uncovered statement to police, Testa’s girlfriend, Dianne Field, confessed that Dennis played a role in driving Testa away from the scene, in her car.

“When we stopped at a stop sign, Rocky came around the corner with Dennis sitting in the front seat of my car. I couldn’t see anyone else in the car,” Field told police.


Despite his connection to the crime, Dennis was never charged. His friend Testa and Castonguay, however, were arrested on murder and burglary charges.

Testa was ultimately granted immunity for testifying against Castonguay, who was sentenced to life in prison.

In 2015, a judge ruled against granting Castonguay parole, according to a Connecticut newspaper.

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As Radar readers know, Aaron took his own life in his prison cell in 2017. He had been serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd.

Days before his shocking suicide, Aaron was acquitted of the 2012 double murder of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado.

Dennis died when Aaron was 16 years old. The father and son had a complicated relationship. Aaron’s brother recently revealed that Dennis beat his sons when they were young.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Dennis was found guilty of breach of peace and marijuana possession, Radar reported.

What do you think of Dennis Hernandez’s shocking murder connection? Sound off in the comments.

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