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Colorado woman arrested in 1996 murder of newborn ‘Baby Faith’

A Colorado woman has been arrested in connection with the 1996 death of a newborn girl known as “Baby Faith,” authorities said.

Jennifer Katalinich, 42, of Erie, was arrested Tuesday on first- and second-degree murder charges more than 23 years after the unidentified newborn’s body was discovered at Horsetooth Reservoir in northern Colorado on Aug. 24, 1996, the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday.

The girl was wrapped in a brown towel and the bag was weighed down with rocks in shallow waters at the reservoir, with her umbilical cord still attached, the Fort Collins Coloradoan reports.

A coroner later determined the newborn – nicknamed by the press “Baby Faith” – died of asphyxiation, and a homicide investigation was launched.

“Investigators pursued all leads in the coming months, but eventually all leads were exhausted, and the case was declared cold,” sheriff officials said in a statement Monday.

The case was suspended in June 1998, but was reopened on the 10th anniversary of the girl’s death in August 2006 in hopes that advances in DNA technology or tips from the public might produce new leads. But investigators received no new information, according to the sheriff’s department.

DNA evidence in the case was then resubmitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in November 2016, ultimately leading authorities to Katalinich, who was 18 years old in 1996 and was living in a dorm at Colorado State University, according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan.

Investigators have declined to say whether Katalinich – also known as Jennifer Tjornehoj – was related to the newborn, who was buried at a cemetery in Fort Collins.

“Baby Faith, God loves you,” the girl’s gravestone reads.

A message seeking comment from Katalinch’s attorney was not immediately returned Wednesday. She was released from custody Tuesday after posting $25,000 bond and is scheduled to return to court in January.

“This case serves as a great reminder that LCSO is determined to solve all cases despite the amount of time that passes after the commission of the crime,” Sheriff Justin Smith said. “It often takes just one citizen to come forward with information to spark new life into a cold case.”

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Woman transforms £3.50 chocolate cake from Tesco into adorable hedgehog

If you’ve got a vision of your dream birthday cake, but don’t fancy investing time in baking it yourself or spending a load of cash to get a professional to make your dream a reality, learn from Rebecca Adshead Williams.

When Rebecca was planning her 40th birthday party, she had her heart set on a hedgehog themed cake – but she couldn’t find one in any supermarket.

Rather than giving up on her dream cake, Rebecca got crafty.

She picked up a plain chocolate sponge for £3.50 from Tesco and set to work transforming it into her birthday hedgehog.

Lucky for us, she shared a video of the DIY project on her Instagram, in case anyone finds themselves in the same predicament.

The cake makeover only took about 20 minutes – so it was far easier than making a cake from scratch.

She began by slicing the sides off the chocolate sponge and placing these sections on to the base of the cake, curved side up. Then the front of the cake was trimmed into a triangle to form a pointy nose.

Rebecca slathered the cake with a thick layer of icing, added rows of chocolate buttons for the hedgehog’s spikes, and placed two white buttons on the face for eyes. The cake was finished with a chocolate nose.

The end result does look rather like a hedgehog, doesn’t it?

Rebecca’s friends and family were pretty impressed – as was everyone on the internet.

‘I had looked in all the supermarkets for a [hedgehog cake] but no one had any,’ Rebecca told

‘I love hedgehogs! My cake couldn’t have been anything else!

‘It was only made because I wasn’t able to find one in the shops and after all this, I’m so happy that I couldn’t.’

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Woman with 'face sinking' condition has stomach fat injected into her cheek

A woman whose face began to dramatically sink on one side is having her cheek rebuilt with fat taken from her stomach.

Kayleigh Crowther, first noticed the left-hand side of her face looking more sunken than usual, she thought she must be developing chiselled cheekbones, having recently lost some weight.

But when the ‘sinking’ didn’t stop, the 27-year-old realised that something was wrong.

Kayleigh says her self-esteem was shattered by the development of the condition, not helped by ignorant questions from strangers asking if she had been in an accident or had ‘cancer cut out of her face.’

Hoping that cosmetic filler injections would restore her facial symmetry, Kayleigh went to a clinic but was turned away by a medic, who told her there was something more serious afoot.

A long string of tests followed before she was finally diagnosed with Parry-Romberg Syndrome (PRS), a condition characterised by the progressive deterioration of the skin and tissue in one side of the face.

But thankfully her confidence has been restored after she had a fat transfer procedure at Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital in April this year.

Kayleigh, who’s from South Yorkshire, says: ‘Before this, I was distraught. I knew that everybody else could see what I saw. It was soul-destroying to dislike myself that much – but now, I’m feeling the best I have in a long time.

‘It’s been a long road and there have been times where this could have easily swallowed me up, but I now know that I am Kayleigh with PRS – PRS doesn’t have me.’

Kayleigh first began to notice her appearance changing when she was 17; she couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was different, but felt she simply did not ‘look right.’

When she was 18 and began going out clubbing with friends that she noticed on the photos that the left-hand side of her face was looking increasingly sunken.

‘People would say: “Haven’t you got lovely cheekbones,” – then I’d say, “It’s only on the left side, though,” she explains.

‘I wasn’t in any pain and wasn’t sure what exactly a doctor would be able to do for me, so I didn’t think to visit my GP.’

In January 2014, when she was 22, Kayleigh and her partner Scott set off on the adventure of a lifetime to live in Australia.

But as her face was becoming increasingly asymmetrical, life quickly turned into a nightmare for Kayleigh.

‘I’d overhear children saying things like; “Mummy, what’s happened to that lady’s face?”‘

She was still looking for answers when she and Scott moved to New Zealand in November 2015.

‘I was trying really hard not to let it rule my life, but I was so unhappy,’ she recalls. ‘I was pushing myself, forcing myself to go out into the world – but inwardly, I felt anxious and scared all the time.

‘I was even on anti-anxiety medication. I just couldn’t seem to pull myself out of it.’

Thankfully, in New Zealand, after tirelessly emailing plastic surgeons, she finally received a long-awaited answer.

She says: ‘A plastic surgeon came back to me, saying not to quote him on it, but that he’d seen one other case of PRS in his career and it looked similar to mine.

‘So, I went to the doctor armed with my MRI scans and the suggestion that it could be PRS, and finally medics in New Zealand agreed that they thought that’s what I had.

‘I didn’t know much about it, especially as it’s so rare, but I looked it up and remember seeing all this terrifying, worst-case scenario information, like photos of really severe cases.

‘I remember saying to Scott that I didn’t know how I would carry on and cope if that was going to be my future. How are you supposed to keep moving forward?’

According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders, PRS, the cause of which is unknown, sees the skin and soft tissues in one half of the face – usually the left-hand side – slowly shrink.

The initial facial changes, which tend to happen before the age of 20, usually occur around the cheek or upper jaw, and the severity varies from case to case.

The condition appears more typically in women than men and, while exact statistics are unknown, physicians have estimated it affects between one in 250,000 and one in a million people worldwide.

Before Kayleigh could have an operation, visa issues meant she returned to the UK in March 2018.

‘While I’d been away, I’d posted photos of my travels, but I had always been in control, making sure I posed in a certain way, or took them from an angle that meant you couldn’t see how bad my face looked,’ she explains.

‘But coming home meant seeing friends I’d not seen for ages. I knew they’d be shocked by how different I looked, so I had to take the plunge and tell them I’d been diagnosed with PRS.

‘Thankfully they were amazingly supportive. Back home, I hit the ground running. I was so close to getting answers. I didn’t want to stop.’

Doctors in South Yorkshire confirmed Kayleigh’s PRS diagnosis and she was referred to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, where she was placed under the care of a facial surgeon.

He instead suggested they try a fat transfer.

‘He was absolutely amazing. I trust him wholeheartedly,’ she says.

‘The fat transfer injections are less invasive, and we really had nothing to lose.’

In April 2019, during a two-hour procedure , Kayleigh had liposuction to take fat from her stomach, which was then injected into her face by her ear and hairline.

Recalling the procedure, which she had on the NHS, she says: ‘I came round from the surgery and was handed a mirror. I can’t describe it – I looked symmetrical, like my old self again.

‘I’ve never been so happy to see my own reflection.’

Some of the fat has since broken down, meaning Kayleigh’s face has sunk a little, but much of it has stayed, which is proof to her that the procedure was a success.

Later this month, she will be meeting medics to see if she needs a second bout of fat injections and she hopes that, over time, she will slowly be able to have her cheek entirely rebuilt.

‘It’s such a rare condition that I’ve only recently been able to find other people like me via a Facebook support group,’ she adds.

‘I hope by sharing my story I can show others living with PRS that it doesn’t need to take over your life. You’re still you.

‘To everyone else out there, I’d want to say be a little kinder. Nobody likes to feel different, and those stares and comments can be awful. I was already feeling like an alien – I didn’t need people looking at me like one.’

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NYPD identifies woman found dead in Staten Island park

The NYPD on Monday identified the woman who was found dead and covered in leaves in a Staten Island park last week.

The body of Ola Salem, 25, was found Thursday by a jogger at the edge of Prince Bay’s Bloomingdale Park, near Drumgoole Road and Maguire Avenue, around 9:30 a.m., according to cops.

The woman, who was described in a GoFundMe page as a “committed volunteer” to help domestic abuse victims, had no obvious signs of trauma, but it appeared she had been dragged 30 feet into the woods, sources previously told The Post.

The Medical Examiner’s office has not yet determined a cause of death following a Friday autopsy, according to a spokeswoman, who said an autopsy is just one part in finding out how someone died.

Sources said previously that the woman had a protective order against her husband, but it was unclear if he was being looked at as a suspect.

No arrests have been made in the case, according to cops.

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Thrifty woman transforms her battered leather sofa using cheap paint she bought on eBay – The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she gave her ‘damaged’ black leather sofa a new lease of life for just £25.

She shared a snap of her living room, revealing a massive five-seater corner sofa which had seen better days.

It had faded to a dark brown, and the seats most often used had seen their colour vanish almost completely.

Rather than fork out for a brand new sofa, one mum decided to give it a lick of paint to transform it.

She bought a leather restorer kit on eBay for just £24.99 – and the results are incredible.

She shared before-and-after photos to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where more than 600 people have admired her handiwork.

  • Leather Colour Restore Kit, eBay, £20.99 – £30.99 – buy now

She posted: “Done this a while ago but if you have an old leather with a colour you don’t like or is damaged like mine was, you can buy leather dye from eBay.

“I paid 24.99 (really easy to do and have loads colour).

And she decided to add some new pillows to finish off the look, adding: “It looks like a new settee!”

People have been inspired to tackle their own sofas with the dye, which comes in multiple colours ranging from pink to yellow.

Commenting on her post, one person said: “Wow this is a great idea! Looks fab.”

Another wrote: “Fab thank you so much think I’ll give it a go.”

Somebody else thought: "We need to do this to your sofa."

A third added: “Wow a lot cheaper than buying a new sofa.”

And this person said: “Omg that looks amazing.”

Plus this thrifty mum revamped her sofa by simply painting it. 

Meanwhile this mum spruced up her sofa for just £26 using covers off eBay.

While this aspiring designer transformed her home with filled with marble floors, gold fixtures and millennial pink accessories.

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North Carolina woman held in 2004 murder of ex-sister-in-law after Facebook tip

Fox News Flash top headlines for Oct. 26

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A North Carolina woman was arrested for a 15-year-old cold case Thursday after a detailed tip to a crime-fighting Facebook page led investigators to a shallow grave on the woman’s property in the small town of Spring Hope.

Kimberly Hancock, 49, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of her former sister-in-law, Deborah Elaine Deans, who went missing in 2004.

"Remains have been found consistent with the description of the wrapping and how the body was buried," Sheriff Keith Stone said, according to Raleigh's WRAL-TV.

Kimberly Hancock
(Nash County Jail)

The body has not yet been identified but Stone said there is a “strong possibility” it is Deans.

"It's not a good outcome," Stone said, according to WRAL, "but it puts families to rest to know at least where their loved ones are."

Hancock was charged with manslaughter in 1989 for killing her father who was allegedly abusive but got a suspended sentence, WTVD reported.

Deans, who was 29 at the time she disappeared, was a mother of four.

Deans was last seen in the area where the body was found.

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Brute who shoved woman into train could be serial subway saboteur: cops

The serial subway saboteur busted for creating mayhem on the trains is believed to be the brute behind a violent attack in Brooklyn on Wednesday, a high-ranking police source told The Post on Thursday.

Cops believe Isaiah Thompson, who’s best known for creating more than 700 subway delays this year by pulling the emergency brake, is the man who randomly shoved a woman head-first into a train at the Dekalb Avenue B/Q station in Fort Greene, the high-ranking source said.

Shocking video of the incident shows a man, believed to be Thompson, jumping up and down and screaming “What!” around 7:20 p.m.

The clip then shows the man appear to shove someone else before turning his rage on a random female commuter who was standing near him.

Video shows the man push the unsuspecting woman with both hands, forcing her to collide face-first with the waiting train.

Cops are looking to speak with Thompson about the incident.

The alleged saboteur, who was most recently arrested in August for subway surfing, previously told police he likes to “create mayhem” on the trains.

He has at least six pending criminal cases in Brooklyn and Manhattan and was released without bail for his most recent arrest.

The charges he’s facing for the surfing, reckless endangerment and criminal trespass are not severe enough for a judge to set bail under new bail reform guidelines set to take effect on Jan. 1.

Many judges have already started to implement the reforms ahead of the official date.

Additional reporting by Rebecca Rosenberg 

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Woman buys old family Bible at library book sale, discovers this inside

‘War to end all wars’: How World War I still resonates today

As the world marks the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I, the National World War I Museum and Memorial serves as a reminder of the sacrifices U.S. troops made in ‘The Great War.’ Eric Shawn reports from Kansas City, Missouri.

When Christy Limauro purchased an old family Bible at a library book sale in Toledo, Ohio, she was intrigued to find a small brown card tucked inside.

The card turned out to be a World War I draft registration card that contained the details of a Toledo resident named Clem Clair Hubbard. Limauro set out to trace Hubbard’s descendants and return the card to them.

“Using a 1940 census online, she found the names of his wife and children,” explained the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, in a blog post. “The Library’s Local History and Genealogy Department staff provided her with obituaries for some of Hubbard’s children that led to additional names.”


Limauro then sent a message to Hubbard’s grandson and some other relatives. “After a couple weeks, Limauro called Hubbard’s grandson, Ed McPeek of Las Vegas, and was elated to hear back,” the library explained in the blog post. McPeek’s granddaughter had seen the message and linked her grandfather and Limauro.

The World War I draft registration card.
(Toledo Lucas County Public Library)

The card, which had spent decades tucked inside the family Bible, has now been returned to Ed McPeek.

“I am so happy to say that I will be able to pass this family memento on to Ed and his family,” Limauro said, according to the blog post. “I hope some day to be able to meet Ed and [his wife] Debbie in person and hear more about their family and their history in our area.”


According to the card, Hubbard registered for the draft on Sept. 12, 1918, just a couple of months before the end of hostilities on Nov. 11, 1918.

“Ed McPeek remembers the distinctive green Bible at the Toledo home of his grandparents, Clement and Mayme Hubbard, until his grandfather’s death in 1964,” the library said in its blog post. “It then passed to his parents, Helen and Kenneth McPeek, in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. After Ed McPeek’s father died, the Bible was donated to St. Michael’s Lutheran Church.”

The Bible ended up in the Friends of the Library book sale at the Sylvania branch of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, where it was bought by Limauro.


Other Bibles have been garnering attention in recent years. A Bible marked with bullet holes from a German machine gun helped save the life of a British World War I soldier, his daughter explained last year.

In 2016, the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia purchased an extremely rare Bible from the Battle of Bunker Hill. The King James Bible, which is on display in the museum, is inscribed by American soldier Francis Merrifield, who thanks God for sparing his life in the bloody 1775 battle.

Also in 2016, a historian in the U.K. discovered secret notes hidden in the text of England’s first printed bible. Analysis of the Latin Bible, which was published in 1535 by Henry VIII’s printer, has revealed fascinating English annotations made during the 16th-century Reformation.


Follow James Rogers on Twitter @jamesjrogers

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Woman who snuck on flight using phone selfies denies wrongdoing

An Orlando woman who delayed an Oct. 5 Delta flight for three hours after she snuck on using selfies instead of government-issued identification blames the incident on airport staff and security.

Sylvia Rictor told Orlando station WKMG she purchased a ticket from a Delta Airlines kiosk at Orlando International Airport, then used cellphone pictures of herself to get through airport security and Delta staff at the gate and on the airplane.

“It’s their fault,” she told WKMG. “This is not my fault.”

But Rictor declined to produce evidence of the purchased ticket for WKMG reporters. Delta officials told the station tickets cannot be purchased from automated kiosks.

Rictor managed to make it through multiple levels of screening and onto the Atlanta-bound plane before another passenger complained she had taken her seat.

She initially told airline staff she had thrown out her boarding pass and claimed her selfies were “just as good” as an official ID, according to video obtained by Spectrum News 13.

Rictor was dragged off the plane after 45 minutes of arguing, but not arrested. An FBI investigation concluded Oct. 11 without any charges, according to WKMG.

Airport officials told the station that despite Rictor’s lack of boarding pass and proper ID, security was not breached because she was properly “screened.”

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Florida woman, 28, is jailed for giving birth to an 11-year-old's baby

Florida woman, 28, is sentenced to 20 years in prison for giving birth to an 11-year-old’s baby while she was working as his live-in nanny

  • Marissa Mowry had sex with an 11-year-old boy in Hillsborough County in January 2014 and fell pregnant 
  • Mowry was 22-years-old at the time and working as the boy’s live-in nanny 
  • On Wednesday, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual battery
  • The victim, now aged 17, appeared at Wednesday’s sentencing with the child, who is now five years old
  • Mowry has also reportedly given birth to another baby from another teenager she is accused of sexually abusing 

Marissa Mowry was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Wednesday for sexual battery. She became pregnant with her 11-year-old victim’s baby before continuing to abuse him

A Florida woman who gave birth to an 11-year-old boy’s baby has  sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexual battery. 

Marissa Mowry, 28, plead guilty to the crime and her fate was handed down in Hillsborough County Courthouse on Wednesday. 

Mowry was working as the boy’s live-in nanny when she had sex with him in January 2014.

At the time, she was 22 and the victim was aged 11. 

In October of that year, Mowry gave birth to the boy’s son – but his unsuspecting parents had no idea.

They believed Mowry’s boyfriend was the father of the child, and she stayed working at the family home.  

Mowry abused the boy at least 15 times over the course of several months, according to WFLA. 

He did not report what had happened to him until 2017, at which point Mowry was arrested.  

The victim – who is now aged 17 – appeared at the sentencing with his and Mowry’s five-year-old child.   

Mowry was initially facing life in prison before she struck a plea deal. She will also have to register as a sex offender when she is released from jail.   

Mowry abused the minor at least 15 times over the course of several months while working as his nany

The victim – who is now aged 17 – appeared at the sentencing with his and Mowry’s five-year-old child. He is pictured with  his shortly after the  birth in October 2014 

The boy’s mother spoke outside the courthouse and said parents should be warned about the dangers of ‘female predators’. 

She added that she has been left betrayed by the acts of abuse. 

‘I thought of her almost [Mowry] as a second daughter,’ she told WFLA.  

The family even went to visit Mowry in the hospital after she had given birth – with a chilling photo obtained by that news network showing the young victim holding his infant son.  

Mowry was initially facing life in prison before she struck a plea deal. She will also have to register as a sex offender when she is released from jail.

‘It cost my son his childhood. He’s not going to know his teen years like a normal teenager, ‘the victim’s mother added. 

The teen is now in his senior year of high school, juggling his school commitments with raising his young child. 

The victim’s mother says he is excelling at fatherhood.  

Meanwhile, WFLA reported that Mowry has also given birth to another baby from another teenage boy she is accused of sexually abusing. No charges appear to have been filed in relation to that case. 

Mowry was 22-years-old at the time while the victim was 11. She will now spend two decades behhind bars. Hillsborough County Jail is pictured

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Woman wears 2.5kg of clothing on her flight so she can avoid excess baggage fees

Meet Gel Rodriguez, your new icon and inspiration.

Gel, from the Phillippines, arrived at the check in counter at the airport, she was told that her hand luggage was over the weight allowance and she would need to pay a fee.

Her carry-on luggage weighed 9kg, quite a bit over the 7kg limit.

Rather than just meekly accepting the charges, Gel took action.

She layered on as many of her clothes as she could, putting trousers on over each other and wearing more than five tops.

In total she managed to dress herself in 2.5kg of clothing, reducing the weight of her luggage to 6.5kg – no fee required.

Gel shared a photo of herself proudly standing in the airport while wearing a load of clothes, which was promptly shared more than 20,000 times and flooded with comments praising her genius.

Is this something we could recommend trying yourself? Absolutely not. Think about how uncomfortable it would be to sit on a long-haul flight wearing seven pairs of trousers. Think of the sweat.

But we do commend Gel for taking a stand against those far too strict baggage rules.

Gel told Vice: ‘I didn’t want to pay the fee for the excess baggage because it was only 2 kilograms (4.4 lbs).’

Gel is glad she avoided the fees, but wouldn’t suggest anyone copies her travel hack. It wasn’t much fun.

‘It was really hot,’ she said. ‘I don’t recommend other people do it.’

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Rachel Weisz found it liberating being directed by woman in BlackWidow

Rachel Weisz found it ‘liberating’ being directed by a woman alongside Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow: ‘You are free from the history of ownership’

Rachel Weisz is opening up about several things including her new female-directed Marvel movie Black Widow and why she’s not brave in a new interview.

The 49 year old actress was named as one of this year’s The Greats by New York Times Magazine along with Louis Vuitton designer Nicolas Ghesquiere, artist/sculptor Nick Cave and architect Shigeru Ban.

Each of these Greats are individuals, who, ‘in mastering their crafts, have changed their fields — and the culture at large. They have in common an essential and fierce desire to communicate, whether through beauty or provocation, or both.’

Opening up: Rachel Weisz is opening up about several things including her new female-directed Marvel movie Black Widow and why she’s not brave in a new interview

Weisz plays Melina Vostokoff in Black Widow, otherwise known in the Marvel comics as Iron Maiden, who the actress called, ‘a pretty tough chick’ at Comic-Con in July.

Weisz is joined by Scarlett Johansson as the title character, Natasha ‘Black Widow’ Romanoff and Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, who are all, ‘skilled assassins, and at least one is on the side of justice.’

Black Widow is also the first movie to be directed solely by a woman, Cate Shortland, after this year’s blockbuster Captain Marvel which was directed by the team of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

Stunning: T Magazine shared more snaps of Weisz from their photo shoot 

Flower power: The actress carried a bouquet while striking a pose in a shiny coat 

Tough chick: Weisz plays Melina Vostokoff in Black Widow, otherwise known in the Marvel comics as Iron Maiden, who the actress called, ‘a pretty tough chick’ at Comic-Con in July

As it turns out, Weisz had long wanted to work with Shortland, after admiring her 2004 film Somersault starring up and coming actress Abbie Cornish.

‘(Abbie) is a beautiful, sexy girl, and a lot of it is about her sexuality. Cate didn’t shy away from that. But she wasn’t objectified,’ Weisz said. 

‘Watching that, as a woman, you know immediately when a character is subject or object — she was always subject. I had never seen anything like it. For that reason, I never forgot it.’

Director admiration: As it turns out, Weisz had long wanted to work with Shortland, after admiring her 2004 film Somersault starring up and coming actress Abbie Cornish

Weisz added that she would often think about a project and say, ‘If only we could get Cate Shortland to direct it,’ and she had tried to collaborate with her before but it didn’t work out.

She also reflected about a scene in Black Widow where there were two women across from another that she found ‘liberating.’

‘There is something that happens in a scene when a woman is across from another woman,’ said Weisz. ‘It sounds really pompous, but you are free from the history of ownership — I really mean that. It’s liberating.’

Weisz’s breakthrough role was in 1999’s big budget blockbuster The Mummy, alongside Brendan Fraser, but through the past 20 years, she’s primarily starred in smaller projects until Black Widow. 

This is her first foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the actress revealed that she enjoyed her time on the set and was surprised about how passionate the producers were about the story.

‘It doesn’t feel Hollywood to me, big budget — it feels like the people there are the stewards and guardians of this storytelling they care about,’ she said. 

Breakthrough: Weisz’s breakthrough role was in 1999’s big budget blockbuster The Mummy, alongside Brendan Fraser, but through the past 20 years, she’s primarily starred in smaller projects until Black Widow

Weisz was praised by director Yorgos Lanthimos, her director in The Favourite and The Lobster, who said, ‘I don’t think she even knows where she is going most of the time. Which is very brave, and a rare quality. Actors want to have control.’

Her co-star in The Favourite, Olivia Colman, who won an Oscar for playing Queen Anne, also called her ‘utterly brave,’ but Weisz dismissed that notion.

‘I’m shy in real life,” she said. ‘But if I have a role in the script and a story to tell, I’m not going to shy away.’

Black Widow will kick off the summer movie season next year, hitting theaters on May 1, 2020. 

Brave: Weisz was praised by director Yorgos Lanthimos, her director in The Favourite and The Lobster, who said, ‘I don’t think she even knows where she is going most of the time. Which is very brave, and a rare quality. Actors want to have control’

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Atheist woman wins right to exhume cremated remains of baby boy

Atheist woman wins right to exhume cremated remains of baby boy who died 15 years ago so he can be buried in unconsecrated land next to her when she dies

  • Karen Twilley, from Hertfordshire, wishes to be buried along side her son Ted 
  • Ted tragically died from a brain hemorrhage at the age of two in January 2004 
  • His ashes were buried in consecrated ground by mistake at Cheshunt Cemetery 

Mrs Twilley told the Consistory Court judge, John Gallagher (pictured) that she wouldn’t have put his ashes there if he had known it was consecrated land

An atheist mother has won a rare court case to exhume the ashes of her two-year-old son after they were buried in unconsecrated land by mistake 15 years ago.   

Karen Twilley, from Hertfordshire, who is a strict atheist, wishes to be buried alongside her baby, Ted, when she passes away in an unconsecrated plot in the same cemetery.

In her evidence to the court she had told the judge: ‘He’s on his own. As his Mum I should be buried with him.’

The ruling by a judge of the Church of England’s Consistory Court brings to an end a costly legal battle by the committed atheists, builder Robin Twilley and his wife Karen.

Their baby son Ted’s ashes were buried in consecrated ground by mistake at Cheshunt Cemetery in June 2004.

Ted was born on January 12 2004 by caesarean section but two days later suffered a brain haemorrhage.

His parents then had to take what his mother described to the judge as the ‘heart breaking decision’ to allow his life support to be turned off.

The couple’s baby son Ted’s ashes were buried in consecrated ground by mistake at Cheshunt Cemetery in Hertfordshire (pictured) in June 2004

When they arranged for the ashes to be buried some five months later they were shown a part of the cemetery set aside for the burial of small children and babies.

They were not told that it was consecrated and that there was another plot close by in unconsecrated ground where the ashes could have been buried.

Mrs Twilley told the Consistory Court judge, John Gallagher, who is Deputy Chancellor of the Diocese of St Albans, in her application for consent for exhumation: ‘We would not have let him be put there had we known that it was consecrated land, and that there were other options readily available.’

Asked by Judge Gallagher why she wanted the ashes exhumed Mrs Twilley told him that after her death she wants to be buried next to her son, and that not being a religious person she wants this to be in unconsecrated land.

When asked why, if she had no religious beliefs, it should matter where she was buried, she told him: ‘I’m not religious. It’s hypocritical going into the ground where you don’t have that religion.’

Consistory Court judges only give consent for exhumation in very rare cases and normally stick to the Church of England philosophy that a last resting place should be permanent. 

In this case though, allowing consent, Judge Gallager said he accepted and respected Mrs Twilley’s views.

Mrs Twilley said: ‘He’s on his own. As his Mum I should be buried with him. My other children will go off and have families of their own. It’s just my wish to be with him. I don’t want him being on his own.’

Another Consistory Court judge in a decision last summer rejected Mrs Twilley’s plea and refused consent for exhumation.

However, they challenged that decision at the Court of Arches – a Church of England’s court which hears appeals from over Consistory Court decisions – and after a judge heard new evidence he recommended that they should make a new approach.

Granting consent for the exhumation after the latest hearing Judge Gallagher described the facts of the case as ‘highly unusual.’

But he said: ‘In my judgement a mistake has occurred. In the first place the mistake relates to the fact that petitioners, not having been told, did not realise that they could have had a non-religious funeral for their son.

‘This was compounded by their not being told that there were consecrated and unconsecrated areas adjoining each other in the cemetery, and what the differences between such were. 

‘In turn this meant that they could not and did not make an informed decision about where they wished Ted’s ashes to be interred.’

He continued: ‘In these very particular circumstances, I am satisfied that this is a case where I can take an exceptional course, and exercise my discretion so as to authorise the exhumation of the cremated remains of the late Ted Twilley so that they may be reinterred in unconsecrated ground but in the same cemetery.’

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American-born Israeli woman sentenced 7 1/2 years in Russia for cannabis

A 26-year-old woman with dual American and Israeli citizenship who has been jailed in Russia since April after authorities allegedly found nine grams of cannabis in her luggage, has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison, her sister said.

Naama Issachar’s sister, Liad Gold, told Fox News on Sunday that her sister was sentenced Friday and the family has reached out to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for her. She said the prime minister called their mother the day of the sentencing to let her know that he will do everything he can to have her released as soon as possible.

“I feel incredibly terrible and sad and heartbroken for her,” Gold told Fox News. “She is very strong but she won’t survive there much longer.”

Issachar, who was born and raised in Fair Lawn, NJ, and moved to Israel when she was 16, was returning home April 9 after a three-month trip to India, Gold said. Issachar, who has served in the Israeli army, was stopped by police at the Moscow airport as she boarded her connecting flight to Tel Aviv, brought into an interrogation room and was told cannabis had been found in her checked bag.

Issachar said she accidentally left the cannabis in her bag, her sister said. The 26-year-old was initially charged with cannabis possession, but the charge was upgraded in May to smuggling drugs into Russia.

Gold told Fox News her mother, Yaffa Issachar, who lives in Israel, has been in Russia for the past six months and plans to be there until her sister gets released.

She said her mother spoke with her sister, who was “shocked and scared” when she learned her fate, “but she knows we are doing everything we can to get her out.”

Tapes of Issachar’s hearings were released on Saturday night on Channel 12 in Israel, which show the 26-year-old telling the Russian judge, “I am aware that I acted irresponsibly before my flight, that I should have been aware of all of the items I have on my person. That is the reason that I took full responsibility for Charge 228 (possession) in my first trial in April,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

Gold told Fox News her sister denied charge 229, which is the smuggling charge.

Netanyahu’s office said the prime minister “personally intervened on behalf of Naama Issachar in recent weeks,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

Netanyahu reportedly spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin about Issachar’s case when he visited Sochi last month and brought the topic up again during a telephone conversation this week.

“I think the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. I think it’s extreme and inhumane and she’s more than paid the price for what she did,” Gold told Fox News reacting to her sister’s sentencing.

“We continue to urge the Israeli government and the prime minister to continue to be involved in her case because she is being treated unjustly and unfairly in our opinion.”

Gold said she is “very happy and very grateful” that Netanyahu is involved and taking “a deep interest in my sister.” She added that she is optimistic they will find a way for her to get out of prison.

“We will never stop until she’s out,” Gold said.

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Woman who boarded Delta flight without ID, boarding pass won't be charged 'at this time,' FBI says

5 things about passenger airplanes to that you probably didn’t know

Whether you’re a frequent flier or have only flown on a passenger aircraft once in your life, here are five things to know about passenger planes.

The FBI has announced that the woman who managed to board a Delta Air Lines flight from at Orlando International Aiport without an ID or boarding pass last weekend will not be charged “at this time” for her actions.

“After considering the evidence and other factors, including the availability of civil and administrative remedies, we will not be pursuing criminal charges at this time,” FBI spokeswoman Andrea Aprea said in a statement on Friday, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Aprea declined to offer further comment.

On Oct. 5, a woman identified as Sylvia Rictor was found sitting in a seat assigned to someone else while passengers boarded a Delta flight from Orlando to Atlanta, the Sentinel said. It remains unclear how the woman managed to get on the plane without a boarding pass or ID.

The FBI has announced that the woman who managed to board a Delta Air Lines flight from at Orlando International Aiport without an ID or boarding pass last weekend will not be charged “at this time” for her actions.


When questioned as to how she illicitly boarded the aircraft, a witness said that the offender argued with flight crew and police for about 45 minutes, before law enforcement officials removed her from the plane, according to WKMG-TV.

She reportedly left the plane cursing, to the confusion of many other passengers.

The woman’s antics delayed the flight by about three hours, as all passengers had to deplane and be screened again as a security precaution, as per the outlet.


“After considering the evidence and other factors, including the availability of civil and administrative remedies, we will not be pursuing criminal charges at this time,” an FBI spokesperson said. 

In response, Delta released the following statement on the story:

"Delta apologizes to customers of flight 1516 for the delay after a person not ticketed for that flight was removed from the aircraft," a spokesperson for the carrier said. "Security officials then directed precautionary rescreen of everyone onboard. Delta is working with local law enforcement and the Transportation Security Administration on their investigation and we are conducting our own review of this as well."


Fox News’ David Aaro contributed to this report.

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Vile moment woman hurls racist abuse at Nationwide branch manager

Vile moment woman hurls racist abuse at Nationwide Building Society branch manager

  • Woman was filmed ranting at staff in Leicester city centre yesterday at 4.15pm
  • She tells a man – who says he is one of the managers – he’s ‘not the manager’ 
  • She continues: ‘Nationwide don’t employ people with tattoos for managers’
  • Another Nationwide worker comes down the stairs to talk to the angry woman
  • Told she won’t be seen, she says: ‘Why not? Because you’re a f***ing Muslim c**t’

An ‘aggressive’ customer calls a Nationwide manager a ‘f***ing Muslim c**t’ after a row over her finances in a shocking incident caught on camera.

The unnamed woman was filmed ranting at staff in the Leicester city centre branch on Horsefair Street at 3.51pm yesterday.

The video shows an employee calling police while the woman sits in a waiting chair demanding to see the manager.

The video shows an employee calling police while the woman sits in a waiting chair demanding to see the manager in a Leicester city centre branch yesterday at 4.15pm

She tells the man – who says he is one of the managers – ‘you’re not the manager, stop pretending you’re the manager’.

She claims her husband works for head office, adding he is ‘head of IT’.

The angry client continues to say ‘you’re not a manager’, ‘Nationwide don’t employ people with tattoos for managers’.

The staff member gets through to police and calls for assistance for an ‘aggressive customer’, which prompts an angry reaction from the woman who says ‘aggressive, I’m trying to safeguard my money’.

The angry client continues to say ‘you’re not a manager’, ‘Nationwide don’t employ people with tattoos for managers’

He tells the officer over the phone that ‘she’s received a letter saying that we’ve closed her accounts but we can’t remove her at the moment’.

Later in the clip, another Nationwide worker comes down the stairs to talk to the woman.

The customer says: I’m not swearing… you’re going to look into this.’

She adds: ‘Excuse me, I’ve got £18,000..’

In a second clip from the incident, another Nationwide worker (left) comes down the stairs to talk to the woman

But the female manager says: ‘I’m not talking to you, sorry.’

The customer explodes, saying: ‘Why not? Because you’re a f***ing Muslim c**t. Are you, are you a Muslim c**t?’

The first manager tells the women the police are on the way, with her replying: ‘What because I accessed my bank, which I’ve been with for 17 years?’

She turns her attention to other customers, who ask her to leave, saying: ‘Shut up. What you doing here?’

She then turns her attention to other customers, who ask her to leave, saying: ‘Shut up. What you doing here?’

An onlooker who recorded the incident told MailOnline she saw the argument unfold as she waited for a bank statement.

She said after the police were called the women walked out, leaving staff to describe her to officers.

She added: ‘Nationwide handled it all very well’.

Leicestershire Police confirmed it was called to an incident at the building society at 3.51pm, with reports of a woman being racially abusive.

But when officers arrived the woman had left the scene. Inquiries are ongoing. 

MailOnline has contacted Nationwide for comment.

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British woman, 54, spends £8k flying to US to visit dangerous death row killers – The Sun

A BRITISH woman has spent more than £8000 flying to the US to meet convicted killers on death row.

Mary Hardiman, from Stockport, Cheshire, has been ditching her yearly holiday in the sun for a trip to maximum security jails in America after she started writing to inmates waiting to die.

She even takes husband Hughie, 55, along with her too – spending their yearly two-week holidays sightseeing around a schedule of prison visits.

Mary, 54, has spent the last four years writing letters to three pen pals on death row, and is hoping to fly to Arkansas to meet her third killer in the flesh – who killed his father and stabbed a female prison officer to death

She's already clocked up visits to Louisiana and Texas to visit two other inmates , and says her husband and son, Kieran, 20, are supportive of their usual trips.

Mary, who works as a counsellor, said: "It's about looking past their crimes and finding out who these people really are.

“I have spent money out of my own pocket to visit the prisoners that I have become friends with.

“I would usually always opt for a sunny beach holiday but over the last year we have holidayed around notorious prisons.

"I started writing to these prisoners through a charity four years ago, after I heard about a lifelines charity through a Catholic conference.

“It’s fair to say that trips like these are not for everyone, but we come back with incredible stories and we think it’s a far more selfless way to spend our time.

“But we don’t just visit prisons, when we go away we treat it as our holiday and visit the area, so it’s also a holiday in Texas as well as visiting one of my pen pals.

Most recently, Mary, started writing to death row inmate Charles Mamou, who has been awaiting lethal injection for murdering a woman in 1999.

She said: “Chucky is a really funny man, he’s very literate and has educated himself whilst he’s been in prison.

“I asked him if he would want me to be in the room when he is due to be executed and if he wants me to be there I will be.”

She's also corresponding with another inmate in Louisiana who she has visited, and is also planning to fly across the pond to meet a third man in Arkansas.

Mary said: “I met a second death row inmate in Louisiana, and the man I’m about to go and meet in Arkansas killed his father and stabbed a female prison officer to death.

“It’s very easy to read what they have done and judge them solely on their crime but if we held everyone to their biggest mistake nobody would be seen as perfect.

“My husband and son are both very supportive, they understand why I do it.

“I never know what they’ve done and if they tell me that’s up to them, it starts with saying hello and the conversation grows from there."

Mary first visited the death row inmates after becoming friends with them by writing them letters.

She said: “I watched an amazing conference about other people who were doing the same thing.

“When it ended, a charity asked if anyone else was interested in becoming a pen pal for prisoners on death row and after a bit of thought I decided to do it.

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Woman left in coma after bleed on the brain was misdiagnosed by GP as 'food poisoning'

A WOMAN has been left fighting for her life in a coma after a brain was misdiagnosed by her GP as "food poisoning".

Pakistani Rida Fatima married Walsall man Arslan Qurban in February, but their happily ever after is questioned after her devastating misdiagnosis.

The couple had applied for a visa so the 24-year-old could join her husband in the Midlands and they could start a life together in the UK, Birmingham Live reported.

On September 8, Rida visited her local GP in Pakistan, after a headache she had became unbearable, and was subsequently prescribed migraine medication.


The 24-year-old visited a doctor the day after suffering a severe headache and vomiting overnight.

She was then diagnosed with food poisoning.

During her hospital visit the following day on September 10, Rida collapsed and had a seizure on the floor.

The young woman was immediately rushed into surgery for two operations to stop two brain bleeds, which were identified by a CT scan.

Arslan, who was back in England at the time of his wife's collapse, flew out to Pakistan to be by her side during the terrifying procedure.

He is now appealing for financial help to pay for her medical bills, which are reaching a hefty £5,000 per week.

Rida is being treated at the Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad.


Arslan said: “They told me that, if she’d left it any longer, I would have lost her.

“After the second surgery her brain was so swollen they were unable to replace her skull.

“She was on a ventilator and was in a coma at first, but she is showing signs of improvement.

“On the day I went into see her she was slipping in and out of consciousness. She would be awake for a minute or so then fall back to sleep."

He added: “But I sat beside her and she recognised my voice. She grabbed me by the neck and pulled me close to her. It was really emotional."

He has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for her treatment, which has already raised more than £17,000 from various generous donors.

Arslan said his wife was "perfectly healthy" before the ordeal which left her hospitalised.

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Fire kills man and woman when it engulfs semi-detached house

Fire kills man and woman when it engulfs semi-detached house after neighbours are woken by screams for help

  • The fire in a semi in Capel St Mary near Ipswich started at around 8.20am today
  • Neighbours heard screams from the man and woman who were trapped inside
  • The heat was too intense for neighbours to help the pair, who died at the scene
  • Police and fire investigators are determining cause, deaths remain unexplained 

A house fire in a quiet Suffolk village has claimed the lives of a man and a woman whose screams for help could be heard by horrified neighbours. 

Despite a massive effort by Suffolk Fire and Rescue the pair died shortly after 9am this morning, after a blaze in a single room spread quickly to engulf the whole house and neighbours choked on thick black smoke.

The heat from the flames was so intense that neighbours gathered in the street could not gain access to save the pair.

The fire in the semi-detached home in Chapel Close in Capel St Mary, just off the A12 near Ipswich, started just before 8.20am.

Karen, who was staying with her partner in the house next door, told the East Anglian Daily Times: ‘I had been awake about five or 10 minutes and I suddenly thought I could hear someone screaming for help.

Neighbours reported the fire spread quickly from a single room and engulfed the house

‘I looked out of the window and could see smoke coming from next door so I phoned the fire brigade and woke my partner up and we came outside where the family were all shouting outside for help. 

‘The room was on fire and the family said there were people still inside, but it was just too intense for anybody to get in as it was too dangerous.

‘It spread so quickly and engulfed the whole house. It was horrible.’

Eleven fire crews responded to the 999 calls, but Ian Bowell, area commander for Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service, said his teams arrived to find a ‘fully-developed fire’ with ‘smoke and flames coming out of the ground floor and upstairs windows’.

He said firefighters entered the house in Chapel Close to try to rescue those inside but that two people died at the scene.

Eleven fire crews from Suffolk and Essex responded but could not save the pair trapped inside

Paramedics and police were also called to the scene, but shortly after 10am it was confirmed that two people had died in the tragedy.

 Chapel Close resident Jackie Fulcher told the paper the tragedy was ‘heartbreaking’.

She said: ‘I was sitting in my conservatory eating my breakfast at about 8.20 and all of a sudden I couldn’t see out because of the smoke.

‘At first I thought it was a bonfire but knew it couldn’t have been because of how thick it was.

‘I came outside and all I could see were huge flames coming out of the house.

‘I could also feel the smoke in my throat and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.’

Suffolk police closed the street during the incident, and instructed locals to stay away from the area while the investigations continue.

The fire spread to the roof of the neighbouring property and crews were seen removing roof tiles in order completely to extinguish the blaze.

Police and fire investigators are now working to determine the cause of the blaze while a police cordon remains in place in Capel St Mary, Suffolk

Ian Bowell added: ‘It is absolutely tragic and this community in which they lived in is in a complete state of shock at this moment in time.’

A Suffolk Police spokeswoman said: ‘Officers were called by the Fire Service at approximately 8:25am today, Wednesday 2 October to reports of a large fire at a residential property on Chapel Close in Capel St Mary.

‘A man and woman were sadly found deceased inside the property. Nobody else is believed to have been injured.

‘The Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service and Police remain on the scene at this time. The deaths are currently being treated as unexplained and the cause of the fire is unknown at this stage. 

‘A police cordon remains in place while Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) and fire investigators carry out enquiries to establish the cause.’        

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Woman banishes spiders from her home using clever £2 tip – all you need is some mint and anti-bacterial spray – The Sun

IT'S officially spider season and thousands of people across the UK have been noticing an increase in creepy crawlies invading their homes.

And if you're not a fan of the eight-legged critters, one woman has come up with a way to deter them.

Posting on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains group on Facebook, one woman explained that spiders hate the smell of mint.

"Had a leftover packet of mint and a small amount of cleaner," she explained.

"Chopped the mint and added it to the antibacterial cleaner and filled with water.

"Sprayed under window sill outside and around the door.

"I watched the spiders run as I sprayed. They hate mint right enough.

"Some people use essential oils but I just thought I would use up what I had."

A pack of mint and a bottle of anti-bacterial spray would roughly cost between £1.50-£2.

And the post has since racked up over 3,000 likes and over 1,600 comments, with others revealing they would be trying the handy tip.

One tagged a friend and wrote: "You know what to get when you go to the shop."

While another said: "Why am I only discovering this now?!

"Hope no one needs mint, I'm off to clear the shelves."

One user pointed out water and mint is just as effective, explaining: "It also works with just water and mint. No need for the cleaner spray."

Several other social media users posted their own tips, with many explaining spiders "don't like conkers either".

Spider season begins in the first or second week of September and ends by the first week of October.

Spiders come indoors as the weather begins to cool so they can mate.

Prof Adam Hart, an entomologist at the University of Gloucestershire, told the BBC that at least "80 per cent of the spiders people see are males".

Will you be trying it?

In other news, we told you about the mum who gave her bedroom a stunning ‘Mrs Hinch’ makeover – but people can’t stop staring at her teasmade.

We also revealed one mum's incredible feature wall made from free wallpaper samples and a tub of paste.

And we showed you Poundland is selling prosecco fizz and bellini candles – and they only cost a quid.

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Idiot woman taunts lion after climbing over safety barrier at New York zoo – The Sun

FOOTAGE has circulated showing a woman who climbed inside a lion enclosure at a New York Zoo.

Video shows the woman, dancing, waving her hands, and wiggling her fingers and generally taunting the perplexed African lion at the Bronx Zoo last weekend.

According to reports, the unnamed lion-taunter was easily able to jump over a low wooden barrier separating the big cat's enclosure from the public.

The woman leans forward and locks eyes with the magnificent creature.


She then begins waving her hands and wiggling her fingers as the huge lion cautiously takes a few steps towards the dancing intruder.

He takes a few looks behind him as though seeking out a fellow lion – unsure what to make of the strange sight.

Gobsmacked onlookers can be heard in the background as one woman mutters: "She shouldn't be doing that."

In another clip, the woman can be seen performing a bizarre dance routine – wiggling her hips and arms as the lion glares at her.

A concrete moat apparently separates the woman from the lion, meaning she is not in any immediate danger – but the lion seems fairly nonplussed throughout.

The series of videos, shared to the Instagram page @realsobrino have amassed over 90,000 views between them with hundreds of shocked comments.

Most users expressed disbelief at the woman's stupidity and worried the lion was in distress.

One user wrote: "She must want to die! the loin looking at her like she crazy (sic)."


Another user simply wrote: "She is a stupid, moronic idiot."

Many users, familiar with the American zoo's layout pointed out the concrete moat separating her from the lion: "Only did that cause the big a** deep between them.

"She not stupid that lion can't get across cause that huge hole between the land and the barrier.

"She still stupid but she knew he couldn't jump across."

Another confirmed the theory, writing: "There’s a huge gap that can’t be seen between her and the lion.

"HUGE !!! Its a deceptive angle of the video ‘ I been there Hundred Of times !!!!"

Many in the comments pointed out that she put the lion in more danger than herself through her actions, as had the creature approached her or tried to attack it would have been put down.

One concerned user wrote: "The lion may have been put down, if he attacked. She risked not only her life."

With another adding: "There should be repercussions for her incredibly stupid and selfish behavior."

The Bronx Zoo confirmed the incident to NBC New York, saying zoo staff received a report that a person had climbed over the safety barrier on Saturday.

They said: "This action was a serious violation and unlawful trespass that could have resulted in serious injury or death. Barriers and rules are in place to keep both visitors, staff and animals safe."

"We have a zero tolerance policy on trespass and violation of barriers."

It appears the woman is unharmed and it is unclear if any legal action has been taken against her.


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Woman, 70, ‘fleeced’ by conman says she can’t ‘trust anyone’

‘I don’t want to love again’: Woman, 70, ‘fleeced’ by conman who inspired ITV drama ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ says she can’t ‘trust anyone’ – as police hunt ‘charmer’ who swindled £400,000 from three grandmothers

  • Hazel Wilkins met John Eric Wells online and their relationship blossomed 
  • In 2017 conman Wells fled with £63,000 of Hazel’s life savings and left her 
  • Hazel has now said she ‘feels really empty’ and ‘doesn’t want to love again’ 

A woman has said she ‘doesn’t want to love again’ after being fleeced out of thousands of pounds by the ‘Casanova conman’.

Hazel Wilkins from West Sussex first starting talking to John Eric Wells online in 2014 and a relationship blossomed from there.  

Not long after their romance began, Wells starting asking Hazel for money and taking out loans in her name before fleeing, leaving her in a mountain of debt.

Now the 71-year-old has told how she ‘can’t trust anyone’ following the relationship, as South Yorkshire Police continue to hunt the 61-year-old who swindled £400,000 from three grandmothers. 

Speaking on the This Morning sofa, Hazel broke down in tears after Holly asked how she felt about being left by a man she had made so many plans with.

‘It’s very hard to explain. It leaves me really empty. ‘I don’t want to love again’.

Hazel Wilkins appeared on This Morning today with daughter Lynsey Coleman to talk about her relationship with the ‘Casanova conman’

Her daughter Lynsey, who appeared alongside her mother on the show then tells how the situation has left her mother unable to do a lot of things.

‘It’s not nice, she has changed as a person and she has lost her confidence completely.’

Wells fled with £63,000 of Hazel’s savings in 2017 and she has now been left paying off the debt he left behind. 

Wells had previously been jailed for three years after faking a lottery win in 1996, later claiming the scam was an attempt to save his marriage.

His lottery plot was turned into film Can’t Buy Me Love, which starred Martin Kemp and was penned by EastEnders’ writer Tony Jordan.

Now Hazel is adamant she ‘can’t’ love again and said: ‘I wont trust anybody. I’ve got to the point where I’m hiding my purse, I don’t trust anybody. I trust my daughters but no one else’. 

Hazel said she felt her life had been ruined by Wells. She said that before she met Wells she had a good job.

‘I had money in the bank, not millions but enough, I had never been in debt had a nice life and beautiful home.’ 

When she first starting talking to Wells online in 2014 she said they would just chat about the everyday and he informed her he owned a business and had lots of different companies in other countries.

She said she hadn’t been impressed by that and she was more attracted to the ‘everyday person’.  

Their relationship started to move on after they met in Crawley. When she first met him Hazel said they got on very well.

Kemp starred alongside ex-EastEnders actress Michelle Collins as Wells’ wife Kathy

‘We had loads of laughs.’ She added that she can no longer remember the attractive personality which drew her to Wells.

In December 2015 he proposed to her in front of her friends and family.

However, the couple then had four weddings dates that were cancelled, but Hazel said she heard the alarm bells.

‘You do heart the alarm bells but you don’t want to recognise them, you don’t want to believe it’s true because you love this person.’

His crime was later turned into an ITV movie called Can’t Buy Me Love in 2004 starring Martin Kemp as the painter/decorator

He cancelled the weddings due to business engagements and also blamed the deaths of people in his organisation.

Wells asked Hazel for £2,000 shortly into the relationship and claimed he needed it because he couldn’t get to a nearby bank.

He borrowed £15,000 from her sister and £5,000 from her daughter and also took loans out in Hazel’s name.

‘He left me with so much debt, i’m still paying debts from a loan of £10,000.’ 

But when Wells kept going away Hazel became suspicious. 

‘There was always an excuse to go away. He told me to look for a £3million house and he came back to look at it.’

She finally decided enough was enough and ended it with Wells. A while after a woman called Lynne called him who informed her she had been living with Wells while the two had been dating. 

Last week South Yorkshire Police launched a manhunt for Wells more than 20 years after women came forward accusing him of tricking them out of their savings.

Police said: ‘The 61-year-old, who is originally from South Yorkshire, is wanted in connection with three high value romance frauds, during which three victims lost money totalling more than £400,000.

‘The offences are reported to have taken place from September 2014 onwards. The victims lived in locations across the UK including Doncaster, Sussex and London.’

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Woman makes £1.3M auctioning off her virginity to a London politician

Woman, 23, claims she’s sold her virginity for £1.3MILLION to a ‘Tory MP in his fifties’ through a notorious online escort agency

  • EXCLUSIVE: Lia, 24, from the UK, auctioned virginity through Cinderella Escorts
  • Says she dated politician as sugar daddy for two months before accepting offer
  • Claims man she has agreed to sleep with is ‘a gentleman’ and very educated
  • Lia says her mother supports her decision as ‘cash is better than a broken heart’
  • Will use money to move closer to London and remove financial strain of renting 
  • Believes ability to sell your virginity is ‘an important step towards emancipation’  

A young woman who claims to have made £1.3million by auctioning off her virginity to a ‘Tory MP in his fifties’ has revealed she intends to use the money to start up her own property portfolio. 

Lia, 24, from the UK, used the service provided by Cinderella Escorts and said she believes being able to sell her first sexual encounter is ‘an important step towards emancipation’.

The winning bidder, who allegedly won with his offer of £1.3m, had reportedly dated Lia as a ‘sugar daddy’ for two months beforehand, spoiling her with a monthly budget of £17,700.

After getting to know each other the politician, whom the company is unwilling to name due to its confidentiality agreement, ‘decided he wanted to have sex with Lia’.

Earlier this year, Cinderella Escorts made another unverified claim that it had secured the sale of Mahbuba Mammadzada’s virginity, one of Azerbaijan’s most successful models, to a politician in Tokyo. 

Lia, 24, from the UK, used the service provided by Cinderella Escorts to auction her virginity and said she believes the fact she was able to sell her first sexual encounter is ‘an important step towards emancipation’

Speaking in a video on the website, Lia explained how she decided to auction her virginity on Cinderella Escorts because she wanted to be able to afford to start her own property portfolio.

‘I’m already starting some master classes and seminars on this topic so I’m trying to learn as much as I can,’ she said.

‘It would be great to meet someone who has that kind of experience, I think that would be really great.’

As well as getting on the property ladder, Lia explained she wanted to move closer to the city of London, live ‘in a safer neighbourhood’ and not have ‘the financial stresses of renting’.

She added: ‘I would also like to start my own career in my graduated subject, which would be really cool because it’s sometimes mostly freelance and it’s quite tricky if you don’t have the financial gains.’ 

Lia said she currently resides with her mother, who knows about her plans and ‘supports her’.  

Lia admitted she ‘never expected’ to make so much money by auctioning her virginity and said it proves to her she ‘took the right step’

She told FEMAIL: ‘We have a good relationship and she understands that most women will eventually part with the man they had their first time with and will be disappointed. It is less painful to get money instead of a broken heart.’ 

The 24-year-old said the man she has agreed to sleep with is ‘a gentleman’ and very educated, with ‘extremely influential contacts in London’. 

‘It is exciting to meet a man with such power,’ she explained. ‘You don’t find that at my age. It impresses me that he even has his own driver and security. And a guy like that is interested in me – I find that totally flattering and I guess he will be gentle with me.’

Lia added that she has made it clear she only wants normal sexual intercourse for her first time.

Speaking in a video on the website, Lia explained how she decided to auction her virginity on Cinderella Escorts because she wanted to be able to afford to start her own property portfolio

‘I already had experience with his fetishes,’ she said. ‘For me they are strange. But maybe it’s because I am young and inexperienced. For example, he likes to pleasure my feet. 

‘[During] the two months in which we got to know each other, he wanted to try out a bunch of things unknown to me. However, I quickly showed him my limits. I like him a lot, but I think we live in two different worlds. Powerful men can get a lot, I think, so they are looking for something extraordinary.’ 

Lia said seeing other women sell their virginity on the site gave her the ‘courage’ to do the same

Lia, who is 8st 5lb and 5ft 1in, revealed she will also use the money to take care of her family and indulge in some of her passions, such as dancing and writing.

‘I completely understand that this is my body and look forward to having this very special exchange,’ she added.

In order to be listed on Cinderella Escorts’ auctions, girls must show us a doctor’s certificate confirming their virginity. Due to the large amount of money involved in Lia’s ‘sale’, the buyer is entitled to perform another test using a doctor of their choice. 

Having accepted the highest offer, of which Cinderella Escorts deducts 20 per cent as commission, Lia admitted she ‘never expected’ to make so much money and said it proves to her she ‘took the right step’.

‘I am looking forward to the night together and am happy to have auctioned my virginity,’ she said. 

‘Even though I don’t deal much with politics, I am looking forward to exciting conversations with the buyer and a passionate night.’ 

Lia went on to explain that she’d read about several other women who auctioned their virginity through Cinderella Escorts, which gave her the ‘courage’ to do what she wanted with her body and ‘feel good’ about it.  

She added: ‘I think being allowed to sell his virginity was a taboo in our society and was broken by this new trend to sell his virginity. It is an important step towards emancipation (sic).’

Lia insisted that she has made it clear she only wants normal sexual intercourse for her first time

In a statement, a representative for Cinderella Escorts said: ‘When our platform offered an escort service, this had already arrived in society 10 years ago, however, this service was still strongly frowned upon. 

‘But when we first auctioned off the virginity of a young woman, it was a huge scandal. No one wanted to allow a woman to decide for herself with whom and for what reasons she had her first time. 

‘Virginity was considered sacred and was a way of oppression. Women were forced for centuries to maintain their purity and were stamped immediately when they lost it. 

‘It is true that a movement of emancipation and the associated loosening of social views for women began before us in Europe, whereby she was allowed to lose her virginity even before marriage. 

The 24-year-old said the man she has agreed to sleep with is ‘a gentleman’ and very educated, with ‘extremely influential contacts in London’

‘However, we have helped to completely eradicate this issue and, when we read the numerous comments in the media, we realise that it has finally been accepted that a woman can do whatever she wants with her body. It was one of the last taboos of our time.’ 

In order to join Cinderella Escorts as a customer, you must have minimum assets of €10million. A representative for the organisation told FEMAIL that they will accompany Lia to a hotel and stay there until both parties decide that they want to spend the night together alone. 

For legal reasons, meetings only take place in countries where prostitution is legal, meaning Lia will travel abroad to lose her virginity. FEMAIL is unable to verify that the auction and subsequent sale took place.

In October last year we reported how a British teenager was selling her virginity through the site and expected to fetch more than £1million for her services.

Amy, a ‘verified virgin’ who did not wish to reveal her surname, said she planned to pay for her university fees and travel the world with her earnings, and had thought ‘long and hard’ about her decision. 

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Wild elk attacks woman at Colorado park, 2 people injured: 'never ever get that close'

Elk attacks woman in Colorado

Raw video: Videos show a bull elk charging at a crowd and damaging a pickup truck in Estes Park, Colorado.

Two people were injured Thursday after an elk violently charged at a woman in Estes Park, Colorado, officials said.

In a video recorded by a witness, a woman can be seen on the ground using her feet to fend off a bull elk that had charged at her with its antlers.


The adult male, which can weigh up to 1,100 pounds and can stand at 5-feet tall, backs off before charging at the woman after she begins to move.

In a second video, Estes Park public works employee Brian Berg is seen driving his Ford Ranger pickup truck between the woman and the bull elk. At that point, the animal charges at the car and strikes it head-on.

"I've never had to do that before, but I saw people in trouble and I figured I could get there quick," Berg told FOX31. “I knew the best thing for me to do at that point in time was to get the truck in between them.”

A second man was injured during the incident after he jumped out of the way of the animal, slipped and hit his head on a rock, NBC News reported. He can be seen in the video on the ground not far from the woman.


The woman was not seriously injured and did not seek medical attention but the man was taken to the hospital in unknown condition, officials said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials are warning visitors to avoid the large animals as they are in the midst of mating season

CPW spokesman Jason Clay told FOX31 that the people in the videos were too close to the elk.


"We are in the rut (breeding season) and bull elk will very aggressively defend their harems. Bull elk will fight over breeding rights,” he said. “Let the elk move away on their own, never ever get that close because something like this could happen.”

Officials said they had an issue with the same elk the day prior.

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Woman clips her male companion’s TOENAILS on a busy train

Stomach-churning moment woman clips her male companion’s TOENAILS on a busy train

  • The video was posted on the Passenger Shaming Instagram account yesterday
  • Clip shows man resting his bare foot on woman’s lap while she snips his toe nails
  • It has attracted nearly 200,000 views but it is unclear when it was filmed
  • Social media users say it is ‘both disgusting and adorable at the same time’

A revolting clip of a woman holding a man’s bare foot and clipping his toenails on a train has set the internet on fire.

The gentleman, who is wearing a black baseball cap, appears to be resting his foot on the woman’s lap who is paying full concentration to his open toes.

She bows her head while snipping his nails as he sits unphased and maintains normal conversation with her, in the gross footage uploaded to the Passenger Shaming Instagram yesterday. 

A man has been filmed resting his feet on a woman’s lap and getting his toe nails cut on the train, in a clip filmed one row behind and posted to the Passenger Shaming Instagram

And with a quick flick of her wrist, its seems as though she discards the man’s trimmings on the floor of the train. 

Worst still, no one appears to stop the pair who are filmed from a passenger seat a row behind.

It remains unclear when the clip was filmed but the account is based in the US and created by former flight attended Shawn Kathleen. 

It has captured audiences globally with 190,679 views on Instagram and 19k on Facebook.

Tallyseattle commented on the video: ‘OMG – now I really can say ‘I [have] really seen it all” 

She gives the task her full concentration as the man, who is believed to be her partner, chats away as though this is standard behaviour. Some people have appeared worried about the gruesome footage and asked on Instagram: ‘Who raises these people? What goes on INSIDE their homes?’

Brends_catherine wrote: ‘Well that’s love right there.’

Mrjanehathaway added to the Instagram feed: ‘Who raises these people? What goes on INSIDE their homes?’ 

Another user suggested passengers should have ‘started shouting “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” And pointing their finger at em.’

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Horror injuries of woman tortured and held captive for three days by her ‘animal’ ex who left her permanently disfigured – The Sun

A WOMAN was held captive by her "animal" ex who beat her so badly she needed metal plates to rebuild her face.

Traumatised Lynn McCormack, 42, was punched, kicked and held against her will for three days in her home by former partner Florentin Ilie.

Ilie, 45, originally from Romania, attacked her so viciously that medics who treated Lynn believed he continued to batter her after she was unconscious.

Petite Lynn said she's been left permanently disfigured after her horror ordeal in January.

She was introduced to her ex by pals but said that although he was initially charming, he quickly became "jealous and obsessive".

I have had to leave the home that I loved because of him. My whole life has been ruined

And she told of her relief that Ilie has been locked up, after he was sentenced to nearly five years.

Lynn said: "What he done to me was horrific – he is an animal.

"I have been left with plates in my jaw, cheekbone, teeth and the whole right hand side of my face is numb and I had to have more than 30 stitches.

"I have had to leave the home that I loved because of him.

"My whole life has been ruined.

"I'm glad he is locked up and can't do it to anyone else."

The couple had been having a night in, at Lynn's former home in Ayr, South Ayrshire, when Ilie "flipped".

Lynn said: "We were in the house one night and he just flipped.

"He punched me and knocked me out.

"He held me in the house for two nights and three days.

"When I came too, he wouldn't let me leave and he beat me again twice."

"My parents called the police and they finally came to the house and he was arrested and I was taken to hospital."

When I came too, he wouldn't let me leave and he beat me again

Lynn added: "The doctors said they thought, by the state of my injuries, he had continued hitting me even when I was unconscious."

Ilie denied his crimes at a trial at Ayr Sheriff Court, and demanded an interpreter.

He was convicted, and a sheriff told him: "Your attitude to women is vile."

The brute was sentenced to four-and-a-half years.

Lynn said: "He is saying that it never happened, and that he can't speak English, but that's a lie.

"He has been here for years and can speak perfect English.

"He will never admit what he's done and that's what makes him so dangerous.

"He doesn't think he has done wrong.

"I have been left with all these scars and my face will never be the same again, but now he is locked up, I know I am free of him."

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Woman, 26, who vanished six days ago is found safe and well after desperate plea

A WOMAN who vanished six days ago has been found safe and well after a frantic appeal by her family.

Shannon Gould, 26, from Paignton, Devon, was last seen on Wednesday after she went into Torquay to do some shopping.

The artist – originally from Preston – is regularly known to visit the seafront in her hometown and was  described by cops as a "medium-risk missing person".

Her family confirmed today she had been found.

It comes after they issued plea for information following her "out-of-character" disappearance.

Brother Joe Andrews said previously: "When we arrived at her house when we hadn't heard from her, all her make-up was out and so was her arts stuff.

"She is an artist so she likes to draw and if she was going somewhere she would have taken it.

"We have been searching around beaches in Paignton and we are going back there tonight and have lots of pictures of her to put up.

"She is a young attractive girl so anything could have happened. Shannon is free spirited, outgoing and bubbly. She is always singing and humming.

"On the day she went missing there was a Snapchat of her on the beach earlier that day in Torquay."

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Woman sheds SIX STONE to achieve dream of becoming a firefighter

Size 22 woman who lived off frozen meals shed SIX STONE to realise her dream of becoming a firefighter

  • Abi Hollyoake, 32, of Camborne, Cornwall, wore a size 22 and weighed 16 stone 
  • Mother-of-two knew she’d have to slim down if she wanted to be a firefighter
  • After two years of hard work, she dropped seven dress sizes and weighs 10 stone

A woman has revealed she shed an impressive six stone to achieve her dream of following in her father’s footsteps and becoming a firefighter. 

Abi Hollyoake, 32, from Camborne, Cornwall, wore a size 22 and weighed more than 16 stone at her heaviest – as she constantly opted for frozen meals because she disliked cooking. 

The mother-of-two knew she would have to slim down if she wanted to get her dream job after struggling to pass the fitness tests at her local fire station.

After two years of hard work, she managed to drop seven dress sizes and was finally fit enough to succeed – and is now a firefighter for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

‘The job is everything and more than I thought it was – when we get a shout I love it,’ said the now size 8-10, who weighs 10 stone.   

‘It hasn’t quite hit me – it’s very surreal. When you are on a job you get a massive adrenaline rush.’

Abi Hollyoake, 32, from Camborne, Cornwall, knew she would have to slim down if she wanted to get her dream job. After two years of hard work, she dropped seven dress sizes to an 8/10 and now weighs just 10 stone. Pictured, after her weightloss transformation

The mother-of-two was a size 22 and weighed more than 16 stone at her heaviest (pictured) – as she constantly opted for frozen meals because she disliked cooking

After losing six stone, Abi was finally fit enough to pass the fitness tests and is now a firefighter for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service. Pictured: Abi in her uniform

Adamant that she always wanted to follow in her father’s career path, Abi told how being a firefighter had ‘always been in the family.’ 

‘It was always something I wanted to do but, having two children, family life got in the way,’ she explained. 

‘When we moved to Cornwall, I wondered if it was a possibility and made inquiries about it at my local station.

However, for Abi, the fitness element of the job always seemed to let her down.

‘It was a bit of a challenge overcoming the bleep tests,’ she said. ‘For two years I kept going back and attempting it – it took a while because you have to wait three months to take the test again once you fail it.’

Abi’s weight loss mission involved improving her diet, which she did with the help of Slimming World, and also joining a gym. 

Abi with her son, daughter and her husband. Abi said: ‘My family have all been massive supporters of my job’

‘Initially I started doing the Couch to 5k app but I used to do it at night or early in the morning, before there was anyone around,’ she explained. ‘I didn’t like being watched running.’

‘By week three or four I noticed results. I was losing weight and feeling better about myself and achieving the levels. I then started doing home workouts.’

She added: ‘I also went to the gym. It’s a nice gym because I didn’t like the idea of big mirrors and everybody looking amazing. It is massively a self-confidence thing.

‘Then I went to Slimming World and started tweaking my diet. With the exercise I’d hit a bit of a wall and I wasn’t losing much more weight. 

Abi’s (pictured before she slimmed down) weight loss mission involved improving her diet, with the help of Slimming World, and also joining a gym

Abi told how her fitness levels had soared by the time she started applying for the fire service. Pictured, now in her new job

‘I made some swaps like using the spray rather than cooking oil and sweetener instead of sugar. It helped massively and now I cook a lot more.’ 

Abi said her fitness levels had soared by the time she started applying for the fire service.

‘You do have to have some sort of fitness to join,’ she said. ‘By the time I was applying I was going to the gym, but I needed to work on that a bit more.

‘Even now I still improve myself everyday because it’s constantly a physical thing. It’s not impossible. I am proof that it can be done.’

‘It was good to have that goal to work towards. You really do have to want it and keep preserving.’ 

Abi’s daughter takes a keen interest in her new career. Pictured, the mother showed her how to use the facilities attached to her fire engine

Speaking of being in her dream job, she explained: ‘Before doing this I used to be a support worker so I’ve always helped people but this is on a more extreme scale.’

‘You have to get into the right mindset because you don’t know what possibilities could be in front of you.’

‘Until you get to the station and look at the incident sheet you don’t know what you are going to.’

Abi has praised her family for being ‘massive supporters’ of her job and said that it has even brought her and her dad ‘a bit closer together.’

‘He’s retired now, but we share stories,’ she said. ‘The kids get excited. When I come home from work my daughter will say, “Here she is, it’s firefighter Hollyoake”.

‘She also said to me: “Mummy when I’m older I’m not sure if I want to be a nail-painter or a fire-fighting lady”. My husband and my son are proud as well. They know how hard I’ve worked.’

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Woman tells train passengers 'f***ing talk English' – then says 'I'm not racist'

THIS is the shocking moment a woman shouts "f***ing talk English" at foreign train passengers – before claiming "I'm not racist".

She was filmed by a fellow passenger as she launched a barrage of abuse towards people speaking their own language.

The unknown woman tells them to "f*** off" before doing an offensive impression of someone talking in a different language.

As the train moved on from Birmingham New Street, the ranting woman is led away by a pal holding what looks like alcohol.

And as she is pulled down the carriage the woman says to one man: "You f***ing stand up to me? Stand up to me, you f***ing big teeth c***. Go f*** yourself."

She angrily confronts passenger Andre Martin, filming the incident and says "I'm not racist man", before swiping at the camera and marching back to her seat in a different carriage.

Mr Martin, a driving instructor from Oldbury, West Mids., had just arrived back from a week's break in France when he filmed the woman's outburst on Monday at 7pm.

The 34-year-old was sitting with two of his four children and his wife Janine, 37, and said: "I heard some swearing, it was absolutely vulgar and inappropriate for families to hear.

"It became evident that this woman was abusing the three males, telling them to go back to their country.

"I was so outraged I asked her to stop. She said I'm probably not English because I'm black. I said to her, 'I am English' but she didn't stop shouting and swearing.


"The lady she was with came over and told her to come away. She had a cider bottle in her hand and I started filming because I was so appalled at her behaviour.

"She tried to snatch my phone from my hand but she didn't and they just walked behind us and I stopped filming.

"The three men just sat there and maybe they had a conversation before they got on the train but I couldn't see them doing anything to provoke this lady, she just went mad.

"They actually said 'thank you my friend' when I was getting off. I was trying to get her to stop.

"We don't know which country they have come from and what they have suffered. Nobody deserves that abuse. It upset me and left a mark."

Mr Martin reported the incident to Transport for Wales which runs the service he was on, and said he would be contacting British Transport Police.

A spokesperson for BTP was unable to find a record of a complaint being made.

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Woman says stranger at Disney World called wheelchair 'a hoax' when she stood up

Kristen Waldbieser was on a trip to Disneyworld to visit the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge area this weekend.

She took her wheelchair because walking for long distances is difficult.

The author has a condition called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), which means her heart rate increases abnormally when she sits or stands up.

Kristen is an ambulatory wheelchair user, meaning she can walk or stand but sometimes needs a wheelchair to help with longer distances or on days when she is feeling really unwell.

She grew up in Orlando, Florida and loves going to the park so she knew that her wheelchair would help her enjoy the day.

When she arrived at the park, she posed for a picture in her wheelchair with her book Princess Audrey Saves the Prince, which tells the story of a princess with disabilities.

A few minutes later, she stood up and took another picture.

She says while she was standing, she heard someone say: ‘Oh, the wheelchair is a hoax!’

Although the person told her they were kidding, the comment hurt Kristen.

In a Facebook post, she said: ‘the words stung with me. No, I don’t need my wheelchair every day. But my wheelchair helps me get places that I otherwise probably couldn’t go.

‘But just because I don’t need it every day, doesn’t mean it’s not real and it’s not needed. It is not a hoax.

‘And even jokingly, it’s not ok to say that to someone. Not all disabilities or chronic illness looks the same.

‘And it’s time to break that stigma that those with chronic illnesses are faking it, which, unfortunately, is heard by so many far too often.

‘Long story short, you never know someone else’s story, so please be kind with your words.’

The post received over 25,000 shares, 35,000 likes and over 3,000 comments.

Tim said: ‘This is such an important message. In general, if we could focus our efforts on judging less and being more kind things would be so much more pleasant.’

Kaitlin added: ‘100% understand this feeling! I used to be so self-conscious on days when I needed to use my wheelchair because of the judgement.

‘I shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed all day or have to explain my disease to everyone! Thank you for sharing.’

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