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Magaluf is battered by tornado winds

Wish you were here! Tornadoes hit Magaluf and bring severe storms that see holidaymakers make the most of it by body surfing in the streets

  • Spanish Civil Guard reported the rescue of 17 people affected by huge rainfall
  • Tornadoes spotted few miles out to shore and Brits body surf down rainy streets
  • Shop keepers forced to close to stop their goods from flying away in the wind
  • Have you been affected by the storms? Please get in touch [email protected] 0203 615 3208

Severe storms have battered the Spanish holiday resort of Magaluf in Majorca with tornadoes spotted just a few miles from shore. 

The Spanish Civil Guard has rescued 17 people who were affected by the large amount of rainfall that hit the Balearic island on Tuesday. 

Shop keepers have been forced to close their shops to prevent goods from flying away in the high winds. 

Tornadoes can be seen starting just a few miles away from the Magaluf coastline. The Spanish Civil Guard reported that they had to rescue 17 people from the severe weather on Tuesday

In a press release, the civil guard reported that they rescued three people from a house in Caimari due to a danger caused by a large overflow of water next to the property. 

Seven people were also found occupying four vehicles that were trapped by the water in the vicinity of Campanet in the Northeast of the Island. 

Additional videos have emerged of British holidaymakers making the best of the storms.

One can be seen using his lilo as a surf board and drinking a cocktail whilst floating down the high street in Magaluf. 

The unidentified man can be seen getting ready to body surf down the rainy streets

The man can be seen diving into the rain flooded streets with his lilo to carry him along despite the torrential rainfall

The unidentified holidaymaker can be seen relaxing on his lido and drinking a cocktail











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Dangerous tornado pummels Ohio leaving 'dozens of injured people trapped in buildings' as 1.5 mile-wide debris balls wreak havoc

A DANGEROUS tornado has left dozens of injured people trapped in buildings in Ohio overnight.

Locals reported 1.5mile wide debris balls were wreaking havoc in the US city of Trotwood, just outside of Dayton.

At least 12 people have been injured in the storm, with a number said to be trapped in buildings.

Up to 25 people, including children, are also said to be hiding in a local church as the extreme weather battered its way through Dayton.

The church's steeple reportedly snapped off and landed in the car park due to the strong winds.

Powerlines and trees are also said to be down in the chaos.

The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado was a "life-threatening situation".

One tweet warned: "Debris being lifted into the air by a tornado south of Circleville, Ohio".

The service tweeted that the situation was extremely dangerous and for residents in northern Montgomery County to take cover.

Locals have been warned there were new tornado threats for the extreme northern part of the county and southern Miami County with another possible threat near the county line.

On its Twitter account the Ohio Department of Transportation tweeted photos of crews using snow plows to clean up debris on I-75 north of downtown Dayton.

Transportation spokesman Matt Bruning said: "We'll do a more thorough cleaning after we get lanes opened."

Another suspected tornado near Vandalia, Ohio, was crossing the path of the first tornado, lifting debris in the air, the service said.

The service issued several tornado warnings for cities including Cedarville, Wilberforce and Jamestown until 12.45 a.m. EDT.

Trotwood is about eight miles (12 kilometres) northwest of Dayton.

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Over a foot of rain falls in South as severe weather heads toward East Coast

A storm system plaguing parts of the southern U.S. for almost a week brought nearly 13 inches of rain to southern Mississippi on Saturday, causing widespread flash flooding and prompting a flash flood emergency on Saturday evening.

Interested in Weather?

Six states have seen locations with over 6 inches of rain in the last week: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Mississippi.

There were also at least 47 reports of severe weather from Louisiana to Virginia, including two reported tornadoes in the latter.

Thunderstorms are firing up along the tail end of the storm system on Sunday morning. That means there is the possibility for an additional 3 to 5 inches of rainfall during the morning in parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and extreme western Florida.

There are still flash flood watches issued for parts of the Gulf, and new flash flood watches are being issued now for parts of the Mid-Atlantic as well, as this slow-moving storm system finally reaches the East Coast. As the storm moves east, it will interact with another developing storm system — although faster and weaker.

Later Sunday, severe storms will likely fire up from Alabama to Virginia, including parts of the Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, metro areas. Damaging winds and some hail are the main risk. Brief tornadoes are possible, though unlikely given the atmospheric conditions. However, any slow-moving thunderstorm could produce flash flooding.

Severe storm activity will reach the East Coast by Sunday night, with some gusty thunderstorms possible in parts of Charleston, South Carolina, and Raleigh. Meanwhile, unsettled weather will begin moving through parts of the Midwest with rain from Chicago to Erie, Pennsylvania.

By Monday morning, this new storm system will begin to interact with the slow-moving storm departing the East Coast and expand the rainfall across parts of the Northeast and New England.

Pockets of heavy rain, with some areas of gusty winds, will develop on Monday across the Northeast. Locally heavy rainfall will cause flash flooding in parts of the region through Monday night.

A large area of the East Coast seeing 1 to 3 inches of rain through Tuesday, with a couple of pockets of heavier rainfall. The main concern is for more rainfall on the Gulf Coast, where 3 to 4 inches of additional rain is possible, and areas of the interior Northeast, where 2 to 3 inches of rain could fall in the hillier terrain of the Appalachians.

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‘Like a fireball’: Tornado hits Havana, leaving fatalities

Havana: A tornado and pounding rains smashed into the eastern part of Cuba's capital overnight, toppling trees, bending power poles and flinging shards of metal roofing through the air as the storm cut a path of destruction across eastern Havana.

Power was cut to many areas and President Miguel Diaz-Canel said Monday at least three people were killed and 172 injured.

A truck is toppled against a home after a tornado in Havana, Cuba.Credit:AP

Julio Menendez, a 33-year-old restaurant worker said his district in Havana's 10 de Octubre municipality looked "like a horror movie."

"From one moment to the next, we heard a noise like an airplane falling out of the sky. The first thing I did was go hug my daughters," who are 9 and 12, he said.

Driver Oster Rodriguez said that amid a fierce storm, what looked like a thick, swirling cloud touched down in the central plaza of the Reparto Modelo district "like a fireball." He saw a bus blown over, though he said the driver escaped unharmed.

A car overturned by a tornado lays smashed on top of a street pole in Havana, Cuba.Credit:AP

A government meteorologist said the tornado was a Category F3, with winds between 249 and 320 kilometres per hour.

Miguel Angel Hernandez of the Cuban Centre for Meteorology said tornados are unusual around the capital and a strong one has not hit the city in decades. He said Sunday night's storm was produced when a cold front hit Cuba's northern coast, similar to one that struck in 1993, although without producing a tornado.

"It isn't usual for the city of Havana to be affected by a tornado of this magnitude," he said.

The windows in the seven-story Daughters of Galicia Hospital had been sucked out of their frames by the wind, leaving curtains flapping in the breeze, and all the patients, new and expectant mothers, had to be evacuated. In the streets, a palm tree more than 9 metres tall had crushed a pre-revolutionary American car.

Some of the heaviest damage from Sunday night's rare Havana tornado was in the eastern borough of Guanabacoa, where the apparent twister tore the roof off a shelter for dozens of homeless families.

Cubans enduring long waits for government housing often live in such multifamily shelters for years.

Maria Esther Linares, 54, was killed while hunting for safe shelter after the tornado broke the roof of the home where she was living with two granddaughters, said her grandson, Yoelkis Dip.

Dianabys Bueno, 31, was living in the shelter with her husband and son after they were forced to relocate by the collapse of their home in Central Havana. Much of the housing in Havana is in dire condition due to years without maintenance, and building collapses are routine even in ordinary storms.

"This has already happened to us once," Bueno said. "I'm not going anywhere."

Around Havana, cars were crushed by fallen light posts and vehicles were trapped in floodwaters. The suburbs of Regla and 10 de Octubre appeared to have suffered some of the worst damage.

Leanys Calvo, a restaurant cook in the 10th de Octubre borough, said she was working Sunday night despite heavy rain and wind when she heard a rumbling noise outside and looked out to see what appeared to be a tornado touching down.

"It was something that touched down, and then took off again. It was like a tower," she said, describing it as displaying colours of red and green. "It was here for two-three seconds, nothing more. They were the most frightening seconds of my life."

The tornado tore the concrete roof off an apartment building in the Regla section of Havana and dumped it into an alleyway, briefly trapping residents in their homes.

Marlene Marrero Garcia, 77, said she was in her ground-floor apartment with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren Sunday night when she heard electrical transformers begin to explode. Then the tornado passed.

"It looked like fire, everything was red, then everything began to fall," she said.

Marrero said she and her family were trapped by debris for about half an hour before firefighters arrived.

She and other residents said two of their neighbours had been hospitalised.


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Severe weather threat moves into Southeast

A major storm in the central U.S. is bringing severe weather, flash flooding and heavy snow to the eastern half of the nation. This same major storm was responsible for setting off a tornado outbreak in Illinois on Saturday evening.

There were 22 reported tornadoes on Saturday, all in central Illinois, near Springfield. On the colder side of the storm, heavy snow continues to fall in parts of the upper Plains and Midwest. Mullen, Nebraska, has received 14 inches of snow; Norris, South Dakota has 8.5 inches; and Hudson, Wisconsin has seen 5.6 inches.

On the warmer side of the storm, parts of the south have seen over half a foot of rain, including 9.71 inches in Pace, Florida, and 6.57 inches in Lillian, Alabama.

The storm is slowly moving through the central U.S. and will gradually slide east on Sunday. Severe weather and flash flooding remain likely in the Southeast, while heavy snow will be slow to move east across parts of the Midwest. Meanwhile, an icy mix is possible ahead of the storm in parts of the Northeast on Sunday morning.

A new tornado watch was issued for parts of southern Georgia and Alabama until 11 a.m. Sunday morning. Additionally, a flash flood watch has been issued for parts of this region, as well as a large part of the Florida Panhandle, due to heavy rainfall rates up to 2 to 3 inches per hour. This could cause flash flooding this morning and some flash flood warnings have already been issued Sunday morning in parts of this region.

The radar Sunday morning is showing numerous thunderstorms moving into the region, with some of the storms showing some weak rotation. This line of storms will slowly slide eastward and extend into the rest of the Southeast from Georgia to North Carolina. A slight risk for severe weather exists in the Southeast with damaging winds and brief tornadoes possible.

Meanwhile, heavy rain has moved into the major I-95 cities in the Northeast. Away from the coast, temperatures are near freezing, especially in some of the higher elevations of New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. As a result, a mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow will fall at times through the early morning hours. This could create slick conditions in parts of the interior Northeast. The wintry weather threat will end during the day on Sunday as temperatures begin to warm up.

On the back side of this storm, colder air is supporting snowfall through the remainder of Sunday from Nebraska to Michigan. However, the bulk of the snow has ended, with the heaviest accumulations to come expected in parts of Wisconsin and Michigan.

The bulk of this storm will wind down by Sunday night. However, a glimpse ahead does show another strong storm headed for the West Coast by midweek, which likely will become another major storm to track for parts of the central and eastern U.S. in the upcoming week.

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Tornado barrels over the sea towards Italy tourist resort of Salerno

Shocking moment tornado barrels over the sea towards Italy tourist resort of Salerno in storm which threw shipping containers around like toys

  • A waterspout has been recorded barrelling over seas towards the city of Salerno 
  • The enormous column of water ‘lifted around 20 heavy shipping containers  
  • According to Sky News, two people were injured when the storm hit land

Incredible footage captures the moment a powerful waterspout barrells across choppy seas towards a tourist resort in Italy.

The video shows a tornadic waterspout – a tornado that forms over water – which moving towards the south-western city of Salerno. 

Witnesses say the enormous column of water lifted around 20 heavy shipping containers in the port city and threw them around like children’s toys. 

Scroll down for video 

Incredible footage captures the moment a powerful waterspout barrells across choppy seas towards a tourist resort in Italy. The video shows a tornadic waterspout – a tornado that forms over water – which moving towards the south-western city of Salerno

  • Vicious bar brawl leaves one man floored THREE times as…

    Terrified man screams for help as he clings to the…

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Oliver McQueen took a picture of the whirling waterspout as it moved towards the city at around 3pm.

He said: ‘I took the photo in Vietri sul mare, just in front of the city of Salerno, this afternoon, immediately after lunch a strong storm broke out with the formation of the marine trumpet off the coast of Salerno.’

Staff at Hotel Cetus also took pictures of the terrifying tornado, over the sea, beneath dark storm clouds. 

Witnesses say the enormous column of water lifted around 20 heavy shipping containers in the port city and threw them around like children’s toys. Oliver McQueen took a picture of the whirling waterspout as it moved towards the city at around 3pm

Staff at Hotel Cetus also took pictures of the terrifying tornado, over the sea, beneath dark storm clouds. According to Sky News, two people were injured when the storm hit land and ripped through the city

According to Sky News, two people were injured when the storm hit land and ripped through the city. 

At least two people were injured when the dangerous storm ripped through Salerno, reports Sky News.

Video footage of the twister has went viral with online viewers calling the vortex ‘incredible.’  

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Strong storm brings flash flooding, tornadoes, damaging winds to East Coast

A strong storm brought torrential rain, gusty winds and severe weather to parts of the East Coast on Friday.

Interested in Weather?

There were six reported tornadoes — five in Florida and one in Virginia — on Friday, including four confirmed tornadoes near Tampa Bay. Two of these confirmed tornadoes were EF-1. More damage surveys are expected today in the region.

Wind gusts over 70 mph were reported in parts of Maryland, which led to building damage in Carroll County, Maryland. In nearby Baltimore, strong wind gusts did major damage to an Amazon facility, toppling a 50-foot brick wall and killing one person.

In southern Pennsylvania, over 3 inches of rain was reported in Littlestown, Pennsylvania. Farther east in Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley, water rescues were reported near Pottsgrove.

Heavy rain associated with this strong storm is still moving through the Northeast Saturday morning. Some flooding remains possible, especially in parts of New England, with localized rainfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour. An initial burst of strong winds is likely in New England.

However, as the storm quickly moves off to the north and east, it will rapidly intensify as it heads into southern Canada. Behind the storm, widespread strong winds will develop in the Northeast with gusts of 30 to 50 mph expected. Power outages and downed trees will be possible and wind advisories and high wind warnings have been issued for a large part of the Northeast through Saturday.

The storm will depart the region later Saturday, with winds calming down overnight. Sunday is looking much quieter in the Northeast, including for the New York City Marathon.

New storm developing

Meanwhile, a new system will quickly develop in the central U.S. on Saturday. As the storm intensifies on Saturday night and early Sunday, a large line of storms with locally heavy rain is possible from Texas to Illinois. While the severe threat should remain limited, a couple of damaging wind gusts are possible on the southern end of the line of storms, particularly in parts of Louisiana.

Up to 1 inch of rain is possible along the cold front. Farther north, some light snow is possible in parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota as the storm interacts with cold air.

The storm will slide off to the east by Monday with rain likely from the Great Lakes to the Carolinas.

Severe weather chances in South

Unfortunately, the weather pattern is looking quite active next week, with yet another storm developing by Sunday and Monday.

By Monday, a powerful storm, with an advancing cold front will slide through the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys. As a result, the chances for a significant severe weather event are increasing for late Monday and into Tuesday — Election Day. The main risk will be damaging winds and possibly several tornadoes.

The threat will slide off to the southeast by Tuesday, with a threat for more damaging winds, tornadoes and hail.

And another storm looks to be developing immediately behind this storm as well.

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Catastrophic ‘Tornado Alley’ may be moving east

File photo: Storm clouds seen gathering over New York City on May 15, 2018. 
(AP Photo/Denis Paquin)

The country’s Tornado Alley — a twister-heavy area typically associated with the Great Plains– is now shifting eastward, an alarming new study found.

More and more tornadoes have been popping up in Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa and parts of Ohio and Michigan, according to the study, published Wednesday in the journal Climate and Atmospheric Science.

Fewer funnels are breaking out across the Great Plains, including Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas — with the biggest drop in the central and eastern parts of the Lone Star State.

Still, the study said, Texas sees the most tornadoes out of any state.

The troubling shift to the east could be catastrophic because states there are more densely populated, according to lead author Victor Gensini, who teaches atmospheric sciences at Northern Illinois University.

“More folks are generally at risk because of that eastward shift,” Gensini said.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association said the four deadliest states for tornadoes are Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Gensini said the Great Plains is becoming drier, meaning the environment isn’t as conducive to spawning tornadoes.

Twisters like to form along the “dry line” where there are more thunderstorms because there’s dry air to the west and moist air from the Gulf to Mexico to the east.

That “dry line,” he noted, is moving east.

The shift is consistent with what experts expect with climate change.

“This is what you would expect in a climate change scenario, we just have no way of confirming it at the moment,” Gensini said.

With Post Wires

This story originally appeared in the New York Post.

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How to help those affected by Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle Wednesday afternoon as the strongest storm to hit the U.S. since 1969, and the third most powerful on record for the country.

Interested in Hurricane Michael?

Approximately 20 million people are either under a warning or watch for hurricane, flooding or tornadoes as a result of the massive storm, according to ABC News contributor Tom Bossert, former Homeland Security Adviser to President Donald Trump. Many have also already experienced the storm’s fury.

As the rest of the country watches the storm inundate the Southeast, it can be difficult to navigate the slew of humanitarian organizations and charity networks out there that are promising relief and aid for those impacted by the storm.

Below is a roundup of just some of the groups currently on the ground responding to areas impacted by Michael that have been approved by the nonprofit group Charity Navigator as highly-rated organizations.

The American Red Cross

Just weeks after responding to the devastation of Hurricane Florence, folks at the American Red Cross are preparing to provide relief to those in the path of Michael, especially those who have been forced to evacuate their homes as the storm hits.

“The Red Cross is working closely with state and local authorities in Florida, Alabama and Georgia to support evacuation centers for as many as 30,000 people who may need a safe place to stay during the storm,” Brad Kieserman, Vice President of Disaster Operations and Logistics for the Red Cross, said in a statement.

The Red Cross is accepting donations to aid in their relief efforts through telephone, via text, and online. More information can be found here.

The organization is also encouraging those who can to donate blood, writing on their website: “Severe weather events like Hurricanes Florence and Michael often force the cancellation of blood drives and decrease donor turnout in affected areas. To meet the needs in these impacted areas and throughout the country, the Red Cross asks individuals to give blood.”


The health-focused humanitarian organization Americares is deploying an emergency response team to Florida to respond to Hurricane Michael, they announced today.

“Michael is on track to be a life-threatening hurricane,” Americares Director of Emergency Response Brian Scheel said in a statement today. “Our response team is on the way and ready to meet the health needs in affected communities.”

They are currently accepting donations on their website.


The nonprofit crowdfunding organization GlobalGiving, which supports grassroots charity projects on the ground in affected areas, has launched a Hurricane Michael relief fund.

The fund will support immediate relief efforts such as food, water and medicine, but also invest in longer-term recovery projects to help residents rebuild their community after the storm recedes.

Matthew 25: Ministries

The international aid and disaster relief organization Matthew 25: Ministries announced on their Instagram that they are deploying a response team to distribute aid to those impacted by Michael this weekend.

“We are prepared to respond as soon as the path of the storm becomes clear we are able to reconnect with our partners on the ground to ensure they are able to receive supplies,” Matthew 25’s CEO Tim Mettey said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who may be affected by this disaster.”

More information about how to get involved, volunteer or donate can be found on their website.

Matthew 25: Ministries’ Advance Disaster Response Team will depart on Saturday in response to Hurricane Michael. The team will assess damage, identify initial set-up locations, and distribute aid to people affected by the storm.? ? We will continue to post updates on our website and social media.

A post shared by Matthew 25: Ministries (@m25m_org) on Oct 10, 2018 at 3:39pm PDT

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Incredible footage shows Surrey farmer running through a mini-tornado

Incredible footage shows a Surrey farmer running through a mini-tornado as heatwave causes 60ft of hay, dust and grass to swirl in the air Farmer Tom Nicholson spotted a massive swirl of air in the distance over a field Footage shows him approaching the spinning whirlwind of hay, dust and grass He steps out of his veh
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Dramatic images capture tornado that looks like a mushroom cloud

Dramatic images capture ferocious tornado that looks like a mushroom cloud battering the plains of Wyoming Storm chaser Greg Campbell captured the pictures of a rare twister as it left behind a trail of devastation  Campbell, who snapped the pictures in Wyoming, said it was the most dramatic tornado he’d ever seen At
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Onlookers ogle slow-moving tornado in Wyoming

Laramie, Wyoming: A tornado that took its time roaring across a sparsely populated area of Wyoming caused quite a few "oohs" and "ahhs" as well as some damage. Aaron Voos saw the twister touch down north of the city of Laramie while driving home with his 6-year-old son Wednesday. He called his wife
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Huge tornado filmed at Majorca beach as Brits warned of devastating floods on Love Island holiday isle

The huge twister was recorded by a resident in the town of Banyalbufar on the west side of the Spanish holiday island as authorities issued a flood alert after forecasts of intense rainfall. In the video, the huge waterspout, a tornado which forms over water, can be seen dangerously close to the shore. The intense vor
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Powerful tornado rips through Wyoming as storm chasers risk it all

Mesmerizing 150mph tornado tears across a small Wyoming town as storm chasers risk it all for a snap of the stunning twister A tornado touched down north of Laramie, Wyoming, Wednesday  The phenomenon had winds of around 150mph and spanned a third of a mile   Officials say homes and power lines were damaged but no one
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Watch the incredible moment a tornado delays Little League baseball game in Illinois

But a Little League baseball tournament in Libertyville, Illinois in the USA was struck with a bizarre force of nature recently… after a mini-tornado, known as a dust devil, formed on the infield. The local fire department uploaded the incredible video to Twitter, with the young players staying remarkably calm given
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Incredible videos show powerful TORNADO tearing through Germany

Incredible videos show powerful TORNADO tearing through Germany and destroying 50 homes Tornado stuck several towns in western Germany around 6pm on Wednesday A 23-year-old man was badly injured after being hit by a branch as he left his car A firefighter was also electrocuted but escaped with only minor wounds  Aroun
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Melania Trump 'Hates This 24/7 Tornado' of Life in Her Husband’s White House: Source Says

Melania Trump  is “furious” over the “24/7 tornado” her life has become in the 14 months since husband Donald Trump ‘s inauguration, a source close to the first lady tells PEOPLE. “What’s happening is exactly what she didn’t want to happen,” the source says. “They’ve literally….

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WATCH: Rare 'Snow Tornado' Sweeps Across English Town During Winter Storm

If freezing temperatures and blankets of snow weren’t enough to stun folks in the United Kingdom, the appearance of this terrifying weather phenomenon should. In a video taken in Brixham, England, one resident captured what appears to be a snow tornado. The video — posted by a Twitter account that shares severe ….

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